Thursday, 30 September 2010

New arrival

Look closely. Look very closely. Tonight when I got back from shopping.. I opened the back door to be greated by a little ball of fluff, spitting! My husband works on a dairy farm.. they have many cats...kittens.. no birth control! This tiny (roughly 3 weeks old) hypoactive kitten is the sole surviver from his family.. he was found wandering on the tennis court at the farm..(posh farmers with loadsa money!) He bought him home and we have named him.... 'Bruce!' He , as you can see is 'adorable' 'cute' 'pretty' and did I mention he spits alot. My other puddytat Tigs.. isn't too sure of him, we are keepin them apart for now, think Tigs is pissed off with me for bringing this sweet little kitty home... he feels left out now..(he's fast asleep on the black leather sofa).. Bruce has his own 'pad' litter tray, food.. shoe box with fake fur in it, he has a loud purrrr...he has settled in well.. he has teeth like needles and claws to match... so there you have it...'Bruce.'

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Swollen Parts

I have come to believe that for all the Marathons, sponsored runs, walks, swims, bike rides etc that I have done for the best part of my life.. for all kinds of charities.. raised thousands of pounds.. had blistered feet, cramp, pulled this n that's. Lost toe nails through friction due to miles and miles n miles of training..that I have possibly worn my joints out! Having had a swollen left knee for quite a long time (3 months roughly) I decided to go have a friendly chat with the Doc. I was right in my theory about wearing myself out.. don't get me wrong, if I had my time again.. I would run again, raise megga amounts of money for charity.. my knee has become swollen.. it's very tender and for the past three weeks I have been limping,. I have started self help. I now take Glucosamine with sulphate twice every day.. I wear supportive tubular bandage on my leg every day.. I rest when I am asleep.. I find it very difficult to rest for more than five minutes.. I'm a 'fidget' can't sit still.. but I find red wine helps, normally after an 8 hour shift of cleaning.. I am half way to falling asleep... wine just helps my eyes to close ;)))). Anyway.. I have the symptoms of 'house maids knee' and I can here you askin yourselves what the fuck is that? PAINFUL springs to mind.. fluid under my knee cap.. Arthritis to be precise!! So if anyone can shine some light on this, got any other remedies or painkilling ideas, I'd be most grateful for your input. I have to admit it's starting to piss me off, especially when it interferes my m'bike riding abilities!! That aint funny!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I have been reading some of my very first posts that I wrote all those years ago. I can see how I have matured in more ways than one. I have also 'deleted' the nipple with the stubby fingers that some times appeared on my comments. I have also 'deleted' her comments..and any pictures she ever drew, they are gone.. this is a classy blog, no room for tacky stuff. No this is not an angry attack... I have lost all my anger for that person. I have grown a new heart. I have 'deleted' every thing that ever represented her in my life.. I have cleansed my blog, de clogged it. Cleaned up my act. In fact I am smiling because today I have had a very good day...excellent in all truths. My tax code for the past six years has been the wrong one! Today is pay day... in a BIG way.. my code has been changed for the better... I may well be able to afford my dental repairs after all.. plus other nice things.. but I'm not going to spend it before I get it.. but for the past six years I have paid too much tax so now I get it back... bring it on! I have decided to keep a rainy day account, unlike my Grandmother, it won't be under the mattress Lol... but it doesn't have to rain for me to spend it... that's for me to forget about, let it grow, mature, like I have done over the years. I love this idea.... I love me. ;)

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Moist folds of flesh
hides this bud of
beneath this golden
fleece.. tickle.
Unbutton my gate,
open my door..
come lay beside
me on my floor..
Trace your finger
lather, razor
Coolness, shiver
lick my flesh..
slide your
fingers into
my now wetness.

Friday, 24 September 2010


Empty lines of empty
words with empty heat
that has lost it's
burn. Empty noises
from empty mouths,
empty hands that
leave empty prints
from clasps of
empty fingers that
once held my body.
Empty lives with
empty hearts..
this script is
out of date..
Then I found
you there, full
of noise and
heat, my heart
jumped a beat.
Our hands found
each others
bodies and now
we add the heat.
Touch my mouth
with your finger
circle motions
of tongues

Thursday, 23 September 2010


Smile's come and go..
depending on our mood.
Today I'm feelin.. you
might say...rather low.
Today is the beginning
of a journey to regain
a smile I was born with
but over the years..I've
kind of been in denial!
First appointment at a
place where nightmares
live.. a comfy chair..
bright lights.. needles
everywhere. Dental pain
is some thing most of
us can bare.. for me
it's a white knuckle
ride.. I hate goin
there. The woman who
handles these fears
has been a wonder to
my nerves, she knows
how I feel when I shake
into he room.. my
heart races, my esteem
low. Today I had 5
needles to freeze
my mouth.. grindin
drillin, head vibratin
hands shakin, muffled
groans of waitin for
the one nerve to awake,
legs trembling.. eyes
squeezed shut...I'm
thawing out now, my
lips no more distorted.
Have eaten gentle
bites of soft food.
My stomach muscles
ache from 2 hours
of permanently
bein held....
My dentist is
very calming
has the words
to soothe my
pain.. you'd
think at 'my'
age I'd be OK!
Let me tell
you... I am not.
I have a new
filling, a
temporary crown.
My wallet is
now empty..
I still feelin
rather down!!
Money isn't
but for me
right now..
it's gone..
so my smile
I was was
born with,
for now..
is not quite
ready.. to be
shown. I have
more work to
be completed
with more £'s
to part with,
we used to be
an NHS dentist
but now they
where £ signs
appear to
triple, my
worries of
how to pay..
but for now
I'm coming
to terms
of having
this almost
still goin
on ..on and
around my chin.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


'H*A*P*P*Y ~ B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y' to you.. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear sexy woman with gorgeous tatts in tits, who's warm, tender, funny, loving, kind, amazin, love and has a great taste in music...............


HAPPY BIRTHDAY NITEBYRD ~ Have a wicked. awesome day beautiful.

Love you... many happy returns... blow the candles out.... but stand by to call 911
just in case ;)))))))))))))))))

Indi xxxx


Tomorrow is another day for most folk.
For me it is a day to celebrate for
two important people in my life..
the first being my husband who
happens to be 65, but goddamit
he sure as hell doesn't look it.
When we first met, I tried to
imagine him being 65, cuz with
us having a 16year gap between
us.. it felt scary for me too
as I knew back then with him
reaching this grand age, I'd
actually be 49! I have many
surprises up my sleeve for
him. We are going out as a
family in the evening. I have
ordered a cake for him.. an
amazing present which I just
know he's going to love..
and the all important words
'HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. my lovely.'
Now where was I ... Oh yeah
tomorrow also happens to be
this amazing woman's big
day too... every one...
'NITEBYRD' is celebrating
her birthday tomorrow..
but I won't tell you how
old she is because I
actually believe she is
this age young. So when
I get up at 5a.m in the
morning I will send this
special message to nitebyrd
wishing her all that she
ever wanted, plus happiness
as this will bring her out
of the 'Abyss' where she
has taken permanent
residence of late.I
would love to think
that she could vacate
that darkness ...
She is an amazing woman
warm, funny, clever..
smart.. beautiful..
has fabulous tatts,
er I said 'tatts!'
Although I have to agree
she does have amazin..
Tits..there ya go I
said it. ;)


Saturday, 18 September 2010


Welcome to my world.
Take a moment, see
how my hand glides
beneath the fabric
of your existence.
Touch me..slither,
fingers entwine
the pubis, damp.
Excite, fumble..
nervously rub
with first
digit. Soft
tissue, with
expert hand
gently rub
in circular
Release my
one by one.
Stare into
my vision,
engage, hot
breath upon
my face,
whisper in
my ear your
'Oh yeeahh'
heat rising
clit swelling,
beads of sweat
upon your face,
my lips. Pace
heart rate
off the scale.
Pupils wide.
Kiss me bitch
time to deliver

Made for Walking!

I fell in love with these amazing boots last year whilst in Whitby.
I bought them with the good intentions of breaking them in...
easier said than done with my oddly shaped-scarred feet..
I did try them on in the shop.. they did feel kind of comfortable.
However the first time I wore them.. after a few hours I was
crippled... so size 8, one careful lady owner.. no mileage..
they cost me £85, they are not Doc Martins but a make known
as 'underground.' The soles are this black rubber, the soles
are also screwed on, with tiny screws. Built to last. I still
adore them, but I will never have the feet to fit them.. so
I have come to the decision to part with them. So if you like
them and want them... I would like £50.00 for them. I will
pay for P&P in the UK. If you live outside the UK, then you will
have to cough up the dosh. Should it come to that, I'll get
them weighed for you and priced, I'll even send you the receipt.


Good morning people.. wherever you be in this vast and ever expanding world.
Today I am going to be discussing 'pain' and you're probably wondering why I've chosen a grinning moggy for my post? Well this little cutie makes me laugh.. it doesn't matter how tired or hungry n tired or pissed off n tired I am feeling, this little Kittie does it for me.. so that's my reason. I thought I'd take a different approach to writing word As like most people on blog land seem to be having trouble with these days is writing what they are used to doing.. but with some added difficulty. I put it down to the planets changing.. summer whistles through and Autumn skips right on in, sittin her cute colour ful ass down on the ground on her carpet of dead leaves. Ya see I do still have poetic license.. In the busy lives we lead, sleep usually plays a big part in how we function.. I have come to the conclusion that being a woman is an 'Erotic' event. However it does come with certain rules and regulations.. health and safety being on there some where too.
I have with in the last couple of years been experiencing pain in my joints.. another symptom of the...wait for it.. 'Menopause' that stepping stone into the unknown darkness of ...... dare I say it? OLD AGE!! Grasp it by the balls and firmly squeeze until the sad fucker that suggested old age.. stop breathing! So some one at work suggested I start takin a supplement to try and ease my symptoms.. not sure how many years I have to cough up my hard earned pennies for these wonder pills. I do have a active life.. I get plenty of exercise at work. I sound like a fuckin Labrador dog! However may I add I don't not go around pokin my nose up peoples crotches ( Mmmmm...). The supplement I am discussing is Glucosamine with sulphate. I do have wear n tear Arthritis in my fingers n toes. These huge pills should definitely come wth a health warning.. they're resemble horse pills.. they're massive. Any one who had a problem swallowing pills should seriously think again!! I had five operations on my left foot about 14 years ago.. I do find that in cold damp weather my joints do hurt, something to do with air pressure. If any one out there can advice me on this as it's hear say. I not being in the medical profession. Or does any one else have any bright ideas as how to get around this some times ridiculous pain, maybe there's a tea I can drink? I shall continue to take these horse pills.. I am curious as to how they work, if they work? So that is all I have to write about now.. I've had my lie in.. once I am awake I have to get up.. after all I think we sleep enough when we are dead.. life is for living, cosy as it is under my duvet.. but I have the weeks shoppin to accomplish with out too much stress... so have a great weekend people.. smile whenever you can, it pisses the other miserable bastards off!

Friday, 17 September 2010


The touch begins,
tingling follows,
and when the heavens
comes to the fall.
Short and sweet..
no messing around.
We meet, we fall
head over heals
in love... we
fuck..we touch,
we tingle....
we pulsate...

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


So indulge me with your
feelings if you please.
You have given me a
glimpse of some of
who you are, I have
thrown my eyes wide
to your world. I
have seen your
beautiful breasts
and I in return
have given you
a glimpse of
my fantasy with
tempted screams
of the fire in
my loins, yet
we still dangle
in this empty
void, we are
no further
forward yet
we travel not
Open your
eyes, with
all your
senses, take
hold my love, my
would give
you my world
but not as
how you think
it would be,
but how I know
it should be.
Amaze your
whole body,
soul and
mind, open
your eyes..
inhale this
scent. Let
us not waste
another minute
of what we
could have.
Passion can
fulfill desire.
Another level
awaits us...
let us take
the next step.
Fear not, I
will with gentle
ease, be soft..
I wish to please.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Sister Act 2

Well I've shown you my new sister in Canada, this is one of her other sisters. Cindy is her name, but I call her Cinderella, she and I got on famously. She is so happy go lucky kinda gal. She has a 'awesome' laugh, which really hits the high notes, thing is it doesn't matter what she's cracking up at, Cindy starts to laugh then it becomes contagious and then I start, then every one else joins in.. they say laughter is good for the soul? Oh yeah for sure. We share the same birth sign.. the fish Pisces. Her BIG birthday is next year four days before I hit the BIG one. So a double celebration. We went out with various relatives whilst we were stayin in Canada.. that day we visited a place called Souris. In Souris there is a well known 'swinging bridge' which goes across the river Souris. This is a wooden with steel ropes bridge from one side to the other, it was built around 1900. If my memory serves me well, the property developer back then wanted to be able to get to both sides of the river so he built the bridge. I had great fun on the bridge because of it's name 'swinging' I got half way across and starting to jump up and down making it move quite vigorously.. ya had to hold on.. Cindy didn't like the movement of it that much which caused me to have hysterics and jump some more.. as you do! I love my new found sisters, whacky as me and so much fun to be around. We got on so freakin well, I miss them so freakin much. Thank god for E mail eh?! After our day out in the Canadian heat and eating copious amounts of ice cream.. we arrived at a place in Portage, the local town for early dinner.. I loved the food there..'Bills sticky fingers' the name of the diner... this is a photo of Cinderella usin her cell phone.. we call them mobiles! She just happened to look up at the appropriate time and I went 'click!'

Thursday, 9 September 2010

900 and sold

I live in the countryside.. I am lucky to have rolling hills with beautiful green luscious fields around me.. a view most people would take your right hand off for. I am but a ten minute walk from the river. I live next door to this gorgeous thatched cottage, which happens to be over 900 years old. For the past 45 years this property had stood empty. It has no running water, no electricity, not much of anything really. It is a listed building which means the outside of it can not be changed in any way.. it is in fact protected by law, our house has the same criteria only our house is over 400 years old. Whilst the house has remained empty the Duchy of Lancaster have taken care in keeping it looking pretty.. the Duchy of Lancaster are our care takers too so to speak, they also own most of the land around here too. The farmers rent the land, buildings too. In actual fact the one famous person who owns all of the farm buildings and farm houses around here just happens to be the 'Queen of England' yeah she is my land lady. So I live in a very special house, it has many characteristics, wet rot ;) rising damp ;), wooden beams throughout the house, two landings. Sash windows, concrete floors, and in the old days before health and safety.. a fire place in each of the bedrooms. So for 45 years not a soul has lived in the Thatches.. until now. It went under the hammer last week at auction and a property developer put a bid in and now owns this quaint cottage. We haven't seen any one there yet. It will be nice to see what he has planned for it. The doors inside are very low and wide. It has two small bedrooms, earth floors. In the old days the people who lived in thatched cottages had their animals live with them, for safety as to stop thieves but also to keep the house warm.. and you can imagine the smell too!!The house has , like ours, no foundations so when heavy traffic rolls by you can feel the house almost shudder.. some times pictures on the walls move. We have mice in our dry lined rooms, you can hear them scurry about. I think the thatch has rats in the roof.. it may well need a new thatch, that will be very expensive. The asking price for this two up two down ancient plot was £100,000 to £120,000. Like I said we don't know how much the new owner got it for but he's going to have to spend pretty much that again to make it livable. I look forward to the finished product.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Hit me with the rhythm
of my heart that lies
awake. Spell out loud
the voice of reason
for you my life aches.
Breath hard, harder,
I am weak but in
your presence I
grow with profound
capabilities beyond
all imaginings. Do
not leave, do not
erase..nor ponder
what lies beneath
this fragile
existance you see
before you. Come..
lay down your
weapons of mass
distruction, wipe
away my tears..


The sun is hot on my back, the car door is slightly open.
A cool breeze ambles across my knees.. I am alone in the
car park. My clit struggles under the foliage of my jeans,
I ease myself to a more comfortable position whilst pulling
down my zipper revealing the band of my boxer shorts. A couple
of curled pubic hairs escape their enclosure. I can hear voices
in the distance, but I can see no one around me. The cd is on pause.
Keeping a close eye on the rear view mirror, I slide my hand down
to the warm creases of my pussie.. My clit ignites with every
careful move. My nipples stand to attention..moving my left
hand up my shirt, with minimal force past the fabric, under
the wire. Cold rushes my flesh.. my right hand engulfs my
aching wanton hole. Biting my lip I start to rub, gently at
first, teasing.. rolling the pink bud between my finger
and thumb.. I can see some one in the distance coming
this way.. I lower my left hand, pull down my crumpled
shirt but carry on rubbin my now swelling clit.
As they come closer I feel the urge to return to my
nipple.. the thought of being caught feeds my desire,
My legs start to tremble as I am nearing orgasm..
I pinch my nipples hard, biting down on my lip.
They are so close now, they must realise what I
am doing. Beads of sweat form on my face.. my
hand is working frantically.... 'Oh my...
goddddddddd' A wave of euphoric measure
pumels my skin, sweet nectar dribbles from
my pulsatin cunt.. I can't stop.. again,
and again, and again.. Orgasm subsiding,
hand aching.. I lick my lips, legs still
convulsing. Every nerve in my body flinches
with after shocks..pulling down my shirt..
closing the door, I start the engine, turn
up the cd and drive away..

Sunday, 5 September 2010


Couple of weeks ago I was sorting some unwanted crap out, came across this mermaid. I could never sell it, not because I didn't want to but no one actually wanted it, which is better for my nerves... therapy comes in different guises. That day I perfected my throw.. the stairs played a big part in it. This is a before and an after photo of the event which took all of five seconds.. from start to finish. The sound of glass breaking is amazing, the sound of plastic shattering is even better.
So there you have it people... sorted. All done and dusted as we Brits say. Just try it.. when ya feeling pissed off with life, find some thing that means absolutely nuffin to ya and throw it down the stairs... instant relief..

Friday, 3 September 2010


I said 'I do' with passion in my heart,
for all the days and night and times when
we were apart. 27 is the number, exactly
to the day, we met in church, with friends
and family.. the service went without any
hick ups.. We sang our favourite hymns, we
had a few laughs, hand in hand, heart in
heart we waltzed down the isle. The sun
shone that day and from that day on..
we've had our up n downs. You know me
inside out, you put up with all my woes,
and for whatever life throws at us..
I for one sure moment know.. I love you
as I did from day one.. as I do now.
Happy Anniversary my love, my soul.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Just the Ticket

Last week I coughed up £1.00 for a scratch card. I rubbed carefully and discovered I'd got my money back. Today I took the winning card to another lottery outlet to get my winning £1.00. The girls said it so quickly ' ya want another card then?' and produced another card identical to the winning card I'd just given her. I thanked her and left the shop, sat in my car picked up a penny... scratched away the areas and hey presto I'd won yet another £1.00. So I got out of the car entered the shop, smiling and gave the girl behind the counter my second winning card, in return I had answered her question before she had had time to ask it. Yes I had yet another card... and to cut a long story short, as not to want to bore you all to death.. I scratched it off and 'fuck me' I'd won YET again!! Yeah you've guessed it.. £1.00. I got out of the car went into the shop and handed my card over, picked up yet another card, left the shop and sat in my car scratching the card..... only THIS time I hadn't won £1.00... I had won £10.00. Smiling with card tightly gripped in left hand I fell out of the car, sprinted to the front of the shop and handed the young girl my winning card.. ' no thanks I'll quit whilst I'm a head, and just take the money please.' Big cheesy grin on my face, £10.00 firmly in my jeans pocket and off I went, jumped in my car still wearing BIG cheesy grin on face and drove home... So today I did win... still think it was a fluke... should I have carried on? Would the next card have had more winnings on it? Think not... I'm quite happy with my £10.00 win.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Peel away the first layer.
With delicate ease, gently
and carefully without too
much discomfort, nor ruffle
the shear existence of what
is, or what could be yours.
Come play with me.. tease.
Let's take the floor..feet
tapping, heart thumping..
hard leather soles on soft
skin.. come take me in...
Electric violin, with
haunting sounds..full
moon..euphoria grounds.
Goose bumps covered
all eyes on you, we
dance like wolves in
silken fur..wide eyed
and legless, til the
stars go out, until
all but a single
shining planet whispers
those three words...
'I Love You '