Saturday, 2 March 2013

New beginnings

New beginnings,old times lost, buried ...
forgotten.. undone.

Once there was an ugly
duckling... but I'm not
a vegetarian no more,

So I took her, but in
my mind, she lay
beside me... I fucked
her and she with , my
head. Years decade
my love for her..
Shovel in hand.
Dagger for back
up. We had that
final fling..
I killed the
love I had for
her, you now
know how
I felt. I
often wondered
if I knocked
upon your
door, what
kind of
a reception
I would receive,
did you actually
still care.. I don't..

I have no words
to tell you..
no love I may
dig up.. my
life has got
new meanings
My heart
has mended,
I'm no longer
a mess, I'm
healed, ya know.

I've realised
now that what
was then, needed
to be. I did once
adore you, but
you became
some what
boring to me.

I've moved
And YES,
I have come
out the other

So why am I
writing this
on my long
lost blog?

Because I
can, I am
now back
in control.
Life treats
me well.