Saturday, 27 June 2009

Journey's start

Well I've actually started my long and very possibly slow journey into the world of publishing my poems and some day my erotic stories. I wasn't sure how I was going to achieve this... and where to start. Then I had a brain wave!! I buy from time to time the magazine 'Diva' a gay magazine. So I rushed upstairs, found last months and flicked through the index for editor and publisher. I wrote down the e-mail address and rushed back down stairs to the laptop to start my journey, into what I'd call the 'unknown.' I say unknown because I have no clue as to what I'm doing,Lol!!
I sent a short but interesting letter to the editor explaining that I create erotic poetry, that sounded better than just saying 'I wrote erotic poetry, because I do 'create' it, it comes from deep within my soul. I made sure that I'd checked my spellings first... and when I'd finished, my finger danced over the send button, heart racing..adrenaline pumping... and then it was gone. A few days later I had a reply from the editor who is female, so I assumed this would help sway her judgement upon the verses of my work.... or not! She has given me a clear indication as how to continue my journey into getting my words into print.. this involves sending my work to the 'creative writing spot.' This is a section for people like myself who want to share our beautiful works of art with the nation.. you can't ask for a better audience than that! I have just written my poem 'Last supper' the last post on my blog. I have sent it off with a short letter to show my appreciation for her time and effort. I now wait with baited breath.
My writing has given me a new insight into who I am. Who I have always been, but I think my awareness has woken my spirit, tempted my soul, kicked the dust from my brain.. and given me a new direction to follow. I believe that if you want anything in life then you have to work at it. I have every intention of doing just that... Watch this space!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Last Supper

Share my biscuit, share my head.
Give your heart and I'll share my bed.
To eat a meringue sends shivers down my spine,
the first bite, crunchy then soft and full of mystical delight.

Slowly I lower my hand beneath the fabric of your existence.
With curly hair... I fumble beneath my touch.
To love... to feel,
the softness of your flesh.
Depth has no despair.. nor emptiness.

My eyes...stare
looking back I see your face.
The need to cry out grows inside of you,
like a separate growing orgasm
straining your release.

And when the release comes
reverberated inside of you..
with the power of a nuclear explosion.
It was the most erotic experience
you'd ever had.
I broke the silence first.

Our fingers entwined,
like knots in string release.