Saturday, 31 July 2010


Bullying we do not tolerate.
It takes a real human being to
stand up to these pigs, these
vermin of this world..who are
intent on destroying innocent
peoples lives, we will not
tolerate it , them anymore.
Krippled Warrior is a war
hero, anyone in my eyes who
fights for his/her country
is and will always be a true
human being. KW is a a kind,
human being. He goes about
his every day life as best
he can. Fuckwits like 'bullies'
are not worth the paper their
birth certificates are written.
I was always told 'do as you
would be done by' in other
words if you don't want shit
don't give it out. Get a life,
leave us alone you sad..
mother fuckers. You wanna take
KW on, you go through me first.
OK? I just wanted to say that
because people who fight for
our freedom deserve the
right to live peacefully
without bullies. I know
what I'm talking about, I
too was bullied at school.
It's not clever, so back

Indi xxx


The conversation turned to sex.
I turned to her, she was beginning
to sweat, our eyes met, I read her
mind and joking out loud she grabbed
my right hand. Opened her legs and left
them behind. Whilst chatting away one
dry summers day, the roughness of
the road came with a jolt., my hand
was awake, it was no real mistake
as my finger discovered the seem
on hers jeans. With ample arrest
my hand did it's best as I
traced the outline of her clit.
Conversation aside, opened her
legs did she smile, our eyes
reading each others thoughts.
I looked into her eyes.. her
mouth slightly wide as a
smile slowly crept across
her face. The vehicle did
swerve as a deer dashed
the road, I quickly took
charge of the time.. I rubbed
and I rubbed, orgasm imminent
her eyes started to roll in
her head. The driver, his
friend in the front seat,
not bothered with the
days heat carried on talkin
cricket. Their voices high
covered the cry of her sigh
as my finger went into over
drive. She threw back her
head, with vicious address
and her thighs almost crushing
my hand. Her breasts did they
sway, her nipples erect like
birds trying to flee the nest.
Faster did I rub, her clit's
doing it's best to keep up..
with euphoria aside, she
screams with delight, my hand
is tired and wet. We arrange
ourselves, pull down the window
she smiles and grabs my face.
I stare into her eyes, she
sinks her tongue deep into
my mouth. We dance with the
devil once more. As the car
screams to a holt. I open
the door stepping out into
the heat of the day, she grabs
my arm slidin her hand into
mine.. I smile and she smiles
in return. We wave our goodbyes
as we turn, amble away. She
pulls me into the shrubbery.
Hands up my T shirt, my legs
tremble with excitement, our
mouths suckin each others
faces right off there n then.
I grab her cunt with the top
of my thigh, she grinds down
hard in return. I scream as
I come, the muscles achin
in my bum.. We stumble
arm in arm you and I.
There it is again, Euphoria
shining like diamonds
encrusted... from what lies
beneath. We scream with
delight, sweat dripping off
our flesh.. muscles twitch
with the after shock..I
lick my lips, my clit's
loaded with electricity.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

' Clit '

Play with it.
Stroke it...
feel it...
trace it..
Smell it.
Tempt it.
Undress it,
seduce it.
Please it,
Lick it..
suck it.
Taste it.
Excite it.
Cherish it.
Devour it.
to it, love
it. Fuck it.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Sit and watch.
Never blinking,
always remaining
still so as not
to cause a disturbance.
Watch as she hovers
in the still noon
air. Wings flapping,
not a mouse stirs nor
rain hangs in the air.
Remain still, you can
hear your heart
beating, but faster
her wings still.
Elegant yet with
such beauty does
she glide through
the sky. Wings a
flap, quicker
than the blink
of the human
eye. Fly
home my sweet
beauty, my

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Cleanse my soul.
Breathe gently,
stare in my
direction. Glance
with all your
of how we
spent our
Caress, touch
want. I can,
I want, I
need you.
I love
you, I
Fear not
of what
life brings
but of what
I have to
give. Open
your mind.
Open your
touch me
with all
for I hold
in my heart
all your

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Now we all now that size in some cases doesn't really matter! Whilst I was on vacation in Canada I couldn't get over the size of their trucks. There you have it, this huge monstrous pile of metal and perched somewhere inside is this what appears to be a tiny person sitting behind the steering wheel. I often wondered how on earth they could see anything way up there, let alone the hi way. So there you have it, some thing totally different to what I normally write about. Size.. you either got it or you haven't. Personally I love these huge trucks, I guess it's like a status symbol. I know the roads are way much wider over there, so they need bigger every things?! Any how have a nice weekend people, I have a date with a pile of metal, she handles well round corners, she purrs between my legs... 'Spike' my bike, I'm off out for a spin. T.T.F.N

Indi x

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


This photo does not do the tattoo justice. I had it done just over a week ago so it's still in the early stages of going through the 'scab' stage. I had it done by a Young man who at birth was pronounced blind. He had very limited vision. Apparently he used to as a small child cry when people entered the room as he couldn't see them properly. I asked him why doesn't he proclaim himself blind and receive a disability allowance? He would prefer to do tattoos instead, and can earn a very good living in doing so. He is an amazing artist. I have him on my camcorder in action, and yes it didn't hurt at all (honest) I have a good handle on tattoo pain, I actually like tattoo pain. I am saving up for my next two tattoos. Those I shall have done in this country. I have to find a picture that I love as it's there for ever. This tattoo by the way is on my right ankle just above the bony area. I love it... a gift to myself from my beautiful holiday in Manitoba Canada. By the way Dragonfly's eat mosquito's. The Dragonfly's in Manitoba are about 4 inches long, but there isn't enough to keep the mosquito's at bay, I got eaten alive by the little critters! I thanked him and said I'd be cack in two years time.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Push away my hand, then pull toward..
gripping tightly this heat I have found.
And with gentle ease, tease... become
my please. Hold fast my beating heart.
Manage not the time it takes to undress
nor to imagine what you might miss. In
the blink of eye.... become my focus.
Frame by frame in unnecessary haste..
lick... taste. Heavy be my perfume..
temptress. Euphoria guides me..
every beat of my heart surprises
me. I can not take any more...
leave..... and after...
close the door.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


I met with an open mind.
Packed my bags, left this
country behind. I didn't
know what to expect, would
I say hello or mourn with
all my regrets. He made it.
He lives with a new agenda.
The doctors cut, removed
and stitched.. he's good
to go...home. He did, I
met him and his wife..
the whole family are
so nice. I was worried
I wouldn't fit in.. I
don't know why, I'm
crazy, they are too..
I discovered some
amazing people, far
away in the land of
Saskatoon's. We ate
we slept, we got
given around. New
relatives to find.
Generosity, love
and care to name
but a few .
I had a ball
I had a blast, I
wish I could've
stayed, I didn't
want to come back.
Jet lag is a bitch,
still not sure how
or where I am..
leaving was traumatic
I came away sad.
This new family,
my new sisters
in Ca... they're
only an E-mail away.
I will return in two
years time.. I
shouldn't wish my life
away, I wish it was
next week. We phone,
we talk.. we speak.
I got me new family,
friends that go all
the way. Friends
who I consider
with all my every-
things..true. I
love them all..
each and every one
of you.

In Love

OK people I am back. This is short because I am not yet out of jet lag land. I Have just found a new family. I would move to Manitoba tomorrow if I had the chance. I have had a surreal holiday, a fabulous holiday.. I have and will enlighten you next time I write.. like I said earlier when I have got back to UK time. I fell in love with Canada, three weeks wasn't enough, I will be going back in two years time.. I just wish I hadn't left. I met my husbands family, I didn't know any of them. By the time I was not ready to fly home I had fell in love with each and every one of them. I have another dad, a new sister, well three new sisters. BUT I have to go now, I have to food shop. I haven't cooked for nearly a month. YEAH!! REALITY kicks my butt. ;)