Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Poorly pooch

Meg is our shared pooch, her real daddy is Joseph our son. For reasons which we have her, our garden is a busy one, people coming in and out all day...puppy also lives here, some one to play....and amuse. Meg has been , well...not quite herself of late, some thing she didn't eat, although bones are now off the menu.... She had a season some time back, her back end is always red.... some times it actually pours....paws ;). Second time around, yesterday in fact, another phone call another trip to see the nice man in the vets. Not good news I cry. An internal examination reveals a lump, which apparently shouldn't actually be there! Poor Meg, but she's happy in her self... 7 years old. Still full of life, running and paddling in muddy parts when no one is watching...good appetite too. She has a problem of going to the loo.... not much Poo comes out and when it does....it's red too!!! The lump is in a place that with all the money in the world could not actually successfully OPERATE! So for now we carry on...hoping with all our hearts, that Megan our/shared pooch...lives on some what a lot more...than the vet has got planned!