Sunday, 31 January 2010


With your finger prints on my heart
your smile on my lips,
crumpled sheets next to me,
yesterdays scent lingers
like red roses spent.
Tomorrow is full of all our
yesterdays, I give my all.
I've analysed, tormented this
thing we call love. I have
grown in stature, I breathe
fire with my kiss. Touch me
feel me let this world caress
us. Bleed with me, get down
and dirty with me. Throw
caution to the wind, let the
rain drench us, our bodies
ache for this. How can I
compare eternity when you're
not there. Ride the wave
of oblivion, scorch the
surface, catch me in your
grasp, and when everything
has taken place, wipe away
the tears from your face.
Paint the heat back into
this picture, we can...
we are...the future.


Anonymous said...

I like this poem, you breathed your fire into it!


Indigo said...

Secretia ~ Aw thank you :)

JStar said...

I feel the passion in this piece :)

Indigo said...

JStar ~ eah I like passion, thanks

腳亞子 said...
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Anonymous said...

Very nice, sometimes my writing fail to capture in words what I feel. I left the tuesday's poem at Spiky's, she told me I was supposed to post it on mine as a way to connect blogs. I must have not been paying attention during class. Nice poem Indy.

Indigo said...

Bama Trav ~ thanks chuck. I've just posted my Tuesday's poem on m blog. I like your poem, it has such depth :)