Saturday 30 May 2009

With Intent

The forecast ... hot with intermittent showers. Temperatures rising ... with bouts of humidity along the way. My weekends would never be the same again. For the next six weeks I'd be working out doors, on a farm ..... doing everything from mucking out to tractor driving. Some thing I've always wanted to do, and as a teenager for a short period I did actually learn to drive a tractor;but it didn't last long, as soon as the cold weather arrived I decided that getting up at 4a.m was not for me! BUT .... with the onset of summer, the thirst for the great out doors had awakened my senses. So here I am twenty years later, ready for some hard work, a tan, and coming home knowing that I've earned my wage fair and square and with an appetite to die for.
The sun rose through the bedroom window. Piercing the curtains, sprinkling day light upon the walls. I stretch. My mouth is dry. My limbs ache from the fourteen hour shift the day before. Another day of getting dirty. I pull a strand of hay from my hair, my hands stained with cow manure. My joints crack as I pull the duvet back and climb out of bed. The alarm ringing out in my ears, I roll over hitting the button, silence stuns the air. Pulling my sore butt out of the bed covers, I stumble into the bathroom-falling over a towel left on the floor, wringing wet from my shower the night before. Turning on the tap, throwing water on to my face. A quick dance with the tooth brush and I'm starting to feel more like it. I glance at my watch.....5a.m, I smile to myself, my boss said I could arrive an hour later today as they'd got a new girl starting. Some one who had all the experience needed for the job. Dressing myself in a hap hazard fashion, not quite awake but getting there. Overalls and boots. I grab my lunch box that I prepared the night before and head out into the bright sunlight. Jumping into the jeep, slamming the door shut and turning the ignition. The radio blares out some 70's track. I drive down the road humming to myself, and am soon at the farm. I pull into the drive and am met by a gorgeous brunette in over
sized dungarees which cover a partially buttoned short sleeved shirt. She looks straight at me. Smiling, and waves. " Hi." she shouts, making right for me. I pull the jeep to a halt and climb out. " Hi " I reply, with a bloody great big grin on my face, trying to hide any kind of lust that I was feeling at the time. " Your first time here? " She asked. Grinning like a Cheshire cat I answered " well actually today's my secon_" my words trailed off, she grabbed me by the hand and marched me into this huge barn.... My gaze landed upon the biggest ever tractor I've ever laid my eyes upon. " Isn't she just lovely? " ..... " Yeah." I couldn't find the words to describe my excitement, but it wasn't due to the new toy that sat before us. It wasn't the fact that it was the size of a house. Her touch of my hand sent hot shivers through my skin. I hadn't really been interested in the new toy, the three and a half tonne of blue steel, four rubber tires... etc!
I stood there and with every ounce of my existence I just wanted to push her against the barn wall, rip her clothes off and go down on her. Hang on a minute I thought. I don't even know her name. My mind went blank.
" So would you like a test drive?" I looked at her in total amazement. My words fell out of my mouth in the wrong order. I stuttered, I felt so embarrassed. " I'd love to ride" She laughed, her pearly white teeth glistening in the sunlight. All I could do to try and hide my flushed cheeks. She took my hand again and led me to the other side of the barn, past this huge machine, along the length of the troughs and through another barn door. Into what appeared to be horse stables. " You'll have to change you foot wear before we drive the tractor, it's only here on a trial basis, if we get it dirty we'll be in trouble with the boss. I smiled and followed her into the tack room. The smell of straw, the heat of the days sun rising against the walls of the old building, an intoxication of sorts. I could feel my nose prickle and I let out a loud misguided sneeze. " You got an allergy?" she said. I glared right into the depths of her lovely green eyes.... I could feel my heart beating so loudly.... my mouth felt dry. " Would you like a drink of water?" And before I could reply and as from out of thin air, she produced a cup of cold water. I took it from her, " thanks " our fingers momentarily engaged. Standing on one foot, I kicked off one boot then the other and some where along the way lost my balance and came crashing down into a pile on the floor. If it hadn't have been for the straw on the concrete floor I'd have really hurt myself. " Oh dear " and with that she started to laugh. Just then I heard some one calling a name. " Christina, " at this point she put her hand over my mouth and motioned me stay quite. My eyes watched her every move. She slid down the wall and sat right beside me, shoulder to shoulder, bum cheek to bum cheek-like Siamese twins. Who ever was calling for Christina, that is who she is... Christina! What a magical name. A few minutes later and the coast was clear. She removed her hand from my mouth. " Phew " that was close. I looked at her, for a split second, she looked at me as I stared at her and found she was staring at me. In all the commotion her dungaree strap had fallen off and the second and third shirt button had become undone. I sneaked a glimpse of her white bra. Plain but which held close to her tanned - toned body, a perfectly gorgeous pair of breasts. I licked my lips, running my tongue the length and breadth on my mouth. Swallowing hard, my mouth still dry from the dust. I shifted my ass around to face her. Pulling a strand of straw from her hair. Leaning closer towards Christina, I could hear her heart beating, the warmth of her breath against my face. The sound of my own heart beating, gaining speed, echoing in my ears. I thought my head was going to explode. Slowly and with patience, I made love to her. My hand shook with nerves as I pulled her body closer to mine, she did not resist. She wanted me... and I her. Brushing her hair from her brow, our mouths met. Soft at first... to acquaint ourselves. Eyes engaged in a trance, whilst my hands removed her clothes. Soon we were lying down side by side. Clothes tossed every where. The heat of the day was gathering momentum through the shutters. I could feel the sun on my back. I could feel the heat of her hand on my clit. I rolled over so I was above her. I used the strength in my upper body to support myself-covering her in wet kisses. Plucking her flesh with the juiciness of my lips. Hesitating now and again ... her mouth open, her legs too. She let out sighs of pleasure. " Hmmm...." " That's........... oh yeah...just there..hmmm " I had her in the palms of no return. My tongue traced the outline of her pubes. Velvet and soft, sweetness to touch... to devour. I quickened my tongue, her juices began to flow. The orgasm was imminent. Her hands found the top of my hair, she twiddled, letting go and starting again, played with my hair. Her moans growing with anticipation. The need, the want, the added urgency to come, but not to come, to start again and reap the reward. My tongue working faster... her voices getting louder. And then .............................................. " ARGHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " Her body thrashes with the full force of the orgasm as it washes through her veins, electrocutes her senses, lights up every inch of flesh. My mouth reaps the benefits as she comes, she tastes so sweet, her juices like that of the passion flower, soft yet sensual, strong but fragile;weak from the aftermath. My complexion ... blushed and sweaty. She lies beneath me. Her body shaking with after tremors.
As I pull myself up to lie once again beside her, she rolls her head, looks at me, smiles, pulls herself in to me and we kiss;that long hot summer kiss. The kiss to end all orgasms, the kiss to start all over again, the kiss of every things, new beginnings...

Friday 15 May 2009

After Shock

Last Saturday I had a strange lump appear on the inside of my left thigh. I thought nothing of it, put it down to a pulled muscle or some thing! Taking care of it, I purchased a tubular bandage and proceeded to wear it. Sunday came and went, I went out on my bike... again... no problem. However on Monday morning, I still had the swelling, but this time I had quite a lot of discomfort with it. I made myself an appointment to see my GP in the afternoon, which left me the day to hobble around work. Still I wasn't in the slightest bit worried... 'sore' .. but not worried. The time came and I arrived at the doctor's surgery. I went in to see my doctor, who after a few moments of me describing my predicament, and peeling off my trousers to show him the offending swelling, he was getting slightly fractious. I was told I had to get to A&E a.s.a.p! Oh and take an over night bag because chances are they'll keep you in! He was convinced I had some thing called DVT. Still staying calm, I asked him what this DVT was exactly. Deep vain Thrombosis. I still didn't understand the full extent of this illness. I sat in the chair with my trousers around my knees, smiling at the doctor, and could hear myself almost laughing.... with hysteria. Was I going ever so slightly mad? After he told me in broken English that I could well be in danger, he mentioned a blood clot.. my lungs... and if we didn't get to it damned quick....... most certainly DEATH!! Scrambling to my feet I dressed myself, while he phoned the hospital and arranged for me to be seen as soon as I got there, which was some eight miles away. As I was told that I was not to drive; however I'd driven there in the first place and had been fine, but my friend put her foot down and I think we may well have broken a few speed limits a long the way, but all in the name of life!! Apparently it was another risk factor to drive in case a part of the thrombosis broke free and travelled into my lungs creating a blood clot. By now you'd have thought I'd be panicking, but even with the mention of possible death, this word had sailed right over my head, I hadn't fully digested it, it hadn't SUNK IN!! The doctor typed me a letter to hand to the hospital when I arrived. My friend kept asking me if I was OK? I just smiled and said, " Yeah " and I that I was hungry. I hadn't given what the doc had said.. a second thought! A short fat hairy man called my name, I followed him into a small room. Details were taken, name etc. Then a young student nurse came in and proceeded to give me an ECG, which checks the heart.
So there I am my t-shirt lifted up to my arm pits ( good job I'd shaved them the night before), wired for sound, cables dangling from my limbs. I made light conversation with the young woman. All done and I sat up waiting for the doctor to come back. " Can I go now please " I asked. His expression said it all. " I have to take some bloods before I can say what it is you have wrong with you." I took a large gulp and started to shake! I can't stand needles and told him so, he told me it wouldn't hurt. Why oh 'WHY' do they always say that? They are lying, it always hurts.... " just a little scratch" like hell it is!! I winced as he eased the point of the needle into my vein, I grimaced..."all done." I had to return to reception and wait for the results of my bloods. I chatted with my friend, my stomach rumbled for some food. Two hours later and nearing starvation, my name was called. I wandered off in the direction of the doctor, sat back in the cubicle................
The good news is that I don't have DVT, I'm not going to die. I had however got some thing called Thrombosphlebitis. In broken English means inflammation of the veins, which run the full length of my left leg, yes I am a freak!! I hate them!!!
The only thing good to come out of this episode at the hospital is the urgency for my varicose veins to have the much needed operation to remove them they are unsightly, painful, sore, itchy, ugly, inherited!! My week has been uncomfortable at work and at home, I've had added interest from work colleagues as to why I'm limping. Some how I don't think they believed me when I said I'd been attacked by a man eating leprechaun ?! Painkillers and anti-inflammatories seem to help, although I have a new prescription for stronger pain relief.
Today I realised just how lucky I was.... had been! What I have isn't life threatening, but all the same it isn't very nice either. It's a good job I went to the doctors when I did... or the story might have been .... well let's not dwell on the what ifs? But today I've felt very low, almost emotional, totally relieved that my out come was superficial. Today the reality HIT home. I think I need a good cry, but unless I hit my head or stub my toe, I can't see that happening. So now I await to hear from the medical centre, and fingers crossed it won't be too long. I want rid of these grotesque veins .... I want to have normal legs, pain free legs, legs that I don't mind showing off. I don't even go swimming any more, I think people are staring at me.

Sunday 10 May 2009

Black Thunder

It is a week today that I had the misfortune of dropping my pride and joy, my Yamaha FJR 1300. It is an awesome piece of machinery and....... bloody heavy. I was parking at my parents house, the same place I park it every time I visit, but.... for some unknown reason, I put the side stand down, it stayed down , but the bike started to slide inward toward me.......
and when that happens, it becomes the point of no return. Down she went, as if in slow motion, but I couldn't stop her! My leg got stuck under her as she hit the pavement. I tried to pick her up but you're looking at a quarter of a tonne of motorbike. I managed to get out from underneath her, scramble to my feet.I was horrified when it happened. My lovely bike, scratched!! My pride "Dented!!"
I did eventually get the bike back up with some help from passers by. I thanked them. I just stood there in shock... I was physically shaking.. I felt sick. My left leg throbbing. BUT... and there's always a but.. at closer examination, I hadn't actually done too much damage, some scratches, but I didn't break anything on the bike, which I'm very happy about. Mirrors, indicators, foot pedals; the little things don't come cheap. As to my left leg, my knee ached some what, but my bones were still in one piece..."phew." The ride home was a nervous one, only three miles to go but I went steadily... my nerves slightly shaken. I have to be thankful that it wasn't a high speed smash, that I wasn't being scraped up off the road, taken to the morgue. I was merely standing still, at the side of 'Black Thunder' when she decided to have a proper rest and lie down!! I look back now, a week later, hopefully wiser, but these things happen, no-ones perfect. My knee is bruised and battered but I'll survive, I have it bandaged up and have had for the past few days. As the week's gone by, the pain has grown. I suppose the muscles that I have hurt are mending, and what with the miles that I cover at my job,the exercise will help heal it.
I told a couple of guys at work what I'd done and they just laughed at me. I can look back now and laugh too. Apparently I've now become a proper biker, I've officially "christened" my bike!
I can think of easier less painful ways of christening Black Thunder. But as I said I'm OK, that's all that counts... we can mend bikes, replace them if necessary. However people aren't always so lucky!!

Saturday 9 May 2009

Thank you

Today I received an award from a fellow blogger. Her name is 'doll.' I am
very honoured to get this fabulous award. Thank you. It means a hell of a lot when you people read and appreciate my writing especially when you leave such lovely comments. I believe I've come a long way since I first started writing my stories. I hope I can continue to produce such master pieces; and go from strength to strength. I haven't written for a while, due mainly to 'writers block.' But.... I shall find my feet (hand) again very soon. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank every one out there in blog land who take time out to come visit me, this means the world to me. When I first started writing.. spelling, punctuation wasn't my forte, but we all learn form our mistakes! Once upon a time I couldn't even get my head around the workings of a lap top, let a lone create a blog! I have had one or two lessons from certain friends, but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.
I have to admit I love my blog, it's my way of escaping reality. It's my little world where the sun may not always shine, but it never rains!