Sunday, 30 May 2010


All in black and white.
red and green, united
colours of the rainbow.
I went I saw, I have
seen. Girls as men..
men in fag.
Butch women, men in
arms holding tight
their lovely counter
parts. Pretty boys
young and old..dirty
boys with stories told.
Fair ground attraction
muffled noise, bright
lights, fast rides..
spiky hair with pierced
nose. Tall n short..
fat and thin, every
colour of this gay
world we live in.
Men in drag, feathers
in hair, nails painted
with such flair. Bright
lights 'Gay Village'
the time of my life,
I felt so privileged!
The sun shone then
the rain poured, we
had fun, we danced
all night, our feet
sore.. spirits high.
I fitted right in
I thought I would.
Flags to wave,
whistles did I blow.
All colours of the
rainbow, for who
ever we are, I am
proud. Do not judge
the eyes you see,
it might be me!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Sexy Saturday Poem - Raunch

She swung her Porsche into the parking lot.
The smoke flying off the wheels, the heat
of the day starting to penetrate my groin.
I watched from a far corner of this earth
as she flung the door wide and with such
elegance put one leg then the other out
side. Her legs went up into the gods..
I breathed a sigh, my hand reached
down to my pants, I squeezed tight
the sensations passing by. The sun
caught hold of the glass, I blinked
hard shutting my eyes for one last
chance to view my woman from a distance
safely without being found out. But she
had vanished form where I first viewed
only to feel a tap on my shoulder, I lost
my stand, staggered whilst turning round.
She took me in her hands, pushed me up
against the wall. My legs trembled
with much delight. 'How may I help
you?' she cried, with those gorgeous
big green eyes. Her mouth closed
in on mine, her breath smelt so
Divine. My nipples sprung to attention
I forgot to mention, my pussy was by
this time .... on fire! We stood
pinned by chance, my vulva twitched
as my labia danced. I opened my
mouth but no words did fall out.
My breasts small and neat, struggled
for some light relief.'Aha..'
she laughed. 'I have a young sweet
virgin my my grasp!' I blushed not
knowing what to do..... she lay her
hand so warm and inviting upon
my heart..'thump' 'thump' I thought
it would burst out of my chest. She
brought her hand down so quickly
yet with grace to rest upon my hand
whilst staring me straight into
my face. Our hands danced with
desire as the days heat built
the fire between my legs.. she fumbled
to open my zipper, my legs shaking..
I so wanted to kiss her. And then
it all happened, her finger thrust
deep into my pussie, already hot
and sticky. I moaned with delight
one stroke and I came..all over her

Friday, 28 May 2010


Time is all we have.
How long is up to us.
We are born, we grow.
We live our lives
the way we think
we know how it
should be done.
We sleep, we
eat.. we have
fun. Love
is another
that some
times spirals
out of control.
Do we get that
right, are we
sure? Age is
but a number,
that's is what
I say, but for
others it never
gets beyond one
day when your
number is up,
so for now lets
hope and pray
that tomorrow
stays, we can
live some more
smile at the
angels and say
fuck off I'm
staying. Who
wants to die.
Not me, I'm
here for the
sunshine that
lights the way.
I have nothing
wrong or at
least that's
the song, filled
with a thousand
unsung words.
Words that fail
me from time
to time. I
am me, love
me or not.
I am past
caring, for
those who
once did can
go fuck off.
I love me,
that's all
that counts!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

' Throbbing '

Baby oil at the ready,
finger steady, just a
few drops, not too much.
Too much spoils the
friction of the oil
circulation at slow
speed..this feeds
my addiction. Pace
quickens... finger
number two comes
into play, orgasm
building nicely,
am going to have
my way.'Arghhhh..'
nipples hard like
bullets. Squeeze
'em, please 'em.
No stopping now.
Clit engorges..
vulva erupting.
Feel the fire of
passion from down
below.. 1 .. 2..
....3 here I go!

Pride of Place

My friend asked me if I would be free on Saturday and through the night into the early hours of Sunday morning... my heart raced. She said we were going to 'Pride' in Birmingham, some thing I've always wanted to do and over the last twelve months with things going the way they have I knew I was ready for this. So with my heart in my mouth I said 'YES.' I know a lot of mates from work who will be going too. I am excited at the same time of being anxious. What do I wear apart from a good pair of comfortable shoes as we will be doing a lot of walking. I then heard this inner voice saying 'get a hair cut n have it coloured' I have these inner voices often... but if you knew me well I mean really knew me you'd understand that I am different... in the fact that most of my friends think I am crazy!! (they are right!!) I work better with blond hair-blue eyes and this wicked grin ( especially after alcohol), any how I can't wait to walk with thousands of other happy people who for me may well be in their element. It's taken me a long time to get to where I am now. I know I am ready for this and I shall embrace it with my heart and hands (ya never know I might just pull!!) There are rides, a fair ground, music plenty booze, bars things to do and see. I will take photos and I WILL be writing about it next time I get chance ( hopefully my laptop will be back with me and mended!) I think I will wear jeans, my hipsters, red shoes, T shirt, and guessing the weather will let us down at some stage (I will be havin an awesome time so I don't care if it rains) a light jacket, spiky hair.... I could wear my doc martin boots purple with spider web design on but I haven't broken them in yet. Oh the world is my oyster ahahahahahaha ( As Frankie said once! )Anyway that's my latest news for now.. I shall post again soon but for now I have a tonne of boring ironing to do!! So watch this space people. I heart you all.



Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tuesday's Poem thingy!


Alas my laptop has once more crashed,
she's at the menders as I speak..
I'm getting rather annoyed right now
cuz I really want her back n well.
I miss not having her at the mercy
of my thoughts, to feel her tender
words roll of the tip of my tongue.
So for now I have to use this one
which every now and again shuts
down, I'm sitting here with a sticky
bun in my mouth, drooling at the
prospect of writing my next blog.
So as not to bore you with the
details, you'll just to wait..
but I can assure you all, it
will be worth the wait.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sexy Saturday - Euphoria

With the sun in your hair,
the touch of your skin..
I can feel the heat
penetrate with euphoric
measurement deep within.
Take my hand, lead me
to your bed, suck on
my adornment, let me in.
Seduce my mind, devour
my thoughts.. come lay
down your world.. you
don't need it no more.
For I am your lover,
your babe, your chic,
I wanna escape this
turmoil we're both in.
Turn off the light,
close the door, I have
a space for you next
to me on the floor.
The fire is lit, hold
tight my lover for this
is it.. the journey
has just begun...
from here on it's
fun, fun, fun, fun.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Final Stroke

This piece of steel lies blunt.
The place where memories were once.
I have the power to destroy..
I will , I just need the will..
a steady hand, a glass of wine
to steady my nerves. I will
conquer my last days of
destruction. Sterile is my
heart, this no longer being
a part of who I am, and as
with steady hand, I shall
remove these initials..
for the last and final
time. Love once held
my feelings so strong.
Emptiness now cowers
in each corner. I have
memories that now
devour the cells of
my brain, I will not
feel the pain, my
hand is sterile.
My nerve is strong.
This is where I
now belong. Red
is the sticky
fluid, bandages
at the ready.
One fell swoop
and I will be
whole again.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Disaster Struck

Hello every one.. I haven't been on blog land in the last couple of days due to my faithful laptop failing to play the game. It I think has now given up the ghost! I have decided to possibly buy a new one should I not get it sorted ( that is now in process) My daughters laptop has gone back to the manufacturers for repair... I don't know 5 years ago I wouldn't have thought I'd even know how to use one now I haven't got mine working I feel I've had my right arm removed!! I am at this moment in time usin my friend's laptop. Fingers crossed I get my baby better without being too much out of pocket. So this is the story so far. I didn't want you all to think some thing had happened to me... being a biker and all. I miss not blogging, you all are my extended family! ;)



Saturday, 15 May 2010

Happy Birthday

Three years ago today I started to write this blog. BLAH!BLAH!BLAH! I'm not going to write the usual crap that everyone else writes. I just want to thank the few people that believed in me (the one person who may read this.. hey honey I didn't include you.. you bought me nothin but shit!) Anyway where was I OK yeah I remember, for all the people in cyber blog space who have given me a chance, commented for a while then realised that hey maybe I am good? I don't always blow my own trumpet but I have come to figure some things out in life that unless ya start believin in ya self... shortened English ( do excuse Lol) ... So I have come to believe in who I am and I AM mighty proud of what I write and the fact that I am ME, sexuality aside...
Thankyou for whoever and what ever you believe in me... my laptop is at this present moment in time being mended so this bad ass mother WILL be back...I would also like to , while I have the chance (SHE'S WATCHING ME TYPE)thank you Tia for putting up with me for so long *kissie kissie wink wink*

Love as always - three cans of cider later



Sexy Saturday Poem

"Baring Gifts"

Sitting on a beach
I reach out to touch
the heat of the day.
The sun bares down,
my eyes shelter from
it's bright rays.
I catch a glimpse,
two women walking
by. I wave, they
smile. I catch
them as they tilt
their faces, nod
their head as if
to say.. follow
us. I nodded back
my heart lept into
my throat. A hand
reached out, pulled
my resting body into
'Hi my name's ....'
I wasn't listening
but followed anyhow.
We ambled to the sea
as one caught my hand
the other brushed her
arm against my breast.
We smiled, I laughed,
the trickle of wet
Sand eased between
my toes. The cool rush
of tide covered my
skin. The noise and
commotion mingled
with excitement.
Waist deep, they
moved in. Hands
fumbled to remove
my bikini, I parted
my legs to find a
better stance and if
with once fell swoop
she buried her soft
delicate hand between
the soft delicate folds
of the entrance to my
cave. My legs trembled
for a brief moment.
The other woman took
my head with eagerness
my mouth snatched open
as the tide of orgasm
rose, she sunk her
tongue in. Our tongues
danced, hand fondled
and rubbed, My world
was all of a quiver.
A large wave approached
hitting us three, my
nipples then jumped
to attention. 'Oh' I
forgot to mention..
whilst standin there
getting all this
attention.. I was
by this time totally
bare. I fingered one
pussie with my right,
then with my left I
took her nipple so
tight. Both pussies
were clean shaven,
and I was in heaven
as the wave off
orgasm took a bite.
I screamed and
staggered as my legs
rippled with the
heat of Euphoria's
tide. I screamed
so loud, they took
turns in n out till
my pussie could
take no more. I kissed
each one with a rampant
hot tongue, my
clothes were no
where to be seen.
With no one around
we walked out back
onto dry sand where
we fell hot n dizzy
on the ground. With
the sun on my back,
the heat on my skin
this persistent
throbbing between
my legs. I rolled
on my back, with
the sun in my eyes
I sheltered my gaze
from the sun.
Standin infront
was this amazon
woman, I was
pinned to the floor
by the others
hands. She knelt
down beside, opened
her golden legs
wide as I directed
my tongue down
her thighs. She
threw back her
head. I move
with such ease
as if to ask
'please?' She
opened her legs
even more. The
scent of this
clit, as I rose
and went in.. soon
she was beggin
for more. As
from behind I
felt another
hand as the
other woman
just found. I
parted my legs
as she fondled
my breasts, once
more I was in
Euphoria heaven.
My tongue teased
as my head spun,
my pussie was
again about to
explode. With
one huge shudder
from each other,
our bodies withered
and tossed on the
ground. I fell on my
back, no more could
I take. All three
of us exhausted
and spent. I lay
in the middle
with two women
at either side,
the taste of sweet
necter covered
our skin..

Friday, 14 May 2010

New Name - New Day

Sexual Saturday

OK . people we have half knekkid Thursday, freaky ? Friday.. Tuesday poet twat whatever ...yeah? And we all enjoy partaking in this subject. And we will continue to take part in these activities yes? Ya get where I'm coming from here? OK so I'm going to invent 'Sexual Saturday.' Right so the rules...
1. Plan in our little worlds a sexual moment, whether it be real or in our minds.. a story... yep, that's it a short story about some thing 'sexual.'

2. You have to have 3 people in your story... So this is it guys n girls.

3. Any kind of sexual orientation...(am going to have fun there ;O)

4. Pictures are good but not if ya don't have any.

I will start the weekend tomorrow with the first of the stories/ poem.

5. If you prefer to write a short poem then that's good.

6. ENJOY ... I want 'sticky-juicy-naughty- and most of all *SEXUAL*

Don't let me down people.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


Today we had a very special ceremony for a friend. A man who had many long time Friends, and people like me who only had the privilege to know him a short period of time. The sun shone all day. We had to meet at the shop where upon the funeral cartage would stop for any biker wishing to follow to the crematorium. We had police escorts all the way. I was one of the bikers. I had tears in my eyes. Ian died in a horrific bike accident April 30th 2010. He was 39 years old, but he died doing what he loved most.. motorbikes. From a very young age he got into bikes. His Idol was Valentino Rossi. A large photo of the two side by side sat just above the coffin, which was draped in red roses. He didn't believe in god, so we had a different kind of service. We listened to Jon Bon Jovi- Livin on a a prayer.. some other well known tracks of rock music including Saxon, one I can't remember and was too young to remember it. The police closed off the road where we all (200 bikers) met. It was a fabulous sight although a sad one. I've never been to a biker funeral before.. It rained as we left the crematorium.. I will miss his happy smiling face next time visit the shop in Newcastle under Lyme. I won't be the only one either. He was a man who as he met you, you felt you'd known him since forever. That's how I'd like to be remembered when It's my turn to go piss the angels off! OK so now my silly laptop is behaving itself but for how long is another matter, so I will continue to blog until it takes its last gasp or I hurl it through the window. Live for today, kick ass for tomorrow. I leave you .. but hopefully not for long.

Love and sticky lips ( you decide which lips?!)



Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Viral infection

OK everyone out there in blog land... the truth is I have been having shit loads of problems with this aged laptop of mine. Today I tried in vein to get the fucking thing to respond ( talking slowly to it-yeah right, as if) but it wouldn't listen ( like men!) So then I decided maybe I should throw the god damn stupid fucker out of the window ( that would make me feel better but it wouldn't help my situation!) So On Saturday my dear friend is hopefully going to operate and fingers (arms, tits and eyes crossed) some thing can be done to give my faith full friend who I've had for 5 years, bring it back to life. (don't hold ya breath!). I may be away for a long time (how will I cope?). If by any chance she can not figure the problem out ( I think some fuckin twat has given my laptop a 'VIRUS' so if I find out who it is ( I know this will never happen) but if it did I'd knock their fuckin lights out!! So that is my situation at present. I haven't forgot who you all are..... boo hoo. . I always hoped this wouldn't happen to me but it seems to have and I being not so computer literate, am FUCKED!! By the way I won't be here for 3 weeks in June/July so this is a taster of not having my amazin posts to read, get used to it people, this is just a test run for my Canadian holiday away ( after today I truly need it).



Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Just Love Me.
Touch me...
Play with me.
Let me into
your world.
Just let me,
just let us..
be. To be
what we know
is right...
these feelings
that I have..
the heat that
burns inside.
Roll me over
and let me in.
I want you, I
need you.. is
that such a
sin ?

Sunday, 9 May 2010


Ask me what I feel.
Search your heart.
Scratch away the
surface of this
face. This smile
you see... it's
fake, not real.
Ask me...yes
ME .. what I
feel. I do..
and I can see
from this facade
that you do too.
You think you
know me.. I
know who I am,
but I want you
to find me.
You have to
look beyond
the hard core,
scratch beneath
the surface..
I feel, I
love you.
Do you see?


On a more sombre note now. I visited a bike shop today, where upon last year in the same shop I got chatting to a 39year old biker who just happened to work at the bike shop. Today I went back to view some light weight leathers that I had heard about for hot temperatures ie: Europe next year. Upon entering the shop I was stopped in my tracks by a piece of paper attached to the door with a print out of his face followed by details of his 'FUNERAL!' He had had an accident some weeks previous where upon he was out on his bike, miss judged a corner, crashed into a brick wall. He was pretty messed up and didn't ......... (sorry, I got tearful)... basically he died. I, being a biker.. I felt a cold shiver slide down my back, tears flooded my eyes.... my heart .......
He leaves a wife and two young daughters behind.I will attend his farewell on Thursday afternoon, along with hundreds of other bikers. It will be a tearful affair. He was a lovely guy, funny, intellectual.. full of knowledge. Always smiling. Live for today, ride for tomorrow.. live for the day after for who knows when the devil will arrive and whisk us away. I will miss him.. the shop felt quiet, the staff and customers can't believe he's died. I was upset, but glad to have met him.

R.I.P 'Ian'


Saturday, 8 May 2010


I wanna tease,
if you please.
I wanna play
with your clit.
I wanna flick..
I wanna lick..
I wanna dribble
on your slit.
I wanna eat ya
provide the heat
for ya...
I just
wanna fuck
your seat.
Bite me..
entice me,
get down
and oh so
dirty with
me. Come
on baby
lets do
it, lets


Today I'd like to give a big 'THANK YOU' to Savage (Savy) for him giving me this beautiful award. I'd like to thank my manager (me) for all the hard work she's (me) done. For the late nights and copious amounts of good expensive (on offer) red wine I've had to consume to help loosen my mind to be able to produce such readable English Blah, Blah, Blah ;))))).

Right OK the rules are:-

Five things that make you happy!

Blimey this could be a difficult one.

1. Time for me to relax with my book.

2. A big bag of my favourite sweeties.
Whilst watching 'Grey's Anatomy.'
I'm hooked on that programme.

3. A night out with my mate David
who introduced me to the gay bars
and gives me alot of confidence to
be who I am. *Thank you darling.*

4. The heat of the day, the sun on my
back.. blue skies, happy friends.

5. My motorbike.. at 110mph down the
road not far from where I live.
I'd normally put my bike 'Spike'
at number one, but I thought for
a change I'd put me first.

S0 these are the five things that make
me happy.. it's a good job the question
wasn't what makes me mad.. I'd be here
all day. Lol.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Little Indi

Just thought I'd show you a photo of me when I was tiny. I'm the one in the middle.
'Yeah' I was a cute adorable 'tiny' baby. Then I grew up... and I am 6'tall now, still cute but not so tiny! Not so innocent either, but don't tell my parents! Oh and the handsome little boy on the left is my brother... Mark! So I guess that leaves the nanny on the right... actually that is my Mum. I was born in 1961. 'Yeah...' so I guess that makes me quite a few years older than I was back then. So if you can do your maths you'll figure it out... but I know how old I am, but I act my shoe size which is 7 ! Just a short story and a cute photo of a cute baby girl that grew up to be ' an Oh so wicked cute chick with attitude!'

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Award Time

I was given this 'amazin' award by a very lovely person called 'Christiejolu.
I love receiving awards as well do love giving them.
The rules being as follows. Give to three of your fav bloggers.
but I have so many favourite bloggers!!

1. Post the award on my blog somewhere.

2. Post one of the following on your blog.

A. A video of yourself either playing a musical
instrument or singing. ( I can do both but
as I haven't figured our how to do vids yet
you will have to make do with a photo of me
(when I had long hair) playing my guitar.
Pity you can't hear me, you don't know what
you are missing. ;)

B. A picture of your pet, you may get that aswell.
C. A very long post about your favourite book. I
won't bore you with that one.

So I would love to give this award to....
(open envelope) and the award goes to
( musical intro-drum roll).....


The Savage


The adorable pussy cat at the top
is my pussy cat .. his name it
Mr. Tigsworth - to anyone who has
just met him for the first time,
may call him just 'Tigs,' but if
you have food, you will have a
friend for life! TTFN Indi


Tuesday, 4 May 2010


As I sit here,
time passes by.
As I look out
side the window
I know what I
feel. Time
waits for no
one. Come..
sit beside
me. I have
all the time
in the world.
As I look at
her, I feel
what she
might be..
what she
might feel.
I know
what I feel,
but will I
feel the same
when she accepts
the fact that
for the first
time I laid
my eyes on her
I fell in Love.
Love being
and love
my heart
races in
my chest.
My temple
I feel nervous,
and I guess..
as time goes
by she will
in time
accept me for
who I am...
in love is
who I am..
In love with
her, but for
me all I have
is time.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Back !

Hey ya all
the girl
is back.
I've been
away for
some well
rest! I
drank me
some beer,
had me some
fun.. rode
like the
devil on
I've had
lots of
my belly
with ice-
cream &
had a
blast on
the way.
with the
wind in
my face.
I got to
the fair
old town.
The ride
over the
moors was
quite a
race. I've
done what
I said, was
early to
bed. With
a full
to fill.
My head's
been blown
form beach
to town,
Iv'e walked
eighth miles
in one day.
The country-
side is breath
takin, the
views are to
die for too.
So when I
have time,
out what
to write,
I can
I'll have
some thing
to say. But
for now,
I'm away to
my bed, for
tomorrow I
return to