Saturday, 26 January 2008

No boundaries

I'm at my most vulnerable when I've had some alcohol, listening to rock is a must too....What I here you ask? Pain. Self inflicted is the best, the adrenaline rush is awesome. But to get the full effect of pain is, it just keeps coming, the sharper the implement the better, the deeper the cut depends on how drunk I am, like a sedative. Yes I used to be a user, or in English terms... a 'cutter.' The best time I ever had was when I broke up in a relationship a few years ago. Shit happens. It nearly finished me, came close to ending it all. Am OK now but still feel the need every now and again to feel the rush.. when I get rock bottom. I have certain areas of my body that I go for, areas that are less likely to show, having said that tattoos are a good cover up. I can talk about it now because I've got a hold of my life ( tears flowing now!) Am fine really! Need another drink, don't worry the knives are safely put away. The other kind of pain I love is when I'm tied up and whipped with in an inch of my life by another being and saying 'FUCK OFF' no more.... laughing now, god I love to shock and I'm on a roll now! Slurp!!South Australian wine... fuckin great wine. Now where was I oh yeah... flesh ripping blood soaked sleeve. I'd been in a long loving awesome relationship for almost five amazin years with this shit gorgeous woman. The times she's handcuff me to the ceiling, blindfold me and tease me, god.. putty in her hands. I never gave into the pain barrier, never used the safety word. This makes me stronger, this builds my immune system for future references. I can take anything ( but dental pain ) LOL!! I have an amazin tiger tattoo covering up some pretty impressive scars. When I need a reminder of what I used to be, I run my fingers down the tigers face. My tattooist recognised them and fully understood my past without questioning me. He said the tattoo would cover it up, but it doesn't repair the emotional side. That's the kind of people I like, folk who understand me, know where I've been and know where I've come from. Those were the days, sad really 'cuz I kinda miss the adrenaline rush, feeling in total euphoria but I got a new kinda rush now.. she's called Dragonfly, my motorbike. I hope never to go down the lost road of cutting up again, and if I do I may not be so lucky next time! So until the next ....adios

Motorbikes & women

My passion for two wheels developed about three years ago, when one cold Sunday afternoon I decided out of the blue that I wanted to try some thing totally different. And grasping hold of my new found dream by the horns, so to speak, I went and new form of transport! Now I bet you're thinking about a huge stonking great monster of a bike? Sorry to have to disappoint you. My first choice was a tiny 50cc moped, yeah BIG bike, but being as how I'd never been anything bigger than a push bike, this to me was a big bike. Having got this vehicle so to speak, I kitted myself with crash test dummy gear! Well to cut a long story short and after doing my CBT which in layman's terms means compulsory bike test, which gives you enough road sense to get you out and about, hopefully safely! To cut a long story short, and several years later, more money better gear ( Leathers...Mmmm!) later, I know have a huge bike, red and throbbing, a real proper motorbike. Now I can see what you're thinking, where is she going with this story? I was always told to go out in all weathers for the experience, to know how to handle the bike, and with all things in life, the more you do it the better you become..Oh yeah!!
I've just been out on my bike in strong winds, Very strong winds. Now I've ridden her, I say 'her' because she has a name, oh yes she is a woman alright, feisty, strong and some times in control.. and if I treat her right I can get her to purr for can't beat having a woman purring between your legs!!...And I've had a few..!!!!
The wind batters me from every direction, but its not just scary, its 'wicked' fun, as long as I'm in control and I lurve being in black Leather, in hi heals... Now where was I? Oh yeah... dangerous conditions.. bring it on. I lurve riding in weather that I have no say in, this invisible force that thrusts me from one side of the road to the next, some times within feet of the ditch, when you least expect it, it's back for more and you think you're ready for it and it suprises you, this time from behind the lorry you've just over taken.. and riding home safely to play another day.I'm looking to buy another bike, this time with more 'umph' but always with the safety factor,it'll only go as fast as I want it to. I love life and I love bikes.......and women!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

And the award goes to....

'Thankyou' for my nomination Jackie. I've never been awarded anything in my life... so you can understand how happy I am! As for the seven random goes.

1. Once I walked 175ft backwards down the outside of a building .
2. I'm scared of heights!
3.I Love pain...!
4.I've done the London Marathon.
5.I learnt how to water ski in the Gulf of Mexico.
6.Have eaten chocolate covered ants!
7.I've hand fed pink flamingos in Morocco.

There that wasn't too difficult. I'd also like to nominate for this prestigious award, three other fantastic bloggers. My first goes to Jackie Adshead for her awesome erotic pictures and everything she produces, these images blow me away. My second goes to Lucy Felthouse who has me in stitches every time I visit her blog... keep them coming girlie. My third and final award goes to Scarlet the harlet for all her fabulous work..well done Ladies.. I raise my glass to you all.."cheers"