Friday, 28 August 2009

Dark Secret

I am a dark secret, not yet opened.
My eyes have not yet seen our future,
but my heart has felt the pain..
my loss was hard to compare..
I am lost without you, yet we have not
yet met, I have not yet kissed you.
Do you not see who I am, who we could have been?
Time can heal nothing, but we had everything..
did you not feel my lips upon your breast?
The power that held our bond.. that kiss,
the kiss that held the future in our hands.
The alter awaits us, sacrifice is all it takes..
say yes to me, take me with you
time waits for no one, let me be your eternity.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Come dine with me

If you were here with me, the world would stand still.
If I were there with you, I'd invite you for dinner.
With candles.... should I light them?
I'd slowly undress you with my eyes.
Sit you at my table, let you view the menu.
Then slowly....devour your soul... sucking and
gently chewing, lightly...inwardly digesting every
delectable inch of your divine flesh....
we'd bathe in the moonlight..howl as the clock struck
midnight and run naked into the sunrise...
Come dine with me... come taste my love.

Out of sorts

I haven't written anything of late. I haven't actually felt like writing, I think I'm going through a block. It happens some times. But I can tell you I'm off on my holidays next Wednesday...on my motorbike, dressed in black leather from head to toe.....'Mmmmmmmmm' can't wait to tell you the truth, I'm just hoping my left leg holds up for the 200 mile journey. Am awaiting surgery for a hideous ailment that has hindered me for years, but just of late I've been suffering really badly. I have to take copious amounts of painkillers every day and to tell you the truth, they don't do a great deal for me. BUT ... and there's always a 'BUT.' If I didn't take them then I would feel a lot more pain am sure, so for all the moaning that I do, it could be worse! Anyway, back to my holiday.. I've been to Whitby on more than one occasion and I love the countryside in north Yorkshire.. the coastal walks, the scenery, the sea views, walking on the beach, the shops, and if I can find a tattoo shop I'm going to cover up one of my old tattoo as I'm fed up with it. The roads must have been built with bikers in mind. Winding and twisting with numerous hills, totally mind blowing. So what with the fresh air, gallons of tea, full English breakfasts to fill me up for the day. I will take some photos of the local talent tho!!!!! I love to go sight seeing too, with a difference!!!!!!!! So I hope after my break away, I hope to come back totally refreshed and ready to carry on where I left off, writing as I have done before, getting the juices running, getting my audience salivating, all 'hot' n 'bothered' ....... awaken my imagination.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


The cat looks down into the lake and sees a beautiful languid fish, like any cat it's first inclination is to toy with the alluring stranger then .......pounce. The fish will either elude the grasp or deliberately allow itself to be caught depending on which of it's ever changing moods it happens to be in. The cat is drawn to the mystical dreamer who represents a vast underworld of fantasy.
The fish has a quieter spirit than the cat but will give it's loyal devotion because emotionally they meet each others needs. The fish is sensitive and innovative and is capable of reading the cats innermost desires and offers the tenderness the cat craves. The fish will also awaken the cats spiritual potential. The cat, in return will supply the fish with energy and inspiration, and a boundless love creating a safe haven in which the fish can dwell....... so the fish allows itself to be caught.

Sunday, 2 August 2009


If your hand is warm, you may touch me.
If your mouth is may kiss me,
as your heart beats and the blood races
through your veins...hold me.
Touch my foot with yours beneath
the table, let our feet dance.
Let our minds play dirty thoughts.
As I stare into your eyes..
stare back at me with distant glance.
Come into my garden and smell my perfume.
Bend at your knees and kiss me.
Wrap your fingers around me
like rose petals around the bud.
Let me hypnotise you with my heart.
Sit down at my table, come feed at my Inn.
Let me feed your appetite. Whole and perfect,
hot and juicy.
Until the end, you may kiss me.
I shall feed your imagination,
with my mind.
To touch you in the morning
hold your hand and guide you
through my garden, smell my perfume.
Let me lay my hand upon your soul.