Sunday, 28 November 2010

Curtain call

I lay on my back, me legs wide.
You bent down to kiss my open
clit side ways on, shivers
ran there course through
my body, contorting every
which way I knew how...
'wow' babe you know your
stuff, I take hold of
your finger suck hard
and then shove.. deep
inside my throbbin hole.
Pull me close don't let
me go... our eyes dance
with the chill of the
cold air breaking in
through the bedroom
window. Try as I may
I can't cum, slidin
your fingers gently
then roughly up the
back towards my bum.
I pull you in toward
my face, hungry wet
lips, fingers ache.
Falling out of bed,
Your fall even closer
hug me tight with all
that you can, slide
your hand down the
front of my groin..
moan, head thrust
back, curtain call.
I lean against your
breasts, erect and
hard like ice.
"Suck.." you demand
and with accurate
finger, slide, push
insert not one but
two... legs apart,
sharp breath in..
the rhythm keeps
pace with my
turbulent heart.
Feet slide with
uneasy hold....
skirting board thud
with aching toes..
you hold my soul
in the palm of your
hand, my body shivers
with all that I
gave.. eyes wide
shut, I tremble
inside. Heart
wide open, fingers
and thumbs. 'Easy
now, come lay
by my side..'

Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Touch me in the pouring rain.
Hear my voice speak it again.
Words fill my ears, scream,
colour in my fears..touch.
Muffled sounds pierce my
skin.. pain immerses..
energy sources , drain.
High voltage .. dim the
switch, trickle through
my flesh, refresh, trickle
once again. Indulge me..
transform me... hypnotise,
and when everything has
stopped. Stood still..
heart rate just a trickle.
Flutter.... grasp what
you had. Spin on your
heels.. touch me in
the rain... trickle,

Sunday, 21 November 2010

'WOW' & here it is .......

Well there ya have it.
My new colour ...and ME!!
I've been a blond since
I was put on this planet
many moons ago... for
those who know me...
this is the new me,
get used to it !!!
I love this new
vibrant colour.
Each n every
time I catch
a glimpse in
the mirror
I 'STOP' take
a good look &
say 'hi sexy'
This female
with this
sassy new hair
colour smiles
back and if
I'm lucky..
blows me a
kiss!! ;-D.
I have to
admit that
when I've
just taken
my crash hat
off, I look
some what
But I don't
care what
anyone else
says.. I
LOVE the
new ME !!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

2 Grand

Today I paid a visit to
a very nice young man
named Joe. He's very
very clever, with
his hands..don't ya
know. He applied
surgical gloves,
lay me down..I
opened wide for
him to run his
fingers around
my gums (this is
really quite
erotic!) Impression
s were made with some
smelly stuff inlaid.
My eyes starin wide
out into space..
Time for a rinse
with the pretty pink
shit, scrape the
remainder of filler
from my cheeks.
I thought I was
getting my brand
new dentures to
day but alas
I still gotta
wait a while
more. My gums
are so frickin
sore. £500 paid
taken off my
bill, will have
to sell my body
to science at
this rate!!
Another date
booked when
some more stuff
will be done..
more money to pay
along the way..
So for now I'll
just stay with
my gums rough
as hell,pot
holes where
food once
daggers &
swords of
chewed up
food, where
my teeth
really should
not land when
my jaw hits
base. I cringe
when I eat, dig
my knife
in my seat..
eyes water
as I chew real
slow just
in case....
Blood splutters
out and down my
chin, tears
gather speed
as I choke
back all that
I first had
feared. £500
more next time
I happen to
call ~ to see
that nice young
man called Joe.

Friday, 19 November 2010


Today I found a new direction.
I've had this idea for some time.
So I made an appointment.. sat
down.. decided on what I wanted
to do, what colour I needed to
be. I've been blond for way
to long now... that was the
old me! Today I decided that
a change was as good as a rest.
Colour chosen... no turning
back, out with the old...
it's time for the new 'me!'
I'm no longer blond, I've
redefined my image.. I
feel alive, although I've
actually been awake since
5 a.m that is... 'Cup of tea
love?' 'Yes please came
my reply!' Sharon know's
I don't do things by halves,
a different colour, nothin dull
or what I'd class as 'boring!'
I'm not quite sure what shade
you'd call it, but I know
it's the new me.. each
time I catch my reflection
in a window.. I smile, shoulders
back.. smile even wider....
'YES' I like it... the
new me. I love the 'NEW
ME'.... you wanna see?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where to now?

OK so I don't wanna kick any one's ass.
I'm still not sure where I'm actually at.
Should I stay or should I leave, do I
still wear my heart on my sleeve?
I have no words to describe how I
feel right now.. but numb springs
to mind. Running scared, that's
what I think I excuses,
no reason why.. maybe it's my
age.. god knows I could cry.
Last week I had 7 needles
plunged into my skin ...
twenty minutes later..
went shopping! I have
to admit it didn't hurt.
I have to go for more
of this... just to be
sure. My chest hasn't
stopped hurtin, if's worse!
I used to be a nicotine
addict, god knows how
often I've tried.. failed
beet myself up, weak..
no praise there. I had
my last 'fag' last
Friday.. so far so
good, but it's early
days. I'm really quite
concerned, this pain
in my chest and why
it hurts.. I still
have no words to
speak... see how
I feel ..........
.next week.....!

Monday, 15 November 2010


Is this the real life?
Or is it just fantasy?
Too late my time has come,
sent shivers down my spine..
Close my eyes, but I can
still see.. picture this,
who am I? Can you feel
my pain? I can taste
this fear, the unknown.
Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah!
If you read this, I don't
actually care anymore...
So there you have it...
I went for a walk and
lost my way..I have no
intention of coming
back to reality for
whatever length of time.
I have given up with
anyone, whoever you
might be, think, know!
Take me for who I am,
failing that Fuckin
leave me alone. I
really don't give a
flying fuck anymore.
I will return when I
am good and ready..

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Last Friday was my first time.
I'd never done it before...
the woman said it wouldn't
hurt... I'd feel just a few
small pricks !! Tender
moments with an in take
of breath.. slowly at
first then ...enough
said, I have to admit
I didn't feel the rest.
Some how I've managed
to damage the muscles
in between my ribs..
breast tissue's OK,
no lumps or bumps
to worry... about.
So my first anxious
appointment for, yes
you've guessed.....
Acupuncture!! Just
a few small pricks.
Timer on, lights
dimmed.. quiet
seeps through
the room.. eyes
closed. 'Magic'
works its way.
Has it worked?
I have to go
through this
process a few
more times..
nothing to
get concerned
about, just
a few pricks!!

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cheesy Grin

Yesterday was all smiles and hello's.
Today is a different story, no more
'I like what you said' kinda tomorrow's.
Today you didn't stop me in my tracks,
make me lose my balance, fall back.
Today you wondered by, your head so
obviously else where.. that perfume
you wear... lingers, and after you've
gone... I can still picture you / us,
what did I do wrong? Today I lost
my temper, it's been one of those
days.. then the announcement came
across the air.. for the 11th hour
on the 11th day.. time for a minute
silence.. time to remember our
dead. Ten minutes past you pushed
right past.. I didn't take much
notice, I was busy...right?!
The door locked, the light came
on.. I whistled.. carried on.
Finished you left the room..
I asked for you to leave
it unlocked.. what did you
do? You gave me this silly
'cheesy grin.' Say what?
I tried to imagine you
and I lying next to each
other after a passionate
romp.. you turn to me and
give me this 'CHEESY GRIN!'
Could I go there? I mean
what is with this silly
thing. Sprawled across
your beautiful face so
fair... green eyes..
red lips..'cheesy...'
I can't go there..
you and me could never
be... passionate romp?
Sorry way!
So for now this pretty
picture will stay put
inside my head.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Tooth Fairy

A few months ago I had the .. in this instance 'good' fortune to receive a tax self assessment form from the nice people at the tax office. In my infinite wisdom I tootled off to my local office to enquire why I had had this such form as I was employed full time and had been so for many years. They had no idea why I had received it and I made an appointment to go and take all my P!! forms in, make myself at home, basically have a nice comfortable chat to try and sort this quandary out. It came to light that my tax code hadn't changed from when the kiddies were wee tots and I did a stint at self employment.. it was a brief encounter, but this had appeared to go unnoticed that I was still on that said tax code. To cut a long story short... and not bore you all with the sordid details of my private stuff.. today I went back to the tax office, got mistaken for being a man ( I had my work uniform on, woolly hat pulled down, jacket zipped right to the top) trousers.. it has been pissing it down all day here, I'd just come straight from work.. I'd been up since 5a.m to start work early so I could leave in time to get to the tax office) anyways.. she thought I was my husband who'd arrived to represent me!) I removed my hat and added ' no love... I am Mrs. Thompson.' At this point in the conversation she blushed! We all made a light joke of it.... but we had to go through it on the way out again!! She still blushing!! I said you should see me in all my m'bike gear, they all think it's a man underneath!! Are you smiling whilst readin this? Feel free to laugh... humour is what you crave so fuckin laugh!! ;) It will be 'ME' who will still be laughing when the cheque arrives .... you still wanna laugh?
After alot of form fillin in, signatures signed, dates dated. Duplicate forms signed, dated etc etc.. she added up just how much she thinks I should be getting back...... put it like this if I didn't have dental repair to pay for... I could pay for the tickets for the two of us to Canada next year!! I'm so happy now I've got the forms filled in. She just flew through them, a tick here, a tick there... I just gotta wait for the money to go into my account, then and only then will I be happy! So I'm guessing there is a 'tooth fairy' after all ;)

Sunday, 7 November 2010


Last Friday I went to see a friend who I've known for many years.
Well I actually help her with a few jobs around the house, being
of the age where upon she isn't as agile as she once was...
The house is old, with many wooden floors throughout..
A farm house.. thus being many items of brass and copper
articles needing polishing. We had run out of the polish
we normally use. With one phone call to her son, he managed
to get hold of a can.. on his return . presenting it to his
mum. I used to love the smell of 'Brasso' the polish made
for copper and brass. I screwed the top off and holding
it closer than I should've to my nose.. I inhaled.
My god if I had had hindsight, I would not have even taken
the bloody top off.. let alone sniffed it. The feeling
as it travelled up the lining of my nasal passages... left
me feeling very heady. AND ... all of about 3 minutes
later, my vision disappeared... funny coloured lights appeared
ziggy zaggy across my vision. Yes, I was experiencing a 'Migraine
headache' my first in 20 years.. having avoided the three main
ingredients for so many years.. chocolate, coffee, cheese.
Then I do this stupid trick. Two pain killers a dark room and
complete silence, half an hour later and I'm able to drive
home.. straight to bed... 14 hours later. I survived.
I don't know if any of you have ever had one of these hideous
headaches... it leaves you feeling shell shocked, fragile..
dazed... down right bloody awful. So no more inhaling
liquids that once tickled my senses... I later looked
on the reverse of the can...wait for it..'Hazardous
to the environment!' I rest my case!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Hot n steamy

Hot stings lap at my skin.
As I lower myself into the
steam..Sharp intake of
breath.. quickly countin
to ten as the water climbs
higher and higher, my skin
screamin.. grippin pain
collectin pace.. then,
then I calm down.. sit
back, hot juicy bubbles
climbin gradual speed
up my back. Legs
stretched out, feet
wrapped around the
taps.. but where do
my hands happen to
land? One on my
phone as the flash
goes.. the other
hand's tightly
squeezed between
my thighs!!
Yes.. between
my thighs.. all
juicy n throbbin
as the water
subsides with
heat. Time
to put down
my phone...
legs relaxed
as I'm lyin on
my back. My
skin's all
what do you
think?' As I
talk out loud
to myself. A
wicked big
grin gathers
speed from
each side of
my mouth to
my chin. Dunkin
my hand to the
watery depths
beneath, cool
air grips
loosely at
the openin to
my clit. 'Oh
warm folds
of wanton
skin, circular
motions of
not one
but two
eager to
please hungry
Slowly at
first. I
like to tease,
*tongue slides
around my lips*
Water sloshing
from front to
back, cold air
as the heater
packs in. Grip
hard the edge
of the handle,
rest my knees
as my orgasm
Right hand
quickens, my
legs start to
twitch as my
*SHIT* Org...
as....M. 'YES!
DDDD.' suddenly
some one knocks
at the door.
'You OK..?
*In a loud
voice* 'Yeah
just singin!'
'OK' footsteps
fadin away..
sweat trickles
down my face,
stingin my
eyes as it
escapes. A
few more
touches, I
always finish
what I've
Oh Yeah,
yeah, yeah!'
My legs
flinch as
my orgasm
sinks, as
the water
slaps over
the side..
my breath
lettin go
of my legs,
I pull my
self under
the water.
Legs in the
air.. shoulders
and head all

Thursday, 4 November 2010


The conversation turned.
Is there anyone you like?
I grinned whilst dancin
out of the room. Distant
laughter lingered in the
air. I ran back in with
a smile on my face....
trying not to smile to
much. 'Go on then who
is she?' 'SHE?' I asked
Yeah you know the one
you have been in love
with for so long. Ya
mean it's that obvious?
'Go on then......'
'what?' I felt the heat
rise from my chin to
the top of my head.
They weren't givin
in until I told them.
Lynn seemed to think
her gaydar was pretty
good.. I can normally
tell who is or maybes
is or might be!!
For once in my life
I was gobsmacked..
yeah ME, QUIET!! That's
a first.. I hardly ever
shut up and when I do..
they think I'm sad.
'You can't tell anyone,
you mustn't say a word
I can't have her
lookin at me and
wondering.. had
she heard I wanted she really
So what? You
have to tell us,
we won't give up
until you do..
'smiling' OK! OK!
Her name is Carol,
they look at me
blank. Carol..
you know, the black
nurse.. then I think
maybe I'd gone to
far. The penny
dropped, they'd
figured it out.
Lynn wasn't sure
at first if
she was in or
out!! Blushing
now subsiding..
the heat has
died down. Cross
your heart and
hope to die..
'Die?' Yeah you
mustn't say a
word... If she
ever found out,
that I wanted
her, I'd die!
So for now I'm
sitting safe
and watchin
from a far,
I'm not gettin
my hopes up..
there's time
for that later.
And of for some
reason she
isn't battin
for my team,
then I have
nothing yet
lost. ;)..

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


At long last the 900 year old Thatch has gone under the auctioneer's hammer.....SOLD!
£115,000 . A fair price for such a beautiful property. Idyllic scenery, character.. low ceilings, doors, limited space. Just big enough for two people... or in this case two people and one small dog. So at long last we will be getting new neighbours.. on the other side. It will be interesting to see the property develop. New thatch.. water and electricity in.. clean windows to look out of. The new owners aren't in any rush to move in until they have had megga amounts of repair done. It's had no inhabitants for over 50 years, so you can imagine...maybe ... the state of it. Large spiders - rats in the roof. Bird nesting in the straw.. Wondrous joys to be had once all this is renovated. But ......... because of the property's age, it can not be altered on the outside. It has to remain as it is.. black and white. No extensions allowed. Now conservatories built. It is as it is and has pretty much been for the last 900 years.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Laugh ............ please?

Saturday was funny. The weather was good for a bike ride, I excelled my speed ability. Third gear and 'wo....' 100 mph. It's strange but fast as I am travelling, it feels like I'm hardly moving! I'd grabbed a cup of tea from mucky D's. (MacDonald's) took a seat on the openly graffiti wooden benches.. next to a couple of young lasses. They were strokin a Staffy (dog). Apparently some guy had asked them if they'd look after him whilst he went into a shop. They agreed. The dog looked old, grey whiskers!! We told her we'd look after the dog and await for his master to return. In the meantime several people wanders by giving their approval with added
'Aw's' and 'ooooows!' Smilin at us as though we'd (in full bike gear) were the proud owners of this magnificent pooch! (like we were on bikes??!) One young kid ( roughly 7 or 8 ) came round the corner wearin plastic fangs and growling at the dog, who did't bat an eye lid or shake a hair, unbeturd by the lads behaviour. I looked at the boy and said 'Nice teeth son, where'd ya get the mask?' He looked on in shock at me... he wasn't wearing a mask!! Unfortunately his mother wasn't either ( god, she was one ugly bitch!!). We eventually met the dog's owner. A man who lived on a canal boat. His faithful dog was called 'Cam' who adored being centre of attention, but no one could comfort him while his owner was absent. The disturbing noise the animal made was quite weird.. like a quivering noise, his lips shakin, bless him, his daddy was on his way. We had no idea what his owner looked like but we knew Cam would now. Animals are so clever like that. Saturday was a day for ridin my bike. I saw many bikes out. We do celebrate Halloween. It originated from Ireland. Where upon they used to use turnips, hollow them out as you do pumpkins. Halloween represented the end of summer and the beginning of winter, the fine line between the both, the Irish believed they could see and hear the dead who hadn't quite made it to the other side. Just a snippet of information for you all.. eventually pumpkins were brought in. Thus the market for these amazin versatile vegetables were introduced.. 'Wallah!'