Friday, 20 May 2011

'Some things.....'

I've come to that junction in life again where so much is happening in my life right now... I really don't have anything much of interest to talk about. I am in the process of getting ready for my Motorbike European holiday which will I have no doubt be totally amazing. We are also in the process of decorating our dining room.. or though it's been known as the 'middle' room for the past 28 years because it's situated in the middle of the lounge (at one end) and the kitchen (at the other end) so it's the middle room... just to add confusion to the story... the living room is actually called the 'end' room as it's at the end of the house. Right that sorted. I have a half decorated dining room, my aim was when I started it on Monday of this week, my intention was to get it finished for tomorrow night as I am having a dinner party... cooked by yours truly!! So I have zap energy left, early morning starts for work... 8 hour shifts of tedious cleaning rituals... cycling to and from work on my trusted knackered yellow mountain bike...squeaks n all!Then back again after work. tidy up, wash pots..think about what the hell to cook for dinner, throw it down my throat with a couple bottles Spanish beer (yummy) then tackle the wallpaper dept,. Our walls are not straight as the house was built many years ago (spirit levels hadn't been invented!) So we start at the top of the wall and either end up over lapping or not touch at all at the bottom!! Wonderful... and the language is colourful too!! So OK I've just written a colourful paragraph of some things... 'Aha' my title 'Some things' (smiling) see cheered up already. I have yet to go do my other fabulously amazing task I absolutely adore (NOT!!) Food shopping, I'd rather slash my wrists!! BUT we have to eat, wipe our arses and clean our teeth so I'm guessing it's kind of important I go to the super market.. buy some more shares and lose my rag with the trolley with wheels from hell...whilst listening to distant screams of uncontrollable rants of children who have broken free of there parental bonds....Hmmmm now where are my earplugs? Here's hoping our friends don't mind sitting in a half decorated room with no curtains!!! Joyful ;)

Indi.. Oh and peeps, whatever you get up to this weekend... have a good one!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Last week I was having problems with this wonder thing they call the Internet.
One day I turned on my laptop to find out one of my cookies had been disabled.
Why? I have no fuckin idea... so I tried to un-disable the biscuit~cookie! I
now have a blog but then on another day, this machine told me I had to wait
whilst 'Blogger' made a few tweeks here n there! So after considerable delay...
I finally get to turn my faithful laptop on to find the first 3 comments left by nitebyrd, Bama Trav & Ubermouth.. have been wiped off and I'm back to 0 comments.
I don't know what happened to any of this... I'm not very computer literate so if
all goes 'TITS' up I'm generally 'fucked!' So what I want to know is have any
of you peeps out there experienced any difficulties with this marvellous thing
we call the 'Internet?' That's all really.... life's a bitch then you realise
it was 'MAN' who invented the fricken thing!!!!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Shit Proof

Out on my bike 'Spike,'
today I learnt how to
fly... like the wind.
My fear used to be
downward sliding
hills with bends
enough to make
any unsuspecting
novis.. throw up.
Off to Europe in
five weeks time,
time to navigate
some real white
knuckle rides..
time to get
shit proof with
my abilities..
safety bein a
small aspect
of every day
ridin. How to
execute my
next ride..
play safe?
me.. I like
to ride like
the wind, say
hello to Satin.
Kiss my mother
fuckin ass....
you can see I
don't give a
flyin fuck.. I
need that added
you know what I
mean? Adrenalin
rush, push the
limits, show
me what ya made
of. If we never
fail how do we
know if we can
succeed? That
is the burning
question I keep
asking.... push
to the limits
and when you're
tired realise
this.. you can go
twice the distance
again and again..
Shit proof..
ride to live, live
to ride......
Jesus sits behind
me, I have the
devil on my
handle bars!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Flesh wound

Deeply throw wide your heart.
Unwrap these steal blades of
mistrust. You have grossly
misunderstood my intention.
I bleed with each old breath,
time hasn't healed my wounds,
they've sprung a leak...
Taken aside how this may
look, this portrait you
call love. Air brush away
the mistakes..give me space.
For all the lies you wrote,
poison ink overload.
And now I stand before
judge and dury........
I took the path, the road
with a view.. and like
a fool....fell in love
with you. I won't
be back, I've packed
my heart away... my
troubled mind still
remains. Wrap gently
this fragile soul..
shut out the light,
old memories died
with all my yesterdays.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Celebrations ...yay !!

Hello fellow bloggers.. I have come to the conclusion that it is time to give an award. This is for bloggers who rock my world...
I would love to give each one of you who I consider to be of great personality and grace, fine writings and funnies aside. We/this world .. many continents have had shit weather, disasters.. human life lost.. and what with the economic climate stinging us every step of the way... I feel it is time to put all this behind us for now and give ourselves a big hug.. If I was there I'd be giving the hugging.. with several hot kisses along the way, not to mention lashings of alcohol. ;)

So my list of 'Blogs that rock my world' are:-

1. nitebyrd

2. Something Savage comes this way

3. Spikyzorajones.

4. Ubermouth

5. pleaseatme

6. red.neck chic

7. Bama Trav.

For these are my favourite people who over the years of my blogging.. have supported me, made me laugh, been there to help give me a shoulder to cry on when I've needed to. These I consider to be friends even though we have never actually met one another. So come collect your awards. You get to keep them forever, you don't even have to pass them on to some one else, the rules of engagement have changed. ENJOY !!

Indi n out.