Tuesday, 30 March 2010

New Born

Tuesday Poem - For Spiky ;)

Being pregnant
can be a joy.
You eventually
nine months and
no complications
have a baby girl
or baby boy.
Smiles all round,
cuddles & Coos
bang goes normal
life, sex and booze.
Saggy tits and a
saggy arse....
varicose veins?
But of course.
Swollen ankles
permanently tired,
maternity leave's
better than being
Strange eating
habits..ice cream
and mayo things
that would make
anyone else
feel almost
certainly sick.
Nine months
gone so quick.
No time to rest
now you're a Mum
Just do your best.
Toys and teddies
prams and cots..
screaming teething
babies full of snot.
Sleepless nights
but at the end of
the day, be honest
you wouldn't want
it any other way.
You're own bundle
of joy......
Two feet.
Ten toes.
two eyes,
one nose.
Colour of hair?
Who knows!!
Two tiny hands,
a pair of eyes,
who know you're
there. and
never far.
Gurgles & laughs
Eight fingers
two thumbs
perfectly formed
by two people
Mum & Dad to be,
plus baby
makes 3

Monday, 29 March 2010


Little finger
hot and wet....
where's it been?
On my clit...
rubbing hard,
I got into a sweat.
Where was I?
On my back,
lying on my bed.
Sweaty little
finger working
so hard, eyes wide
legs apart..
Galloping horses
over my heart,
sweet nectar
trickles down
my crack...
Where was I?
On my back..
What was I doing
when all this
took part?

Saturday, 27 March 2010


Last week I posted about raising much needed 'CASH' for 'Cancer' research.
A subject close to Spiky's heart in particular as she raises funds for this evil disease, and as she done me a huge favour *wink,wink*
I promised I would make her charity some £$money.. And I NEVER go back on my word. So I posted a couple of unwanted
paintings *not mine* and a mermaid of which I have yet to sell. I did get a buyer for the two big cats, she got what she considered to be a bargain, I have to agree the original price would have been a no go area, as quite a few people in the past have made quite clear, they cannot afford to chuck out hundreds of pounds for a painting.. who can?! So I'm delighted that I could make her happy and get a small amount of money to start off my charity fund. The blogger in question is 'Vi' www.villagesecrets.blogspot... go pay her a visit. She purchased the cats for her son as he adores and collects cats. He should get them today, I sent them recorded delivery just to make sure they get there, you know what the post can be like?! Any how if any one would like to buy any off the paintings I have left..please make me an offer, I can promise I won't rob you 'AND' it is for s very good cause. 'Oh and by the way - as a gesture of my love to raise monies, I will pay for the P&P anywhere in the world. I might come across as 'pushy' but I won't stop until I have made sufficient dosh for the charity. So 'YES' I will bang on about it .. Cancer is a KILLER and we need much needed money to help find a CURE... hopefully one day. I have lost friends and relatives to this SHITTY disease... I don't wish to lose anyone else who I love. DO YOU??

Friday, 26 March 2010

Home sweet Home

Home is where the heart is.
Where memories start and end.
I have lived here for what
seems like forever..26 years
in fact. This is my little
castle, with no moat but
flowers which bloom in spring.
My house is my kingdom..it
holds so many happy times.
Some sad. I have a private
grave full of my dead pets,
in the back. I live upon
a country lane, some times
the traffic's so bad, my
pussie cats dare not tread
across this path, for fear
they may end up dead. ;(
My garden is a canvas all
year round, from Spring
right through to Autumn
and eventually Winter.
My house has a fake window
to the left, but you can
not view it it's gone
underground. A Virginia
creeper wraps itself
over the bricks, birds
nest muzzle deep inside.
My house is over 200 years
old, and yes it does get
cold, but with the logs
chopped, the flames crackle
in the place.. which keeps
me warm and cozy.
My house makes some strange
noises from time to time,
I some times feel I am not
alone.. she walks in silence
with her dog.. yes you've
guessed.. we have a ghost!
My daughter has felt this
phantom, she had it in her
room. Awake and screamin
in the night, she thought
some thing was trying
to enter her body and her
room! I am not frightened,
I do not scare, I often
shout 'Is there any one
there?' I haven't yet
had an answer, I'll tell
you when I do. I do however
feel a cold draft wander
past my feet. So I run
and apply my socks, pulling
rapidly over my feet.
This is my little castle,
where memories start
and end. I have a open
log fire, this keeps
me warm as toast.
Home sweet home.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Show Time

From time to time I like to take a more mellow approach on my blog. I've written about this n that, sex mostly and who and what n how I done it. Fantasy stuff you could say, let's face it if I had done all that I wrote about I'd be totally wasted, shattered, fucked! I've had a busy week, I can't stay awake so I'm just going to send this cute and 'yes' adorable teddy award to some very lovely people who do wonders for my peace of mind, and who I adore. 'Yes' who I adore! So today I thought I'd post about the more fluffy things in life.
I would like to award this prestigious award to : My number one fan 'Spiky.' She rocks, likes tidy closets, sings her little heart out, has an amazin sense of humour and can always bring me out of the dark when I am down. She is sexy, sassy, lovable, Oh so talented (in more ways than one!) This is for you girlie ;)xxx
My second choice is for nitebyrd : the woman who can vibrate quietly or very loud and get away with it. She is a huge Nickleback fan. Has worn pink n red and walked miles to raise charity funds for Cancer. You are my number one fan ( but don't tell Spiky) Lol. You are generous, kind, loving, funny, gorgeous. Indi xxx. OK so where are we now? Oh yeah. The third person to receive this fluffy award is Bama Trav. Man you are one crazy dude but I can't get enough of your blog. You have a sense of belonging. You create posts that even I can understand and being British, that in itself is an achievement believe me Lol. You have style you have passion, you like my kinda music. You play guitar, you are one awesome guy. Indi xxx
Now I have a couple more to give then I'm going for some much needed shut eye.
My fourth lucky person to win this award is Secretia... what can I say babe? You keep me in line, you're caring, heart warmingly adorable. You rock. Indi xxx
Now I am coming to the end.. Sorry UBS didn't mean to put you at the very end. Ubermouth, you can have this fluffy sweet teddy award, whether you like it or not Lol. You are one crazy woman, but I'm sure your heart is full of gold? Well my lovely 'children' go celebrate... Me? Goodnight and Sweet dreams xxx Indi

Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Well I have sold the first two paintings.
So I now have the start of which I hopefully
will be a lot of money for Spiky's charity.
I have yet to sell the mermaid.. but if I don't
sell it here on blog sphere land then I may try
EBay.. but I'm not familiar with the whole set
up of that sight, so I have to hope I can sell
it here, maybe not today or tomorrow, or next
week but I will at some stage of the game..
sell it. As for my Tuesday poetry page...?

~ Survival ~ For my dear friend Spiky!

I sell these objects that were once my desire.
I no longer hold them dear to my heart....
for I have another place for them to be..
and to raise much needed money.
My heart holds new boundaries for every
woman .. man and child to live. To survive,
to love life, smile, laugh and some day cry.
Shed tears of joy for every man woman girl
and boy.To say no to Cancer... to live
for ever more. To reach out and take hold
of the life they were meant to live..
so come on every body... let's give.
Giving is good, living is better.
I give my everything for this good
deed.. I will try my hardest to do
my best, for friend Sue and her now
well breast. My friend Anita..
I say hello to every day.. my
sweet dear friend, for all the joy
we shared, for the pain she bared.
Lets kiss ass this ugly thing that
eats away at the ones we love..
We can hear them shouting from
that great heaven above. Indi X

Monday, 22 March 2010

Roll up ~ Roll up

OK so this is the Mermaid on the left that I have for sale. I don't really know what it's worth, but I am assuming that should any one of you out there in blog land like it then we can come to a reasonable price tag. I am trying to raise money for Spiky's Charity 'CANCER' so I am starting to make a list of items I wish to part with. I have paintings, some jewelry.. and as I said before I can post anywhere in the world, P&P is on me. So on the right we have a picture of a strange looking animal, a large cat. I don't like it and have no room on my wall anymore, rather than throw it away or take it to the charity shop I wondered if I might get £5? for it?! Like I said before I have no idea what prices to attach to these items, but I would like to make a comfortable bundle of cash for Cancer Research. Any offers?

Saturday, 20 March 2010


Hey ya'll get a loud of this!
I found her the other day whilst
out on my mountain bike... god she's
soooooooo 'HOT' and what I'd kill for
an all over tan! At first glance you
think she is wearing a thong... but
then ya realise she aint! 'Oh My God.'
I pedalled faster and faster, getting
quicker outta breath, I shouted 'hey
baby wait for me' but alas this got
me no where. With the sun in m eyes
and the slight breeze on my back. I
put my bike into top gear, cycled
as fast as I could. Sweat drippin
down my neck, my mouth dry as a
bone, then I felt this vibratin
guess what? it was my phone.
I came to a sudden halt, almost
fallin off my bike. It was the
sexy momma on her bike. She
said ' Hey babe where ya been
I'm waitin for ya, come on in
I'm round the corner up the road
just resting a while..'
God I could hear her smile! I
hurried up back on my bike.
My legs went like the clappers,
the sting of sweat as it hit
my head and rolled into
my eyes.
I blinked & blinked then I
realised that what I saw
up ahead was 'she' I pedalled
faster and faster until
I got closer... lickin
my lips in anticipation.
I came to a sudden halt
which threw me off balance
I hit the floor with a
jolt. Brushin myself down,
I felt such a clown, she
picked me up with one
finger. My pussy awake,
my nipples became hard
as I tried to explain
where I'd been. Her
breath was so sweet,
I crumbled with one
whiff, into a pile at
her feet. Glancin up
was a sight for my
eyes. Her neatly
shaved quim, looked
so invitin, I reached
up and pushed a finger
in. She shivered with
delight, spread her
legs for some more..
she begged me to go on,
'Oh My Lord!' With
one hand in place,
a broad smile crept
across her face. I
scrambled to my knees
rubbing quicker, she
screams, 'Oh My God
I'm COMING!!' She
began to quiver, my
hand becoming quicker
she staggered toward
me with such force.
Her breasts were all
wet, humidity & sweat,
I scooped one up into
my mouth. Chewed for
a bit on her succulent
tit, flicked around
and around. I fumbled
a while.. then came
that big smile as she
emptied her cum on my
hand. Earthquake a
comin, her voice was
a shakin, my hand had
disappeared out of
sight. With gentle
ease I pulled out
my hand, and she
pulled it to her
face, she licked
and licked then
pulled me in...
we kissed beneath
that hot sun.. I
felt her hand as
she removed my zip
with one tug we were
back on the ground.
I lay on my back
with her arse in
my face, her face
was in my cunt,
I guess ya could
say we were back
to front. We buried
our tongues it
didn't take long
for the full force
of our sex to ignite.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


I've locked the door,
turned out the light.
My world has been
turned upside down.
I got in a fight.
He knocked me down
from behind, my tears
stung as though I
was going blind.
I did my best, I
kept my nerve, but
he was too strong.
I felt some pain
again and again.
The taste of blood
flooded my mouth.
Coloured rainbows
stabbed my brain.
I felt something
sharp cutting at
my throat. I tried
and tried to escape.
This happened so
quick, I felt the
urge to be sick.
I never thought
this would happen
to me. I hit him
hard..he felt the
blow as he stumbled
he momentarily let
go. I held my breath
my heart pounding
in my chest. I ran
and ran all the
way home. As I sit
here behind my
door I can feel
my whole body
shake. I dare not
move, I dare not
speak, my clothes
are dirty and torn.
I feel so weak...
I was so afraid.
I let myself go.
I can smell the
pungent scent
of piss, I lost
control. I lost
my nerve. I
thought I'd lost
all my tomorrows.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Tuesday's Poem - a day late!

Shakespear in Love...

Thou hast found a way to make
sweetest of love to my Lady,
with slight of hand, quicken
in pace, I can, if I try hard
enough to put a smile upon her
fair and wondrous face. She
loves me to bury my tongue
in her deepest of space's
and wriggle my finger just
beneath her clitoris...
'My my' how loud is her
cry for I can not and
in the past weeks have
not given upeth my aim
of providing her (and I
have tried) to bring
her into land. Pray
pretty Lady why won't
you try a new and some
what exciting pose..
I hasten to add, in
the future may we?
You and I just lie
beneath the sun,
strippeth off our
fair and some times
clumsy clothes.
Feel the sun rising
on your fair flesh.
Let me stay a while,
Please my fair Lady
let me plant that
smile upon your
Innocent face.
Why.. I want to
listen to your
song of love.. and
I... pray.. I would
to like to sing.
'Pray' what should we
do? Come lay a while
in the garden with
me..my beautiful
Olivia.. come..

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Likes and Dislikes... for you Spiky.


1. I don't like bullies. I was bullied at school (kids can be so cruel.)
2. I can't abide people who think they know it all... I work with these arrogant arseholes, I try to avoid them. They stink with their foul attitudes.
3. I too hate people who sexually abuse or hit children. These kinda animals should be put down.
4. I HATE Mondays too (The Boom town rats version.)
5. I can't put up with men... little boys in big boys clothes..

OK now for the fun part....


1. I love fast motorbikes. The faster & more dangerous the better ( live for the moment.. do some thing that scares the shit out of you, everyday. (Working in a prison comes almost top of my list with that one.)
2. I like to strip off in the open ( nudist beach somewhere hot- abroad.)
3. I love my friend who lives in our mother land, I adore the Americans. Spiky you
are fabulous, sexy, generous, gorgeous, talented, beautiful, kind, amorous clever
'fit' ;) a fabulous Mum to you're children. I visit your blog first on every
occasion possible. You make me laugh & smile more times than I can count.
4. I love people who can make me laugh.. my best friend Annette who I've been through some crap with .. she is always there for me.. and I her. You too Spiky.
5. I love to see fiery sunsets, feel the ocean beneath my toes, run barefoot in the wet grass ( OK so that's more than 5 but I'm on a roll now ;)!)
6. And for my final 'like'.... I adore the scent of Freesias... white one's they have the most awesome and sensuous scent I've ever come across. I love them, I want them. Oh and I love to write!!
on my grave. ( Best write that in my will when I eventually write it!!)
OK so now I have to 'Tag' two other people so I tag UBERMOUTH- NITEBYRD
Come along people let's hear what ya gotta say?!
Thanks Spiky for this.. I loved writing it. I have to admit I wasn't sure what exactly to write about on my blog post tonight

Saturday, 13 March 2010

For Sale

Well I have a little some thing to wet your appetite's!
She is sitting on my dressing table at this moment in time.
She is a beaut of a Mermaid, I think you would agree, I
have no room for her in my life.. so I feel that I must sell,
to some one who will agree, she is and could well
be a superb gift or for yourself a present for you to look
at and see what a fine specimen of decorative delight.
If my memory serves me well.. she is roughly all of
9" tall- 4" wide, she sits nice and quietly for all
to admire. I am raising much needed funds for 'Spiky's
favourite charity. Cancer is a ghastly killer which
takes away our loved one's and leaves us feeling
distraught, empty and oh so sad. I have some more
items that will eventually find their way to makin
some 'dosh' to fight for the right to let the one's
we love...live. To make some much needed 'happy'
memories to look back and say 'YES' we found a cure
for this deadly disease. So please put your hands into your
purses & pockets. So what would anyone like to pay?
Now what is she made of? I think it is fair
to say she is made of possibly resin or some-
thing. She weighs about 20oz - 1 & quarter
pounds. I have ample bubble wrap for a safe
and secure delivery..P&P is on me, so no
worries about that. I can post anywhere
in the world, thank god for self adhesive

P.S I have set up a paypal account.xxIndi

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Vision

I shall
no longer
look in
that way.
how to and
will not.
I can now
find my way.
I have the
means to be
and stay
without to
I do not
and have no
want to go
your blog.
My head no
longer sees
what was..
all I need
to see now
is what will
be. I have
the past,
wiped it
from my
I have
plenty to
say for
I am and
I will always
be a new
Watch with
breath, you
might see
so totally
amazing, you
will look
again, check..
yes this is me.
Welcome to
my world of
and love, the
two go together
they fit just
like a glove.
I have so much
I want to say,
I have so much
to give...
this is my
time, I will
have the time
of my life..
just wait 'n'
'So Fuck You!!'

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Tuesday Poem ~ Jail bird

I got the mobile in..
I stuffed it up my ass.
I was OK until the
bloody thing rang!
I got a lovely room
4ft X 5. I got my
very own shower!!
I don't much like
the girls in number
23.. they keep
gangin up on me.
I have to hide my
ciggies, bacca too
I don't like what
they're callin me,
I know one thing
babe.... I miss you.
Prison life aint
that bad, 3 meals
a day for nowt.
I'm counting the
days down until
they let me out.

Saturday, 6 March 2010


Welcome one and all to this my new bike.
She is totally awesome, strong and wild.
I collected her today, rode her for the
very first time. She held me well like
a new lover, gentle and kind. I have a
name for her......... she is an angel
my steady steed. I can control her
with such want and need. I thought
long and hard as to what I should
call her. I wanted a name that
meant a lot, a name that I could
call a friend, one to trust, one
to call upon when I am in trouble
should I find myself in that place
where only the angels play.. but
I hope I never fall that way.
So welcome one and all let me
introduce you to my new girl
(Drum roll please)...........
'SPIKE' is her name.. after
my faithful friend Spiky..
She IS.. and we are one.
I will take great care of
her, we will have so much
fun. We were made for each
other, we fit like a glove
and yes ya could say ....
we're in love. ;)
She is my guardian Angel,
my true and loyal friend.
And one day I will take
you Spiky for that...
promised ride.

Friday, 5 March 2010


I smile..
I look...
I feel..
and touch.
I like to
touch, I love
to feel.
I smile
in the
face of
if I'm
lucky it
back at
me to
let me
know this
time I
made it.
I will
one day
I will
not be
so lucky,
that day
will come
but I
will not
hold my
My lungs
are clear.
My head
I know
no other
way to
do this.
I am self
taught, I
have no
up my
Stand back
here I
You ready?
to get
to fall
over heals
in love
with me.
It will be
hard to
deal with
at first.
Do not
fight the
Stand firm,
hold out
your heart
embrace all
that I
the shear
force will
pull you..
Be strong.
It is
coming to
get you..
I am coming
to get

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Time Out

Yeah the Snow drops are out, yeah spring is in the air, yeah the sun came out today, yeah...yeah...yeah... Blah ... Blah...Blah... I'm not in the mood for conversations.
I've had it up to here.
I can't be arsed to say hello,
I want to jack it in ya know.
OK so yeah am feelin shitty.
My legs gone Green, it aint pretty.
The doc says stop scratching..
I told him I'm truly pissed off.
He agreed..he could tell.
Sleepless nights n early morns,
aint good for the soul.. *yawn*
I did however sleep better last
night, trying my best not to scratch.
My leg looks like I fell off my push bike!
Gravel rash have ya ever had it?
You'll know just what I mean..
raw bloody itchy flesh... am
tellin ya it's a fuckin mess!
So 'cuz am feelin shitty,
am gunna leave for a while,
just until I feel better
and can at last produce a smile.
Ya see I wasn't intending
on writing a poem for y'all
to read, but I just couldn't help
myself.... so come on 'fuckin read!'
Good bye for now, I need a break.
Am pissed off with life...

Indi x