Monday, 30 July 2012


Yesterday I found some proper powdered milk that very young animals can have, including kittens.
So I went out a bought a dropper so I could feed 'Jet' as he/she wasn't old enough to lap milk. I
fed him/her? before I went to work this morning.... litter tray training was due to start today, I wrapped little sweetie pie in towel for warmth and went to work, placed kitty in box with teddy so he/she didn't feel alone. I have cried so much since I returned home. 'Jet' has died. I think because of the age of my kitten he/she couldn't maybe digest  the food. I didn't yet know  the sex of my kitty... a beautiful kitten with plenty of love to give and
a lot of love n kisses given in return.
I shall dig a grave and put 'Jet' in a shaded area in the garden.

Saturday, 28 July 2012


Yesterday I saved a life.
I gave a pint of blood.
Today I saved a life..
tiny black long haired
kitten, who had lost it's
mummy. Skinny n cold
not very old. Long
haired adorable little
kitty.. blue eyes too.
Jet we have named him
due to the colour of
the fur, I say 'he'
because he/she is too
young to decide
what sex it is..
We now have two
dogs, two cats,
two bikes-push,
two motorbikes-
rush. A car -mine
a bright green van-
his. Family now

Thursday, 26 July 2012

'For Sale.'

White and lacy... clean. One lady owner!
I said a few meaningful words to which
I still hold deep in my heart... one clean
white, used only once, low mileage..
wedding dress .size 12. Any offers?
I tried it on the other night.. I was just
9 stone when I got hitched .. all those
wonderful years ago... I held my breath
climbed in and zipped myself in....
couldn't breathe out but I got into it.
I don't have a photo as yet, but when
I eventually get my brand new lap top
I'll down load the pictures, from my
mobile phone.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

'Crash n burn'.

Well the good news is, I can still type! The not so good news is I now have to use my other half's laptop as I think mine has at long last snuffed it! So here I am again... off work! Our new home is coming along very well... although today and tomorrow I'm not allowed to use my right hand due too having cortisone injections directly into the thumb joint...."ouch....cringe & gritting of teeth|" were my first reactions! Followed by sharp intake of breath!!!
I've been having trouble with my right thumb for some time  now. After referrals to X-ray dept; then for Ultrasound... I was then referred to see the orthopaedic surgeon yesterday. As I assumed I would be having a chat as to what the prognosis was and how to combat the discomfort. Or in my words... 'Oh sh*t, what now?' Read and sign consent form. A quick wipe of the area ... this is the part where I closed my eyes, gritted my teeth...and felt the fine long sharp needle disappear into the joint of my thumb. (Not a nice feeling)! So what is the prognosis eh? The knuckle is riddled with Arthritis and very swollen. I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to any of this....AND if the injections don't work, the swelling doesn't reduce completely then I'm afraid the next step is surgery! That's what the large irregular lump is, swelling of the joint.
 So I'm stuck at home now until next Monday, when I have, I hope some kind of use in my thumb. Until then I don't get to do much of anything..... easy I hear you all say. Time to relax?! BORING! I went out on my m'bike yesterday a.m, hope this procedure works...biking annoys the pain BIG time,I'm not quitting riding... so it'd better work. The weather doesn't change much either.....rain! Rain! and even more bloody RAIN!!!!!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Last Respects

I have the day off tomorrow.

Time to remember.... pay

our  last respects....

Say our goodbyes... cry.

I think tomorrow as we

bury Uncle John..

what with the last

few weeks.. being

so busy, then also

losing Burt.. I

got a feeling

I might shed

some much

needed tears


long time

coming, tissues

at the ready,

just in case.

Time to


sing Psalm

23... bow

our heads..

Give hugs..

what do I


All gathered

in.. raise you

glass, sniffle.


day closes.


day begins.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

R.I.P Burt

This is Burt.
He was a
I shall miss him.
The family are
coping.. once
you met him..
you felt like
you'd known
him for a long
time. I had the
opportunity to
meet him,
befriend him.
Admire his
untold strength.
His laugh, his
quirky ways.
The size of
his heart toward
his loving family.
His abundance
of friends.. his
He passed
away last
week.. at
his home
with his
family there
beside him.
I am saddened
by his passing.
He had come
through four
operations for
only to be told
he now had
Cancer.. which
through the months
had taken grip
of him... Chemo
made him throw
up. Painkillers
didn't do a great
deal.. then the
pain went.
The last three
days weren't
easy for him,
he bacame
restless. 3:30pm
on the Tuesday..
he died. I love
you Burt, as I
love all your
family. R.I.P
Burt, rest now.
The pain for
you has gone.
You will never
be out of our
hearts, as for
the family...
the pain has
just begun.