Sunday, 17 July 2011

Blogs that rock !

OK peeps, it's come to my attention that there are some amazin bloggers out there.
So before I go to Canada on Tuesday.. I have decided to dig deep into my pocket of lurve and pull out some names that 'keep it coming' so to speak. I have a big heart. Plenty of room for these and many other peeps who in their infinite wisdom create such mind blowing stories which on my darkest of days.. brighten my world and in my book that's one hell of a lift for me... I love you all for doing that.

So here we have we say in England: Drum roll please...............





Something savage comes this way..

Red shoes...

Krippled Warrior..

Bama Trav..

red.neck chic..

So there you have it..

These people rock my world, come collect your award. I LOVE you all, equally.


mwuah !! XX

Saturday, 16 July 2011

And the name is........

'Nitebyrd' ...... my new toy!

Friday, 15 July 2011


Well my lovely wonderful audience out there in blog sphere..
I have been awake since 5 a.m.. done me a lazy 8 hour shift.
Gave a chunk of money to the collection for my friend who
died on Monday... the funeral is next Friday... I will be
thinking of her as I will be in Canada fighting off the
mosquito's and having fun with my extended family...I
can't wait. I have got three weeks off now.. out with
friends tomorrow night.. collect my new motorbike also
tomorrow... I have decided on new name for
guessing you want to know what I have decided upon?
I shall be shutting up shop here for the next couple
of weeks... time out is what I need to get back into
step with reality.. I need to re-charge my batteries.
Slow down and take a breath. I may have some more
amazing poetry for you when I come back..then again
I may not have anything exciting to write. I have it
all planned from now until I fly on Wednesday.. My dad
is gettin better by the day, he will get stronger, his
appetite is improving, his wound is weeping but this
was to be expected. The important matter is he is out
of danger and no longer in pain... the rest will follow
with the capable hands of my Mum who is an excellent
cook.. but I worry about them both because they are
both diabetic... and they worry about me because I
ride a badassmotherfucker of a (soontobenew) motorbike!
I never swear in front of my parents... just hope they
never find out... but hey we all gotta have some secrets

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

And here she is

My brand new bike.... all I got to do now is think of a name for her.....

Any bright ideas? Aint she Awesome?! This one is blue but mine is black, slick, sexy, sophisticated... fast!!

Monday, 11 July 2011


I heard some very sad news today, everyone at work heard the same sad news.
One of our staff members fell ill at the weekend... I was meant to attend the party held for us , by the company we work for... I've had Gastro-enteritis all week, dropped half a stone in weight, haven't eaten properly in days... anyway so I didn't go to the party, and by all accounts it was a good one. Our friend attended the party but some one said she'd felt poorly so didn't stay long, her friend took her home. Unbeknown to anyone she did at some point go to the hospital...

We received an E mail today to say that with great sadness she had passed away.
We all feel saddened by this shocking news. She was 60 years old..........

I still can't believe it...........

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Ball gag anyone?

Well with our European tour out of the way but with fond memories and still many undeveloped photos yet to be printed, we now look forward to the holiday we booked last year for this year. Canada here we come and it's not that far away. I have one more week to work then I break up for three weeks. We have thought about the trips we have taken, come to the conclusion that we take way to many clothes.. and have decided NOT to take more than we actually need. SO... we shall be taking one small holdall bag on the the plane... that's it. What we can't get in it stays at home. So the list may include.... mosquito repellent, for sure! Toothbrush... clean knix,one bra, camera. Camcorder. One pair of comfy shoes (purple!) So far so good. Now for the interesting stuff... baby oil in air tight container (lube!) Porn for those quiet nights of itchy insect bitten evenings... maybe I won't read it, but it's a must, even for the bag inspection at te airport.. OH and those body searches... makes me feel damp just thinking about those butch women tracing the out line of my panties...(that's for another story!!)
Now back to reality (boring!) Sun screen for my fairer skin... don't wanna burn!! I have this tiny red spot come blister on the left side of my spine... it may be nothing, will have to keep my eye on it.. 'Neah' it's possibly just a red blister type spot....
Time to make a list of item I seriously don't want waving around by security... scene from 'The L word' strap ons and vibrators..role playing I think, the woman wanting to be the man... the other woman wanting a big had cock up her pussy..... can't say I blame her...I'd love to wear a strap on for another woman..... ball gag anyone?!!
So .... where was I? Oh yeah...Canada... here we come... for two weeks this time... questions to be asked of could we afford to come live there? I have in the past dreamt of this idea, but now I think it is just a Meir fantasy .... the roads are too flat, I love hills for my soon to be new bike... more about that next time... New bike? I hear you ask ...... yeah I found another bike I've kinda fell in love with....finger's crossed I get. So I gotta dash now, off to meet a girlfriend... back seat of the movies... going to meet a friend to go see a film.... should be funny, by all accounts it is. Be good people, I have no intention of doing so hahahahahahahahahah.........



Thursday, 7 July 2011


The instant ring, that
punctual sting as the
phone rang, I raced
through the hall,
slipped sideways
hittin my elbow
on a half closed
wooden door.
'Hello?' I replied,
to the rapturous
sigh of that
frail man on
the other end
of the line.
'Hi love..'
came the reply
followed by my
exhausted sigh,
tears rolling
down my face.
My heart's
been in a whirl.
Hawk eyes on
the house phone,
willing it to
ring, and
it did.. with
my Dad at the
end, his voice
shaky, his palette
dry... once again
I started to cry.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


At first they thought it was 1.
Taking a second peep they now
tell us it's 2, due to be cut
and sorted tomorrow some time.
He phones my Mum every day..
to say that he loves her..
hates being alone there..
hate the food they feed
him.. the antiseptic
smell there. He calls
my brother to say he
loves him. He chats
with me every day to
say he loves me..and
we all reply 'we love
you too Dad.' My mind
is lost with images
of a man so frail,
so thin..old. My
image of this once
strong capable man,
my Dad who as a child
held s much respect
and still do, who
was brought up not
to answer back, be
cheeky.. watch your
manners, your P's
n Q's. A man who
is so tall, so
proud yet so
private in his
love for my Mother,
not to hold hands
in public view.
I see this man,
I hear his warm
voice so full
of fear, my love
for him could
conquer all.
His voice is
so frail on
the phone, slow
and not sure
of his next
move. He shuffles
about as though
his laces be
tied. The lines
around his eyes..
like so much in
many ways like
his sister..
she is the
they have so
many similar
My hand as a
child fitted
so well into
his large capable
worked hands.
He wears his
slippers all
the time now,
his feet ache.
I wanted to
take him some
nice green juicy
grapes.. he
said not, he
wouldn't be able
to eat them.
My heart's

Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Goose bumps ripple
my flesh shivers
as the blood
engorges the
hood of my
clit. Legs
a kimber,
sweaty brow
a tremble,
my throat.
every inch
whilst cry-
ing out, this
orgasm has
my soul..
run, no..
light stabs
my vision,
my legs
fold like
a broken
Skies like

Monday, 4 July 2011


that comes
with such
a force it
damn near
knocks you
off your
feet, but
as I was
to begin
with it
was so
easy. open
my mouth
try not
to think.
I think
I've had
food poison-
I can't
the last
time I was
so violently
The muscles
in my abdomen
ache, the
flesh from
my chest
up into
my throat
hurt. I
burnt that
thing at
the back
of my throat
with the acid
that choked
the puke
that sailed
through my
crying corpse
last Friday.
In and out
of bed, pints
of water
drank. Covers
on.. covers
off.. sleep
I got none!
Saturday I
felt so cold,
I didn't even
look at food.
Then came
the finale,
sitting on
the toilet
was like
turning on
the taps!!
I eventually
had to wash
the sheets,
what I thought
was a'fart'
happened so
god damn fast.
So I called
in a sickie
today, my first
in over 18
months. I
haven't eaten
in two whole
days.. I have
no appetite a
yet. AND I've
weighed myself,
'WOW' I've
puked up at
least half
a stone!
up, boffin,
pukin, what
ever you
wish to call
it, it's
all the same.
I have no NRG,
So I'm stayin
put toady. I
hope I regain
my love of
food back
soon or I
may just

Sunday, 3 July 2011


My dad's 76,
take a look
what do you
think? He's
aged in two
years. He's
become an
old man..
mum's words
not mine.

He's been having
stomach pains,
the kind that
knock you off
your feet. He
has lost his
appetite too,
and to add to
it all he is..
as my mum is
Diabetic, but
to name but a
few other problems.
He had a scan, they
whipped him
into hospital
last Wednesday
afternoon. He's
still there.
We now know
what the problem
is, what was
knockin him
off his feet.
A deeper scan
showed that he
has an Aneurysm
in the lower
part of his
of course it's
much bigger
than first
thought! My
Mum's missin
him like crazy,
they hate bein
We went to see
him last week.
At last we have
figured out
the problem,
he'll have an
operation some
time next week.
Now, I know he's
in good hands,
if it doesn't go
to plan..we're
talkin about a
frail 76 year
old man.. If it
should burst..
If it bursts
then I'm afraid
he will die.
eyes and legged
crossed.. for
many years to
come of spendin
happy years of
watchin him and
my Mum grow even
older together.
He doesn't like
the food in there,
his sugar level's
gone through the
bloody roof!! He
has a condition,
caused by the
stroke that stops
him from tasting
his grub. We
take him fruit
and cream, fresh
bread made by his sickness
and in health..
to death do us..
My Brother's drivin
up on Tuesday to take
care of our Mum n Dad,
I phone and visit her
regularly, every day
that's my plan. She's
only three miles up
the road, she hates
being on her own.
Call me Mum if you
need anything.. I'm
here for you, you know.
Get well daddy, I love