Sunday, 29 June 2008

Black Thunder

I'd like to introduce you all to my brand new motorbike. She's aptly named 'Black Thunder.'
She's a Yamaha FJR 1300. Her number plate is DXO8OOF. I
haven't actually got her yet, I collect her on July 12th, and I can't wait to show her the roads, sit astride her magnificent body and feel the vibrations between my thighs!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm almost sure we'll have many many years of fun, I shall take great care of her, show her the ropes, so to speak... and pick up some pillion passengers along the way... for sure. Just think.... hot women clad in 'black leather' from head to toe, holding onto me around my waist, fearless of nothing......'oh boy' YES we're going have alot of 'wicked' fun!!!!!!! So what do you reckon to my new toy? beats any hand held rabbit my eyes anyway... this has class, this has style, she goes so fucking fast, I'm bound to smile!!

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Highway 69

The weather had turned out nice, with a cool breeze, high cloud. Ideal biking weather. I climbed into the shower, the heat of the water wakening my senses, showering me with tiny goose bumps, my face wet and the water running down my ample breasts. I lathered the flannel, chasing the out line of my thighs down to my toes. As I bent down to wash my feet, the water ran down and beneath my breasts, the liquid dangling off my nipples, the droplets of water hitting the bath. I dragged my hands down the length of my body, flicking them out wards, grabbing the towel and stepping out of the bath to dry myself. The towel was rough, dry from hanging outside in the wind, the only way I like to be dried, roughly! I moisturise my skin all over with some scented body lotion, the delicate perfume lingerers in the air, awakens my senses. I inhale the smell. Taking my black leather trousers form the wardrobe, I feel the weight, dragging my feet one at a time into them. Mmmmm.. I just Lurve the smell of black leather, no other colour smells quite the same, it has to be black, it oozes power, passion, excitement!!! I'm almost ready for my journey, heading out on the highway looking for adventure what ever comes my way.. I was born to be wild!! I take a brief glance at my wrist watch, checkin the time, checkin I have enough fuel, yeah I do. I grab my keys, de-activate the alarm and climb on to my brand new beast of a machine. She's hot, she's ready and she's mine.
The smell of petrol, the throb of the engine, she trembles between my thighs, pure energy.
I hit the indicator glance left and turn right, acceleration is just a flick of my wrist away. Down the free way for the first twenty miles, a straight road, no traffic, time to see what she's really made of?! I rip back the throttle and take her to the limit, the wind's in my hair, and I've left all my worries behind me. The shear power of this bike excels itself beyond anything I've ever known. I lose my concentration and slip into auto pilot for a split second My mind isn't where it should be, on the road. I'm humming rock music, but I can hear sirens, as my mind returns to the matter of the situation I realise I'm being tailed by a cop car. The sirren hollows the air followed by a blue light. I pull over to the side of the road, turn my ignition off and await the officer. To my surprise a female officer steps out of the patrol car and strutts her way over to where I'm parked. " Step away from the bike " a strong southern accent. I climb off my bike and move a steps away. The sun is in my eyes so I don't get a good look of who I'm talking to. The female officer has long dark hair held together at the ack of her head with several pins, in a bun. Her complexion is clean with an olive type skin and very pretty. She grabs hold of my upper arm, man handling me with some force. She points to the patrol car, dragging me toward it. I follow her with haste trying to keep up, but she's too strong for me, I stumble and fall over.
Feeling awkward and hot form the days sun, I wipe my brow with my hand. My breasts are hot and I am thirsty. As I move nearer to the car, I can see she is smiling, but I decline from getting chatty. My throat is dry. My groin however is sweaty, my pussie twitches for some attention, I need to pee!... " Eerr excuse me officer but I need to go to the bathroom!" She throws my arm away and points at a large cactus at the side of the road. " If you need to go to the bathroom then you'll have to make do with that " and points her finger at the cactus. I stumble toward the prickly thing, fumbling at the buttons on my leather trousers. Not taking much notice as to who might be watching me, I bend my legs yank down my blt's, desperate to pee I let go of a hot flood or yellow steaming liquid, the relief is beautiful. " Arghhhhhhhh... ni-ce. " As i stand up I look round only to find the officer with her hand down her trousers, and 'playing ' with herself. I fumble with my zipper, smiling to myself, I walk slowly back to the cop car. She pushes me up against the door... " Spread 'em bitch." She kicks my ankles hard, my feet lose their grip on the loose gravel. I grab a hold of the door frame, stopping myself falling further to the ground. She runs her hands over my body as though she's looking for drugs?! She grabs my shoulder and swings me around, my back hits the door with a bang, my legs falling from beneath me, but she holds me tight. Our eyes meet, her hands pulling at my jacket, and slowly she pulls down the long zip, exposing my bra less breasts,trapped beneath the fabric, my nipples hard and erect. The warm air clinging to my skin. My lips part and I want to pull her into me, I want to delve into her pants, I want to fuck her there and then. She smoothes away the hair from my face, tracing the out line of my mouth, pushing her thumb into my mouth, running it the full length of my teeth, I bite it hard, she pulls away. Our breathing becomin laboured. I pull her into me, she straddles my thigh, grinding her groin with such force, moaning. We rock gently at first, but as the orgasm builds, the rocking becoming almost violent. My breasts swinging freely beneath the fabric, She squeezes my right nipple so hard I cry out in pain. I bite her finger, she pulls it away. I push her away from me, I slump to the ground leaving her standing, me between her thighs. I reach up tugging at her trousers, freeing her clit from it's fabric tomb. Kneeling up I engulf my tongue upon her pussie, pushing my fingers deep into her anus, she rips at my hair, thumping the car, the torment of her passion entwined with heat of the sun. Faster and faster I pump her vagina with all that I have. Her legs start to tremble, she's coming.................. with the force of a tornado, she wriggles and squirms trying to fight against it. But with one final thrust, her loins gyrating in every direction I feel the orgasm tear through her with such speed, her juices flowing down my face and onto my breasts. As the moment subsides, she kneels down to kiss me, her dark sensuous lips engulf my mouth, our tongues dart in and out, teasing each other. We embrace for what seems like forever. We get dressed again, at which point she pulls out her note pad, I all expecting a ticket for speeding, she writes down her number instead, my heart misses a beat, I smile at her, she kisses me on the forehead and thanks me for my services. I smile, licking my fingers, tucking my shirt back into my blt's walking back to my bike, I turn to wave, she waves back, climbs in her car, drives off. " WOW" is all I can think, I can't wait to get back home, I'm oh so fucking randy now, can I ride back safely? for sure, but maybe not so fast!!!!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Test Ride

On Saturday 28th June, I'm going to, for the very first time, ride the bike that I've fallen in love with. I have a list of questions I want to ask the dealer. I am very excited and can't wait to sit on 'Black Thunder'... that's her new name. You see I've named her and I haven't even ridden her yet let alone bought her! I do hope for nice weather but being Britain, being June, I think I'm asking for a hell of alot!! I'm even thinking about housing her, for insurance purposes. Oh yes, it's all happening. I've done my sums and can afford this hum dinger of a beast. Apparently the bike comes in dark red, silver and black, I have to Say I much prefer black... black makes a statement, black is clear and precise, black is black. The hum of the engine, the throb of the chassis between my legs, just thinking about it makes me want to go and play with my clit.... Oh and the best part...... wearing tight black leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! '''OH YEAH''' I'm in love that IS for sure. Bikes and women, and if I'm bloody lucky .............. a women in tight black leather on the back of my bike, holdin on tight around my waist............. now I really must go and masturbate.......................................................................

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Falling in love

Do you ever have those days when you find some thing, be it a new pairs of shoes or a new piece of jewellery? And you know you just have to have it? I did yesterday. I saw this gorgeous piece of silver jewellery, it took my breathe away. I wasn't looking to spend any money, but It was there waiting for me I guess. My eyes scanned it briefly, then moved on, only to find I'd gone back to it, drawn to it, hypnotised by its I bought it. I'm wearing it now. It consists of the rays of the sun which encases a semi circle of amber, but half of the amber is covered by the remainder of the silver in the form of a moon face, so delicately made, such wonder as it sits around my neck on a slinky silver chain... I just Love it.
I seem to be on a roll this week with falling in love! I have been looking for some time for a new motorbike, I have been scanning the websites, checking out the competition, sizing up the prices etc.etc.etc. I was blown away today by a bike....... yeah a motorbike! Not some thing that I will hang around my neck but a splendid piece of machinery made by a company who are renowned for making all kinds of things, including organs, electric key boards.. and awesome motorbikes. She is a beauty... I haven't actually bought her yet but I intend to. I will of course give her a name, bikes are always 'she's' I still can't get over her slick body work, instruments and shear magnitude of the whole bike. I will have sooooooooo much fun riding her, manoeuvring her around tight corners, to have her 1300cc engine throb between my thighs!! Mmmmmmm... 'Oh.. the joys of biking, I can't wait! AND ........ AND there's ALWAYS an AND!!! to wear my BLT'S...... Black Leather Trousers...just my BLT's? Oh yeah that would be sexy! Hot sexy flesh scantily clad in black leather, the smell of thunder in the distance & the throbbing between my thighs... not sure I'd get to ride anywhere with those erotic ingredients... I can almost envisage another tantalising story coming along!!! Watch this space....

Friday, 20 June 2008


I'm considering having another tattoo. I fancy a wicked fairy on my right foot. I haven't decided as to what design yet, but I've seen a few I like, I just haven't picked the right one. I like the pain of tattoos, I have quite a few already in various areas of my body. I might have another piercing while I'm at it. Why?....Why not! I feel like adorning my skin with varying pieces of art form.. it's my way of expressing myself. I wonder what the pain threshold for the sole of the foot is like? I do know that no Tattoo artist will tattoo the side of the hand, I have no idea why this is but I might enquire next time I go to see tattooist. If any one has any designs for wicked fairies and want to share them, I'd love to see them.
I once thought of having a 'branding' .. some thing very spiritual, cleansing my soul. A ying n yang emblem or the devil himself, just for laughs on my arse.. Oooowww the pain would be right up my street for sure.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

On the road to recovery

Tonight I had a sort out and I lit a bonfire, I thought I'd feel sad, angry, empty. I didn't feel anything., or if I did, I was hiding it well. It was the end of an era. Maybe it was the wine that I drank in vast gulps, maybe because I'd prepared myself for this event, I had accepted the inevitable. I have had a good clear out, it's amazing, us as human beings, just how much stuff we actually keep. I do however wish to apologise to some one for being ... possibly a bitch for any thing I've said, maybe they've taken it out of term, I don't know. But this for once is about me and how I've felt over the past god knows how many months. I'm looking toward the future, whatever that might bring, I know for sure that next time, if there is a 'next time' that I will not fall so fuckin head over in heals in love. I have to stay focused and take my time to channel my new energy's. Look after 'me' sod any body else. If I can't channel my energy's for me, then I have no hope for anybody else!! All my life I've been there for people, given my all, my best, my 100%. NOW I have to start taking care of 'myself.' I may not find new love, just loving myself is the number one priority right now.. and I'm not sure that's going to be easy.... but I will give it my 110%.

Fly me to the moon

Whilst rummaging through stuff to throw on the bonfire, I came across a poem, well words of a Frank Sinatra song...

Fly me to the moon

let me play among the stars

let me know what spring is like

on Jupiter and mars

In other words

hold my hand

In other words baby kiss me.

Fill my heart with song

and let me sing forever more

you are all I long for

all I worship and adore

In other words

Please be true

In other words....

I love you.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008


After my last blog, I've had time to realise that I'm ready for a large bonfire. I've got to soon or later and maybe I should have a long time ago, got rid of a load of emotional shit. I'm not tired and I haven't been drinking, unlike last Friday when it all came flooding to the surface! Whilst I was at work today, a few work friends asked was every thing alright with me? as I'm usually bright n cheerful n telling jokes. Some times I like to have a quiet day, time to reflect on what I really want out of life, at work and at home. I've had all day to figure it all out. You might agree or disagree with that but I'm ready. I won't be told how to deal with my life, and I'm pretty sure some folk only have my interests at heart, some.... those I work with just want some juicy gossip, they ... I do not class as true friends! Anyway when I tried to explain my healing process that I had the wonderful opportunity of receiving a few weeks ago, as soon as I opened my mouth, I just knew .... I was waisting my time trying to explain why I was being quiet. Things like 'healing' and ' grounding' are not the terminology that these 'Vanilla' folk would understand, let alone figure out. It'd be like me listening to some body talk Chinese... a complete and utter waist of time, WHY?? because I don't do 'Chinese' that's why! Right so that is my decision. I shall prepare an area of ground tomorrow night and pour some flammable liquid over the area, just to make sure that the evidence is completely destroyed. I won't shed any tears, I shall raise a glass to the future and make a wish, that I find new happiness. But like I said in my Friday night blog, I'm not in any immediate rush, it will happen when the time is right.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Dealing with stuff

A few drinks and our favourite music playing... life seemed just fine, then it all came flooding back. I really thought I'd got over you, I'd been kidding myself for so fucking long now... but it's the wine playing tricks on my mind, my emotions are flooding, I've been up too long. I remember when I'd text you in the morning to say my hello's and again in the afternoon, then last thing at night before I retired to my bed. I have a book full of hellos and goodbyes. How the days were made of candy, so sweet and un real, our lives were made in heaven, My life would never be the same again, or so I thought. If you are reading this now, you'll now what I'm talking about. no names mentioned but you now who you are. I have a magic box full and over flowing with spent love, your scent, your perfume, you. I keep wanting to have a tidy out, get rid of the things that no longer have any meaning, I really thought I could do it, I was wrong, I can't not yet, not quite ready for that just yet. You know who you are, you brought love into my existence, gave me so much and I gave you my every thing. I can't let go, and I'm not sure I ever will. I've tried so fucking hard to cast you aside, like you did me, just a bit on the side you said, I have to write about it like that because that's how it was, fucking painful. Love isn't all it's cracked up to be, I feel very hurt some times, when I remember what we had, what I lost.. I really have to fight against what I still feel. So why now I here you ask? why talk about it again? I've been awake too long, I'm messed up and drunk, it's the wine's fault! I never did get it off my chest did I? I NEVER told my side of the story, how I felt? This might hurt you, you know who you are. I wanted to die that day. I went to hell and back, thought about suicide, yeah pathetic I know but that's how I felt. Why now? why not?
May be it's time to say goodbye. Time to have that tidy out! Light the bonfire and say my farewells! Out with the old and make room for the new whatever! Life's shit some times, this is for real, this is how it is, that's how it was then, time heals does it? That's a load of bull shit and every one knows it. I don't want forgiveness, it's too late for that, I've written my heart out tonight, it' was there and I had to write, it's the wine talking and I'm too tired to care. I know what we had, what we lost, I loved you so fucking much. I was doing so well, but just lately I've had different visions, coming from every direction, I'm lost some times, take a different direction, I'm still dealing with stuff, I'll get there one day, but there's no immediate rush!

Friday, 6 June 2008

Spiritual Healing

I had a very out of the ordinary experience a couple of weeks ago. I had the opportunity of talking to a lady, who has got the ability to heal people. I had a few issues and had been feeling anxious, bad tempered and other things, so what happened next?. Well I'm not quite sure what she did .. but I sat on a chair and was told to empty my mind, of which I had no problem in achieving-usually it's full of other cast offs of other people's troubles;the only other time my mind's empty is when am asleep! So .. I sat on the chair and she stood directly behind me placing her right hand on my fore head and her left hand on my left shoulder. OK I thought. She was in contact with me for what seemed a long time but in fact it was just a few minutes. She started off breathing normally then her breathing became kind of laboured as though, and this is my theory, she was drawing out my bad energy. I've never experienced any thing quite like that ever!! Afterwards I felt different, dizzy and tearful, so did my new found friend, she cried a bit and was fine. I still don't know what exactly happened that day, I can only explain as above. I had about a pint of water to hydrate me again??? Then because I was giddy, she told me I had to be earthed again?!!........ She showed me how to do this. From head to foot brush myself over every inch of my body to re-a line my Aura. I had no idea what to expect the next day.. if any thing at all. I was right to believe I might have after tremors so to speak. All day the following day I felt SO relaxed and 'different.' No more bad feelings inside, not anxious any more, and also very tearful as though some-one had passed away, maybe it was the old me that had passed away and this what I feel now is the new me? like I said I don't know what transpired. I can only say I've been 're-born' what else could it have been? I feel very humble to have met this lady, I wish I had her ability to do what she did to me. We still keep in touch via e mail. She's still thinking of me. I have the power to nurture some thing with in me, I'm not sure what it is but I'm on a different journey now and I think I can just make out the light at the end of the tunnel. So over the last few weeks since my spiritual healing took place I've been watching and waiting for some thing to happen... Yesterday I was getting out of bed at the usual time of 7'o'clock.m, I turned the bed side radio on whilst I got washed and dressed. I could hear music coming from downstairs in the kitchen, but I knew I was the only one on the house, so who had TURNED the radio on in the kitchen? After a few minutes and the initial shock of realising there might be a ghost in the building;shivers ran up and down my spine! OK so I can SEE ghosts?? The plot thickens. I went down stairs to turn the radio off, but I couldn't......... it wouldn't let me........I tried to turn the volume down, again it wouldn't let me. My hand now shaking.... I pulled the plug out! Went back upstairs and finished getting ready for work. I left the house feeling slightly nervous and shaking. Oh it doesn't stop there, oh no! Today it happened again, same scenario only this time the channel on the radio changed to a foreign one. SO do I believe that I have this invisible force to make electrical equipment to come alive or do I have a ghost? Either way ........................ it's got my attention, for sure!!!!!!!!