Friday, 31 October 2008


From morning until night,
I held you close, never letting
you go from my sight.
Holding your hand and
touching your face,
outlining the contours of your body
feeling the heart beating inside your chest.

The passion that boils within me,
burns the very existence in me.
I can't sleep , I can't eat...
for I'm in love.
This crazy thing that attacks my senses,
feeds the mind, controls the my heart.
Leaving me spiralling out of control.

I can't eat, I can't sleep...
my appetite is dead..
thoughts of you, visions of beauty,
visions of you lying next to me,
holding me close to you, in our bed.
Your body is so soft, skin like satin.
Your touch melts my every thing.

I can't eat, I can't sleep,
I'm in love.
Love is a powerful thing,
I wake up every morning,
with this deep seeded emotion
I want to cry with joy,
listen to the angels sing,
run naked in the fields.

I will love you forever,
until the cows come home.
I will love you until the sky falls in
and the earth runs dry.
I will love you with all
of my body and soul.
I will love from now until I'm old.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Complete Surrender

I took you in my arms and gently placed a kiss upon your mouth-you tasted so sweet. Your lips parted, the taste of your tongue...filled me with emotions, beyond compare. The night was calm but in my heart, butterfly's fluttered. My hands trembled with the knowing that tonight was the night I'd waited so long for; the night I would give myself to you. I took you by the hand and led you into the bedroom, the door appeared to close by itself. Our hands explored each others hot body's. My mouth found your mouth, so sweetly, but yet so quickly did we undress each other, eager to please you, not wanting to disappoint you. Needing ... wanting to give you my ever thing. Calmly I unbuttoned your blouse, sliding my hands down the smooth flesh of your shoulders, you let out a quiet moan, throwing your head back in submission... following the fabric of your bra I fumble to release the fasteners, once more pulling so slowly past these erect temples of tight pink flesh before me, lowering my mouth, I take each one in turn , lick then devour into my lips, you let a loud moan of pleasure; your lips parted, your breathing becoming laboured. I take a brake from sucking your nipples, pulling myself back to your kiss. Our tongues darting in and out, nibbling both upper and lower lips, biting. My hands slide down to your jeans, fumbling with the zip, your hands beat me to it, it's sliding down before I get to it, one yank and I'm down to your thong...'Mmmmm'... black lace with the scent of a woman ready to submit her soul to me. I lay you down on the bed, the feel of fresh cold cotton sheets, fused with the heat of passion, I shudder, goose bumps covering my skin like a sheet of ice. My nipples spring to attention, the attention of your teeth. I crawl over you hovering like a vampire with it's pray. With my right knee I push your legs apart, lowering myself to you-nipples on nipples, flesh on flesh. The smell of your pussie infuses my senses giving me an appetite. Tracing the out line of your thong, sliding my hand down the inside of your thigh to your knee and back again, kissing every inch along the way. You lie their motionless lapping up all that I give you, all that I am, all that I think I'm falling in love with you. I can smell the moistness of your pussie, I inhale, flick the tip of my tongue over the fabric then bite into the black lace, you let out a loud moan, I wait, look up into your eyes, you smile back at me, I continue to tease you. Reaching to grasp the pink buds of naughtiness erect and wanting attention, rolling them between thumb and fore finger, softly then with more pressure; you scream. I smile wickedly under the covers. Placing one finger upon the black lace, waiting, ... waiting................... waiting. Your breathing is gettin heavier, as my finger delves into the depths of no return. Totally shaven, smooth and free. I trace the put line of your lips. inhale the sweet scent of your hot hole, reaching closer and with my pointed tongue lick the out line of your juicy flesh. Pulling away, you toss and turn, trying to fight the eruption that is taking part inside of you. Taking two fingers into my mouth, lubricating them, slowly gliding them into your pussie, I kiss your labia, part your lips and push my tongue all the way in. The pace quickens in and out, licking and flicking, licking and flicking my tongue upon your genitals. You rock your body in time with mine, you orgasm building with every second, every minute I touch you, every kiss I kiss you with, every fuck I fuck you with, the tension is mounting; I can feel you coming. My hand moves faster, you're thrashing about the bed, your legs wide, your hands gripping the fresh cotton sheets, thrashing with total abandonment, from a quiet squeal, your voice rings out.. a thousand choirs singing. Total rapture evades your soul, riling in Ecstasy. Complete surrender. I kiss you, slowly, gently, the orgasm slowing, it takes every ounce of your energy. Exhausted, you lie so still, after shocks of orgasmic tremor's flicker through your body, kissing every inch of your soul. You pull me toward you, I collapse beside you, wrapping my arms around you, planting sweet kisses over your face, neck, shoulders, eye lids and mouth. We lie there motionless, in exhaustion of our love making. Your skin tastes so Delicious so tender- warm. You look at me with those dark eyes, the windows to your soul. You smile with so much emotion, my vision becoming cloudy, I blink, a tear escapes-rolling down my face.. I am falling in love with you.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

New Love

The night was frosty, a thin layer of fog covering the earths crust. I called for a bottle of red wine, some thing to calm the nerves. We hadn't seen each other for several years, not since your girl went away-precious time to heal. I parked the car and walked gingerly up the gravel drive, dogs barking in every direction echoing all around-met by one tiny dog with a face that resembled road kill.. the breed I think imitates bad posture combined with broken nose defect ( pushed in !) After making my peace with the tiny creature... I meandered up to your front door, nerves getting the better of me. Knockin a couple of times, rearranging my jacket, straightening my hair, the door opened. God you looked so vibrant and sexy... we were all fingers and thumbs, I hugged you a welcome but really intended to kiss you, not sure if I was rushing things-treading carefully. " Hi "... yeah " hi "... coats off and wine corked. " How have you been?" You look so good, I mean- stumbling with what I was trying to say, we laughed, I know you knew what I was trying to say, it just came out back to front-nerves!!
We went into the lounge and sat down on a small but fairly comfortable sofa. After a while and several glasses of wine, I swung my leg around, folding under my leg, not knowing where to put the other one, I casually asked if you'd mind if I put it over your legs.. that's better. " More wine ?" we got steadily drunk, easing the moment when you slid your left hand up my jeans legs stroking it so softly, your right hand over the upper part of my right thigh, shivers raised up and down my spine, I wanted to kiss you there 'n' then, with the feeling of want in my pussie. Shifting my bum on the furniture, the crack of the fabric rubbin my clit, I almost came! The evening went on into the early hours of the next morning. The clock striking on every hour, Meir back ground sound. We shifted alot of emotional baggage, cleared alot of stuff, cried together, laughed together; we were meant to be.. your ex had said 'that' on many occasion, the frightened words of a dying woman.Your hands still tickling my leg, gently rubbing my foot, I love having my feet touched, sensuous. I melt under your touch, your eyes saying you want me, was I reading your mind right. You've been to hell and back these past few years, I wasn't about to take the wrong signals and ruin anything.. you turned , looked me straight in the eyes....... it felt like an eternity... I met you half way-our breath hot, skin warm, caught in the heat of the night, passions running high. I leaned forward to kiss you, you pulled back, you mimicked my move then in for the kill.. tongues deep n hot, playing the tango, your sweet tender lips against mine. My right hand tracing the out line of your face, down your neck around the front of your ample juicy breasts- you're putty in my hands; I so wanted to undress you there and then, take you to euphoria. Another night, another time, you had an early start that morning. The kitchen clock struck 2 o'clock ... we looked at each other, our mouths wet and glistening, my heart racing, the blood in my veins pumping.. my pussie so in need of some stimulation, so tired, so excited, excited for the next time we meet.......