Sunday, 21 July 2013

Done Deal

Yesterday I sold my Yamaha  (Nitebyrd)  and became the new owner of the Kawasaki  W800.  Next Saturday I will take the appropriate paper work in and shake hands with David the manager of the motorbike shop...I don't get emotional about parting with bikes anymore. I know that who ever buys my old bike will have a nice ride with her as I have. She has travelled well, recently visiting Tuscany... which was awesome and no doubt we shall in the not to distant future shall revisit again...this time on my new set of  wheels...can't wait.So here is the new bike to be.
       Priscilla is her name                  

Saturday, 13 July 2013


SOLD !!!

FOR SALE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  £5,300.   2 yeas old from new . LED Indicators, Radiator guard , Akropovic   exhaust.. two new tires.. taxed until Dec 2013. excellent condition. contact me on collects

Good luck people... or just enjoy looking at what I ride.

Indi ~ over and out

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Love at first sight

The first time ever I saw her
I just knew we were meant
for each other.
Classy bird with all the right
ingredients. Shiny...bright
she caught my eyes.. a
match made in heaven.
Mileage is fair.
Time to part with my
first love, to make room
for y new love. Two
big broad wheels..
shiny n light. 14 litre
capacity... huge head
light. From Yamaha
to Kawasaki in one
fell swoop.. I've yet
to take her for a spin.
See what she's really
capable off.. open
throttle, wind in
my teeth... her
colour is racing
green. Two years
old, less than 2 thou
on the clock.. big
broad seat, plenty
of room for two...
wink wink if you
see what I mean.
Kawasaki 800 W.
Look her up.. ya
might just agree.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

New beginnings

New beginnings,old times lost, buried ...
forgotten.. undone.

Once there was an ugly
duckling... but I'm not
a vegetarian no more,

So I took her, but in
my mind, she lay
beside me... I fucked
her and she with , my
head. Years decade
my love for her..
Shovel in hand.
Dagger for back
up. We had that
final fling..
I killed the
love I had for
her, you now
know how
I felt. I
often wondered
if I knocked
upon your
door, what
kind of
a reception
I would receive,
did you actually
still care.. I don't..

I have no words
to tell you..
no love I may
dig up.. my
life has got
new meanings
My heart
has mended,
I'm no longer
a mess, I'm
healed, ya know.

I've realised
now that what
was then, needed
to be. I did once
adore you, but
you became
some what
boring to me.

I've moved
And YES,
I have come
out the other

So why am I
writing this
on my long
lost blog?

Because I
can, I am
now back
in control.
Life treats
me well.