Wednesday, 11 February 2015


This isn't my mum.
one minute she's
fine the next she's
Memory loss is
what the doctor
called it.
Dementia is
what it is, it
isn't nice and
it will get
much worse.
Today she
was good, nice
happy ish mum.
Phone went
around half 7,
my dad's voice,
my thoughts
raced to panic
in milliseconds,
my mum's gone
a.w.o.l again.
She didn't eat
her dinner
and didn't have
a drink..when
I asked her why
she said she didn't
want to, it isn't her,
she's got aliens in
her memory pad.
My dad's 81 this year.
He's takin the brunt
of her anger, last
night we had tears.
He tried to show
his affection by
planting a kiss on
her lips, she pulled
away.. not once
but twice... this is
going to get ugly,
she may get violent.
Who knows what's
going on inside
her head! I have
to stay strong..
not sure about
that.. my dad
will need me to
be a brick for him.
god help this
rocky road we're
about to ride
a long.......
my mum's
mum had this
ugly thing
she's died