Thursday, 15 November 2012

Time on my hands

I was bragging last week that I'd only had 2 days off sick this year and that was due to Cortie/steroid injection into my right thumb. Last  weekend we went to south Wales for a long weekend. We stay at this amazing B&B... well I don't know about you but when I visit some one else's house I think it only good manners to remove your foot wear! So I did... after several cups of tea, I made my way through the hall way to use the toilet.... what happened next almost brought me to tears. The hall way is carpeted some of the way .. the rest of the way is beautiful welsh stone flag flooring...not totally lever, not kind to toes when stubbing them. I spent the whole journey home with my right fourth toe bleeding and throbbing. The next day I hobbled to work...spent 15 minutes there then hobbled back to the car...spent 20 minutes in the doctors surgery... and 3 hours in A&E at our local hospital! X ray shows it isn't broken but the bruising is painful... the toe upon impact must have lifted of the fleshy part and...well as you can see from the photo.... I'm now off work due to not having a shoe fit to wear for work..... oh and the pain. I will also at some point in the not so distant future lose my toe nail. So what am I doing with all this spare time on my hands? Putting it to good use.... see below¬
These are made souly by me. The necklace & bracelet sets retail at £20.00, bracelets on their own retail at £7.50..necklaces at £12.50. I can separate but I normally make the set. I have a pay pal account.. price for P&P is an additional £1.50.  I can make to order but I never use the same beads as I prefer to make unique Jewellery using different beads, however should anyone require a certain colour or length then I can adapt.