Tuesday, 15 May 2007

New beginnings

Ok here we go. Well the story is I've always wanted to write a blog, so here I am! I love writing fantasy stories usually with women in them, oh ... did I mention I like women? I've read other peoples blogs and have an insight as to how they grow into bigger and better things. I'm not your average woman, well actually I'm about 6 ft tall so I guess that makes me more than average! I like writing erotic stuff, with women in! I want to write about my sexual antics with the women I've encountered on the way and hopefully the women to come, so to speak!! I also like bondage preferably with women .. and lots of rope. Just think about it, being tied up with soft rope, not being able to move only to breathe, being in the trust of some one who maybe you've never met before or some body you know but don't know their limits! Feeling every stroke of the whip, teasing you into total submission . Or wearing a blind fold, this adds to the height of awareness... then of course if you want to go one step further into the unknown ... hot candle wax searing the skin sealing the contract with unconditional love, but that's just a taster of what I'm capable of. Have you ever got off on the sensual aroma of black leather? Oh I could write pages about the stuff, black leather that is. Maybe I should write a users manual .. practical leather .. a must for every woman who longs for something different in their lives.