Friday, 31 August 2012


Am off now,
for a couple
of days n
nights, just
me n him
on our
Lie ins
fresh air,
with him
at my side,
and me in
his arms.
Walks by
the sea, with
thrown in
for free.
We need
a break,
a few
days by
the sea..
to celebrate

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Indi~ Shit helps roses to grow

Indi: Shit helps roses to grow: This used to be a blog where I could down load shit that was appearing in my mind. Shit in large quantities, unknown amounts would just app...

Friday, 24 August 2012

Sunday, 12 August 2012


I am now the proud owner of a brand new lap top. My previous model fell fowl to old age, over use and finally death! Today I collected my new Samsung notebook. It's handy size..was half price which I wouldn't have paid over £500 for but got this for just under £ my eyes that's known as a bargain!! Got the whole package deal too.. Norton.. insurance etc. Just getting used to the new layout of it but it's not difficult to use really... and when I've figured it out can down load photos off my 'Samsung' phone on to my 'Samsung' notebook! It's all exciting stuff. Now down to other stuff..
 The house is coming along slowly but surely. I call the place where we live, my own peice of Canada, having visited Manitoba twice.. the ultimate peace n quiet they have around them, due to the vastnessof open space...I love it here. My neighbours have chickens so I get an abundance of fresh eggs on a regular basis... Life in general is coming up roses...of which I have abunch of pink one's in a vase on my kitchen window. Bliss is what I call my life right now....  I have no room for fuck wits, half wits or just bog standed twits... I've come along way in thepast 12-18 months,  ramblings here n there, don't do the guilt thing no more.. me n my man are happy doing what we want to do. And I've never lived in a more idilic place than here, green fields all around, trees up to the clouds... Blue sky inbetween rain, lets go dancing naked in the rain...I'm sure there's a song in there some where..if any one out there can give me the song and title? Guess I'm all out of ramblings for now.Adios for now..

Mwuah  Indi


Monday, 6 August 2012


On Saturday  we took our dog 'Max' to the vets as he had gone off his legs.
It wasn't looking good either as they told us this n that..what it might be or
could be. We left in their capable hands. Sunday wasn't good either. He wasn't
responding to the drugs and still hadn't shown any real signs of getting
better. Today I phoned the vets at 8.30 to see how he was doing!
I left work immediately in a tearful panic. Max had gone down hill so quick
it was better to let him go now rather than later. I left a ruffled message
with the dept... eyes already red n swollen, tears streaming down my
face, chin low to avoid questions from passing work folk.
I drove like an idiot to the vets. I was informed that Max had
been given a sedative to calm him down. Apparently he'd also
gone blind so couldn't see me, but as the nice young vet opened
the cage, I immediately lay down stroking Max's head and telling
we loved him and he's going to feel some peace. I kissed him
goodbye and cried................................
The good vet then administered the lethal cocktail of drugs
into the intravenous drip and Max pain free went to sleep.

Rest in Peace Max, we love you

Sunday, 5 August 2012



                                   Don't wish the storm to pass.....

                                         Learn to dance in the rain.