Saturday, 18 July 2009

Out of the blue

Tonight I went to another town for a drink. I went on my motorbike. The weather was warm, dry... a slight breeze, welcomed after a hot day. I arrived at the town. The streets were deserted, but for a few cars. I parked up, took my helmet off, gloves off, put them in the top box. Alarmed my bike and made for the pub. On my way I passed a shop which was advertising a sale of paintings in the window. I fell in love with one of the paintings... and it was in the sale! If it's still there next time I'm in that town I'm going to buy it. The painting was a scene of a beach on what I would describe an evening, the sun had just about set. The sky was alive with amazing explosion of colours. Oranges, yellows. burnt reds, purples. The kind of colour you'd expect to see on a beach after a hot day, the sun setting. And in the distance was a couple... I would assume going for a walk on that sunset beach. The tide was there, but just a few white ripples. The couple were walking in the tide, possibly holding hands, walking in the sunset. Lovers most likely. I loved it and my eyes knew this, for I kept going back to the window. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I carried on to the pub, up the alley way through the streets and up the hill. Just a short walk from the car park. I found the pub that I was heading for. I walked in, unzipping my bike jacket. The air was still warm outside. As I walked into the pub I caught a woman's eyes. I knew her from work. You don't always notice people you know from work, in their ordinary clothes. She looked so different tonight. She saw me first and shouted my name. I turned around and smiled at her. " Hi " I said, " how are you? " She smiled and replied " fancy seeing you here."
I took my jacket off and placed it over the back of my chair. My hair fell down the back of my neck. Flicking it with my right hand I pulled some of it over to my right breast. I smiled at her, she smiled back. I've had my eye on her for a while so meeting her out of work was a real bonus. I asked her in which direction were the toilets, she pointed toward a wooden door, "through there and up the stairs." " Thanks " and I made my way. Shortly after locking the door into the cubicle I heard her voice, realising she was in the ladies. I quickly did what I had to do , pulled my black leather jeans back up, all fingers and thumbs, and flushed the toilet. I opened the door to find her standing there all smiles. The room wasn't very big, I had to brush against her to get to the sink to wash my hands, which were, by this time rather warm. As I made hand signals that I needed to get to the sink, she too brushed herself against me, although I felt she was getting REALLY close, closer than I 'd have expected. Our eyes met, she came closer still. I stumbled into her body, my hands accidentally touched her breasts. Her soft juicy breasts that were encased in that sleeveless black low cut top. I felt hot.. light headed and giddy. Her mouth was red with lipstick, her lips slightly parted;her tongue followed the outline of those juicy red sumptuous lips. She leaned forward and locked the door behind me. " Don't worry, the toilet's out of order, no one will come in." She pushed me back against the wall, her hands made for the zipper on my jeans. My hair fell every where, I pushed it to one side of my head. Hands tugged at the black leather. I found myself wriggling to get the jeans down off my thighs. I fumbled to take her top off, she helped me. Our mouths danced, I leaned closer to kiss her, she anticipated my move and met me half way. Her mouth was so soft. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity. I felt her hand move down into my knickers, pull away the fabric and ease her wet fingers into my hungry clit. My legs trembled. I was submerged under a flush of passion. My hands found the fastener on her bra and with a steady hand I un clipped it. Her ample breasts rubbed against my t-shirt. Her large ripened nipples stood to attention. I leaned forward taking the left nipple in my mouth and gentle at first sucked it, rolling it around on the tip of my tongue. Throwing her head back, she let out a muffled groan. Once again we kissed only this time with more vigour, tongues danced in and out, teeth chinked. She tasted so good. With every stroke of her hand upon my swollen clit, her became faster, my orgasm growing ten fold. My own breasts struggled to be released, not wearing a bra, I pulled my t shirt up over my head. She sucked each one in turn, sending me further over the edge. My hand now down with hers, coaxing her to go even faster. My legs were shaking, I was was coming.......... " Oh my gooodddddddd. " I screamed with muffled tone, her fingers squelched with the juices running from my hot hole. I fell upon her, waisted and exhausted. Cupping her head with
both my hands I kissed her...long.... so very long. She looked at me with a devilish grin. I wanted to return the favour. I reached down, removing her trousers, she wasn't wearing any knickers, her neatly trimmed bush. My hand cupped her Mons Venus. With two fingers I buried them deep inside of her,rubbing my hand against her pubic hair. She screamed and came almost instantly. My hand soaking wet from her cum. We collapsed into each others arms. She smiled at me. " I've so wanted to do that to you since I first saw you at work." I smiled back with a great big cheesy grin. We kissed some more that night. She gave me her phone number. I can't wait for work Monday morning!!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

One step closer

A few weeks ago I wrote about wanting to get my poems & stories published. Some thing I've always wanted to do and until now haven't had the know how. What with all the lovely comments left on my blog, this got me thinking. So.... I decided enough was enough. It was time to actually do some thing about it. Spiky put me in touch with a three ladies who have done just that.... had their books published and know all there is to know about the lengthy process of book publishing. Any way to cut a long story short, I managed to get in contact with them, asked lots of questions, told them what I wanted to achieve. One of them lives in this country....... ! So I got on to the Internet ( ain't technology brilliant?) I found out that she lives a lot closer than I first thought; this furthering my appetite for fame... well not quite but I'm one step closer to achieving my goal than I was last week. Not wanting to name any name's just yet.. I'm hoping to meet up with her and discuss what and how I go about finding an editor... publisher etc, and she's wanting to help me in every way possible, which is lovely. I have come to realise that 'nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm,' as it so baldy states on the back of my 'London Marathon medal' and I can tell you I have an abundance of enthusiasm. So fingers still crossed, I won't get too excited just yet, I still have a long journey ahead of me but now I have three new friends to help me along the way! So I'd like to thank every one who's left these fabulous comments on my blog, these are the kind of comments that make me realise I have a talent in writing, I can achieve my goals, however long it takes me. Who help me to believe in myself, that spur me on. I'd also like to thank Spiky for putting me in touch with these very talented writers...' Thank you,' hun... I appreciate it 100%!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

99 Yards

99 yards of love.
One yard short, but who gives a fuck!
I've never really felt the need
to give what doesn't belong to me.
If you've never had it, how can you say you own it?

Does love come in different grades
like the colours of the rainbow....
in different shades?
How do you know what to look for
if people just take the piss.
Am I missing something,
is my 'sat nav' broke?
This 'love' thing to me
just appears to be a joke.

I'm not normally this distant,
grumpy and sad.....
the doctors keep telling me
I'm not totally mad!
The man in the white coat
smiles at me each day
stabs me in the arm
and tells me I'm OK!

The room has a view with
padded walls to.
My head is full of colours
my vision-blurd and funny,
but I am not laughing.
This is NOT funny!!

99 yards of love.
One yard short,
but who really.... gives a fuck?
The walls are closing in,
my hair is falling out.
I've scratched these pictures
on the wall, of memories I once had.

My vision is returning
the medication's wearing off
I can hear the lock turning,
the doctor's coming back.