Sunday 21 July 2013

Done Deal

Yesterday I sold my Yamaha  (Nitebyrd)  and became the new owner of the Kawasaki  W800.  Next Saturday I will take the appropriate paper work in and shake hands with David the manager of the motorbike shop...I don't get emotional about parting with bikes anymore. I know that who ever buys my old bike will have a nice ride with her as I have. She has travelled well, recently visiting Tuscany... which was awesome and no doubt we shall in the not to distant future shall revisit again...this time on my new set of  wheels...can't wait.So here is the new bike to be.
       Priscilla is her name                  

Saturday 13 July 2013


SOLD !!!

FOR SALE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  £5,300.   2 yeas old from new . LED Indicators, Radiator guard , Akropovic   exhaust.. two new tires.. taxed until Dec 2013. excellent condition. contact me on collects

Good luck people... or just enjoy looking at what I ride.

Indi ~ over and out