Monday 29 December 2008

Out with the old and in with the new

I'd like to take this opportunity to say 'All the very Best ' for every body in blog land, to the people who I've come to know, the stories and poems I've come to read. I know that I haven't actually met all of you, even though I feel I already know you... The day is dawning, the eve shall soon be here, when we shall remember our friends and family who we have lost..
I'll raise a large glass of merriment to you all wishing you all the ' VERY BEST ' for the new year ahead. May all that you dream for become reality, may your health be good, the spirits protect you. May you always have love to share, health to spare and friends who care. Keep your heart safe and your friends, they don't come along every day, it takes a long time to grow an old friend. Be good to yourselves and others. Have respect for those around you. And when it eventually arrives..... I shall raise my glass high and wish you all


Sunday 28 December 2008

Broken Edges

I sent you a message, you didn't reply. I sent it again, I have no idea why. Do you not love me, do you not care, have I done some thing to upset you? Please tell me you're still there.
Not knowing the pain you've been through, not wanting to remind you... I want to help, but I'm not her, the one you loved for more than nine years. I can't make you promises, that's a debt unpaid.. talk to me babe................. talk to me.. I'm here for you ... I-I care. My feelings are jumbled, my nerves tattered and torn, I don't want to lose you babe.... I hurt too you know. I want to be with you, love you, take care of you. I'm not used to being ignored!
My eyes are watery, my vision's gone blurd, talk to me please- this is so absurd!
If you don't tell me what your problem is then how am I to know?
Three days have passed, I've cried so much, I don't want to lose you... what is wrong?
The phone rings, I stutter my reply... " hello babe " comes your reply.
I'm sorry for hurting you this way, do you still want to see me...................
of course I do, I always did.. do..... " do you ?"
We're talking again, still steeling that kiss, hand in hand. I have to slow down, not wanting to scare, I can't help loving her.... I really do care.
She comes with broken edges, the wound still intact, for me it's true love, I know she feels the same; but I can't rush her, she's not the same.
I try to make her happy, her sadness makes me cry. I do love her you know...
I always made the first move, I don't know any other, so I guess in many ways
I too have broken edges!
We're not in any rush, I know she knows I care,
I will always be here for you love, I will ..... I care.

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Thank you

Hello fellow bloggers. I'd like to take this festive opportunity to thank you all for visiting my blog and to wish you all a very' Merry Christmas 'and a 'wicked New Year' .. I'm not going any where, I look forward to continuing my stories and also look forward to reading your very interesting replies, so keep 'em coming. Thanks again every one XX

Wednesday 17 December 2008


You walked into my life... with a great big grin.
I am your new lover, my every day sin.
To touch you, to feel you, to pull you in.
My every day lover, my every day sin.
I dream about you every night, to have and to hold
from this day forth..
I love your east and west south and north.
You make me smile, you feel like silk,
with skin so soft and milky white..
We sit on the sofa, hand in hand,
occasionally smiling, stealing a kiss,
making a wish, stealing the moment
when the stars glitter in the sky,
and I ask why?
Why you love me.....
You reply...

You are my shining star, you keep me alive,
you brighten up my mornings and my
nights. You know what to say when I am down,
you know how to make me smile.
I love you eyes, your mouth, your chin
I am your daily sin,
And I... your everything.

Your touch is so soft. You
reduce me to marshmallow
with every inch of you hand,
soft and tingly, pretty and nice.
Sinking your hand into my pants,
urging your finger to my knicker top,
hesitation is every thing.. our breath..
hushed, goose bumps covered skin..
Don't hesitate my lover, come right in.

My flesh is weak, my heart thumps
then misses a beat, beads of sweat form
a wall upon my chin, you are my lover..
my every day sin.
The night falls, the sky is dark, the
birds are all asleep, I cannot speak,
my voice is still, do your best my love
make me sing, make me laugh,
do your everything,
I love you with every inch of my

Friday 5 December 2008


My phone was on silent, but vibrate.. awaiting your message with baited breath.
My mouth feeling dry, my nerves slightly frayed, thinking of you and I .. naked.
Naked and touching-feeling our skin, nipples and pussies, sweat upon sin.
The door bell rings, I jump to my feet, roses for me? how sweet!
I'm wanting you so badly, I've missed you so much... want to taste you..
want to fuck! Hold you so close, peel the clothes from your skin-pull you close,
lick your thighs, kiss your mouth, sink my tongue into your abyss.
I close the door, with a bang, pull your coat from your shoulders, tear at your
buttons, dropping them to the floor, breasts abandoned...not any-more.
With gentle speed I caress your skin, pull you close, you let me in...
sensing your urgency, the heat of our love. The need to be had, the want to
be had. My fingers stumble at your belt, fumbling for the fastener that holds you with in,
down your legs, the scent is over powering, of hypnotic proportion..
I lean into your groin, spread your legs and lick.. lick ... lick..
The sensations of rapture tear through your loins, legs twitching, orgasm rising
juices running, pulsating clitoris, swollen breasts, tears of over whelming joy
of love, of total abandonment...
when all is calm, we kiss ... kiss ..................... kiss.