Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ride to live - Live to ride

For the past two weeks I've been in world far apart from this one.
My other half and myself have been to Europe.. well from Plymouth to northern Spain down through amazing towns and tiny little undiscovered country side with awesome views. Stunning is the word I can only describe the scenery. The first week we spent tootlin round Spain, that was HOT!! I knew the sun would be warm, a nice change from this English topsy turvy climate. I knew riding a motorbike in heat would take it out of me... I think I lost half a stone in sweat the first few days but being away from normal life, being away and enjoying myself is what it was all about. So until I get to figure out how to down load these beautiful photos on to this aging laptop, you'll all have to try and imagine what the views were like. The roads in France and Spain in particular were made for bikers.. they went on forever.. and so did my speed. I converted my mileometer into kilometres which gave me some rough idea of how fast I should be going and how fast I knew I could get away with on the lonely roads with never ending tarmac that lead to golden heat riddled euphoria. I'd got a few worries about riding at such high speed... I have had an amazing time and really given myself time to adjust my abilities. However my husband wasn't so lucky. He came back home after a nasty experience on a bend in France on the way to Switzerland.. he took a bend wide, the front wheel took hold of the roughness of the surface.. his front wheel got away from him, he tried to control the bike but as all you bikers know that when the bike decides to go you can't do much to stop it. Fortunately there was a barrier there... I'd hate to think what might have happened had there not have been a barrier there!!! But the worst moment for me was I was following him around the corner, I witnessed him lose control of the bike, I saw how he battled for what appeared to be forever to get the bike back... then I watched as he fell off the bike. It all happened so fast.. but he's survived, yes it could have been alot worse, but he has superficial friction burns to his left elbow and left knee. Has the barrier not have been there... I don't think I would have a husband now and for sure the children would not have a father. The bike is to be written off. He's been made a good offer.. oh fuck the bike, he is way more important than the bike... 'OH' and I think his pride took a scuffle too. All in all we visited Spain-northern, France-Andorra, Belgium... Switzerland, back into France and home again on the Euro tunnel. I've yet to get my million n one photo's developed.. I have the good memories inside my head.. I still my man.. the kids still have their father. 3,000 miles we covered in 14 days. I'm glad I faced my fear of bends I came through and loved all of it. We will do another trip, but I've told my other half that he should take bends with more care next time...or I'll kill him!!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Early start

Early start, alarm clock set.
Packed bike gear? Not yet..
What to take and what not,
things that will fit in,
the items that will not!
Sunscreen is a must..
toothbrush, medication
clean knickers and such.
Passports ready, paper
work too.. it's all a
bit too much..time to
start relaxing, get
my strength up for
the ride.. Saturday
will soon be here,
time to get excited,
time to say goodbyes.
Camera, sunglasses,
satnav. Nerves of
steal... time to
realise that with
head screwed on tight.
A good nights sleep,
we'll be ready for
the ferry..heart
in my mouth, sea
legs? I don't have.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Silence is golden

Silence was golden for a short while,
then the joy of knowing what exactly
my problem was, and how it could be
resolved. Time out has been good for
me... but if you have to do certain
things on the Internet then you are
in so many words 'fucked!' I however
do not have to use the Internet for
such dealings... like normal people
I actually go to the bank, it's a
largish building with money inside
of it. My other half has spent the
last two weeks trying to find the
fault for our sudden disappearance
of this Internet...pain in the arse
problem... India sounds quite close
on the other end of the phone, the
Indian man knew what he was talking
about when my other half explained
the problem. 'Well, you see it says
here (in India..that you are connected
to the Internet) but here in sunny
green England... it was bloody obvious
we were NOT connected!! Several times
he called India..who were adamant we
were connected... we were NOT!! And
so on, this carried on for days.
To cut this boring story short..
and several swear words later, not
by me but the 'other half,' we
spoke to a man in this country,
(how much is it to call India?!!)
I don't care how much the fricken
phone call will be.. I haven't
missed the bloody Internet at all
and after the first week, was
really quite happy if I never used
it again... I go to the bank..the
building with the money inside.
So here I am once again.. back
with the 'Internet' but not for
long. On Saturday we're off on
our 'Jollies' (holiday ;P)..
Two weeks of no INTERNET!!
Can't wait. Hello.......
and soon to be goodbye.