Sunday, 28 February 2010

All the way

Sit behind me
feel the heat
beneath your
ass. Don't
worry, hold
fast hold
tight. Naught
to sixty in
the blink of
an eye. Cling
on, plat your
love around
my waist.
Take in the
amazing view.
Feel the
running through
your veins.
With the road
up ahead, the
past having
gone.. I can
see the sea
on the horizon,
Glistening as
the sun lies
on the watery
canvas. Knock
her into fifth
naught to sixty
and off we go
up hill and
down dale, with
the sun on our
backs wicked
imagines running
through my head.
Indication on
turning right,
come to a stop.
The speed in
my hand matches
the heat in my
heart. Naught
to sixty in
the wink of a
eye. First gear
I hold your hand,
second gear,look
you in the eye,
feel the vibration
taste the heat, my
hand is resting
upon your seat.
Pull down your
zip, release your
need, pull you
closer kiss the
two juicy lips
in the centre
of your face.
Third gear..
no turning back
as I push you
down from standing
to seat. Soft
foundations of the
sand, you take my
hand placing it
beneath... where
your swollen clit
lies waiting to
be found. Fourth
gear we're on our
way.. take me
make me go all
the way. I bury
my tongue in the
depth of your
soul, lick, lick
lick, soon you're
out of control.
I lick you some
more, have you
rolling around
on the sandy floor.
Fifth gear, going
all the way, orgasm
approaching, green
light on.. you
scream in abundance,
this time I hold on.
Love embraced, love
Divine, love all
excelling. Naught
to sixty..and
now you are mine.

Saturday, 27 February 2010


Last Tuesday I celebrated my 49th Birthday. I was told by plenty of folk that I looked 32! Last night I went out for a celebration meal to a very exclusive Indian restaurant with Friends and family. I had a fantastic time with humerus conversations and even more gifts. We are regulars so they knew how I would be when I arrived. The proprietors are always very helpful and some times funny. We had beautiful food. I think I may stink of garlic but I don't care. I've had some fabulous presents and cards. Next year I hit the big 50, I will be off to Spain on my new motorbike which I shall be collecting next Saturday. I have been out on my bike today... the roads aren't at their best in these wet gritty conditions so I ride with extra caution, after writing my previous post I was XTRA cautious. The weather didn't do as the weather had fore casted so we got very wet, the bikes look like we've been off roading so a hot bubble bath for them and a hose down when we returned home. I am not having the same treatment, mine is a hot cup of tea!!

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


As the bike fell away I could see the earth racing toward me. My leathers protected me but as I lay there beneath the spinning wheel of my once shiny bike, the lights went out. Instant panic stung my eyes, tears rolled down my skin, my visor steamed up. My vision blurred, I tried to move. I could not. A faint blue light flashed in the distance. I could taste blood.. my body was lying in a lake of it. I felt no pain.. I felt nothing. Feet rushed toward me, and once again the lights went out. I woke up in A&E with my neck in a brace. The curtain surrounded my bed. It was silent until the curtain twitched, a man in a white coat appeared with a sombre look on his face and then I knew some thing was wrong. I couldn't feel my right leg, but I wasn't able to look that far down the bed due to my neck being steadied by the collar. My body felt like it had .. well it had been hit by a lorry at what I could remember ... 85mph. I can't remember the exact speed but I did check my speed as I slowed for a corner. After that it all failed me. A lorry pulled out apparently, the police report, the guy had been drinking, they breathalysed him. He'll go to prison if I had anything to do with it. But right now all I have to do is recover, get my legs back working. Thank my lucky stars I didn't die. A young nurse came in to check the drip attached to my vein. She shook a thermometer inserted it into my mouth but no one was saying a word. "Excuse me but why can't I feel my leg?" She seemed to stare at me then turn and leave. My ribs felt broken, my lower back felt crushed, bruising I guess. My bike leathers had to be cut off. If it hadn't of been for my new leathers I wouldn't be here I'd be in the morgue. A close call! My right knee hurt but I couldn't move enough to feel it, I couldn't reach down. My battered body ached with every inch that had dragged itself across the tarmac. A young doctor came in, sat down beside my bed, pulled out a pen. He produced a form and handing it to me he started to speak."We found after pulling you from the wreckage that your lower right leg is so badly crushed......." I felt a dry lump in my throat. "We have done every thing we could possibly do....." I wanted to get out of bed and run away. "We need to operate....." And then it hit me, his words seem to fade, he was telling me some thing but I wasn't listening. A hand rubbed my shoulder to comfort me. " We need to Ampu........ I became hysterical, thrashing about the bed. I pulled the drip out of my vein, I was screaming and shouting. A sharp scratch and I was calming down, sedated. " I'll come back when you're calmer" and he left, pulling the curtain to as he went. I lay in that hospital bed for two whole days without moving, constant painkillers being pumped into me, intravenous filling me with fluids. My mouth was so dry, my lips had cracked. The feeling in my body had calmed down. On the Wednesday a group of younger doctors settled around the bottom of my bed. The doctor in charge read my notes then proceeded to say " this young lady was very lucky. She was wearing the appropriate gear, had she not have been, we would be burying her today." He turned and smiled at me. A single tear rolled down my cheek.
The next day I signed the consent form. At lunch time they took me into theatre to remove my badly damaged right leg. That day I lost my friend. I thought I'd never ride again... it wasn't something I'd planned on doing after losing my leg. I put that to the back of my mind. It's true what they say, once you lose a limb, you still feel it. I wanted to touch my right foot, but it wasn't there any more. Finding my feet again took me less than two weeks. I through myself into physio, morning noon and night I totted up and down the ward on crutches determined to get back to normal life. I'd even convinced myself I would ride a motorbike again one day... once a biker always a biker. The nurses couldn't get over how strong I had become. I remember my first bed bath... we had a laugh, the nurses would fight over who was going to wash me. I had my favourites too. She was in her mid thirties, she had the right kind of curves in all the right places and she knew how to warm me up. Having some dishy brunette sponge you all over on a bed covered in soft warm towels, then trace the bruises around and around with her index finger, we had names for each bruise. We had some sexy fun.. she gave me an orgasm last week, I got so hot I nearly slipped off the bed altogether. She and I would go for walks down the corridor, me in a wheel chair, her pushing. When we thought no one was watching, we'd make for the recreation room. She took me out on her day off, I had permission of the doctor, he thought the fresh air would be good for me. I'd been in hospital for three weeks. I didn't plan on leaving for a long time, I had to be able to walk with my prosthesis of which I had yet to be introduced to. Abi my new found love had packed a picnic, the sun was out. My first look at sunlight since my horrific accident. She took me into the Yorkshire hills. The scent of freshly mown grass. The view was breathe taking beautiful. She pulled into a gate way, close to wear we sat down on a blanket. I hopped out of the car stumbling on to the grass and falling over. We laughed so hard I almost wet myself. The basket was brimming over with goodies, but I hadn't eaten a proper meal in all the time I'd been in hospital, I'd lost weight, my stump was skinny like an alien.. I couldn't bring myself to look at it. Chilled wine, cheese, nibbles... freshly prepared strawberries, she knew how to treat me. With the sun on our backs I lay down. " What you thinking?" I looked straight into the distance tears formed on my cheeks. She pulled me toward her and planted a kiss on my lips, a wave of sweet nectar trickled down her cheek. " I'm scared " the words fell from my lips... Abi held my hand kisses the back of it. " I will look after you, now and when you have your new leg.." " I love you...." I sobbed and held her so tightly. " You have come so far so soon, your true grit and determination has carried you to where you are now, you have achieved so much.. you will soon be running around me!" I looked at her and laughed.."Ya reckon?" "Yeah..I do." We lay down in the soft earth, my hand teasing her right nipple through the soft fabric of her t shirt, we kissed softly then deeply.. my fingers stumbled for her jeans, she helped me. I made her scream in minutes of shoving my tongue in and out of her juicy cunt.. I looked odd lying there with my right stump sticking up from the grass, my head bobbing up n down.. the sun on my back. I reached up taking her nipple between my finger and thumb, the height of her orgasm rising... "Arrrrrrrghh ..." She screams with both lungs, her juices emptying onto my face.... the scent of her swollen pussie still twitching with the after tremor. I lay tender kisses on the inside of her thighs... glancin in her direction, our eyes meet .. with both lungs I scream " I Love you " this echoing down the valley.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Snow capped hills, wintry chills. Dew drops hanging from my nose, those are the things in this wonderful scene that remind me of how to keep warm.
With your hand in my pocket, you arms wrapped round me like a winter snow. Your face is chilled but all I can see is your juicy red nose. The snow starts to fall, as it had before but with larger flakes to come. We race to find shelter, with nothing but a flask of hot tea. The trees are bare, they stand like skeletons, their branches quiver with ice. At last we stumble on this tiny cave, our shelter small but humble. With hands that shake I gather some kindle and hastily make flames to keep warm. As your hands reclaim colour, sensations came racing back. I take off my jacket, lie down upon my back. We snuggle up as the fire crackles, creating this wonderful glow.
Slowly my hand fumbles for your zip. You hold no bounds as I nuzzle my mouth around your nips. You moan for more. My finger finds your juicy warm hole. You throw your head back, you widen your legs. I steady my hand, stare into your eyes. All around is silent as the snow.. it echoes its wintry sound. You push my head between your legs.. I taste your wanton clit...flick flick flick, quicken the pace, I check out your face, you're lost in this tiny place. You dig your nails in the back of my neck as I bring you to a shivering climax. Kiss me slow, kiss me quick, as I lick your cream from my lips. Come lay a while, as you plant a smile on my once frozen, but now thawed out face. We wait for the storm to clear, with echoing sounds of snow as it's beautiful decorative flakes flow and swirl to the ground.


Poetry for Tuesday

Today is me birthday
another year on..
I don't look any younger
but I got my eyes shut.
I will be out celebratin
when I get home from work
I'm going out with this
man I know, for a meal
ya know, at a pub we know.
So If ya wanna come..
meet me here at seven 30.
I'm not drivin as I'm
drinking, be home by 1!
I've had loads of goodies
from all my bestie mates,
it's nice to be needed
it's better to be loved
as I am by many, too many
to count on one hand..
My name is Indigo..
ya know, I'm 49 today.
I gotta go now or I'll
be late AGAIN!!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


Let your dreams be your wings
and your heart be your guide.
For everything is not what it
seems. If all that we wished
for came true, we would miss out
on loves lost and never found.
I believe for every drop of
rain that falls, a flower
grows. For every star that
illuminates the heavens..
for each tiny flake of snow,
tell me do birds ever cry?
These are the questions I
never had answers for..
tell me please..Why.
Why don't birds cry?
Why is the grass green?
What makes me laugh?
Of all the answers for
the above.. what really
matters is to be .....
HAPPY. Tuesday is my
special day when candles
will be lit. The fire dept
will stand by just in case
they set fire to the house,
there will be quite a few..
but I'd rather not count.
If I could wish for one
thing in life... 'Gosh'
where would I start?
I'm not a greedy person.
I don't brag about my art.
And if I eat to many pickled
onions.. they tend to make
me fart. OK so this was
meant to be a serious poem
but now I've got my funny
head on. Now where was I
oh yes I remember...wind!
Wind is god's way of coughing.
And when he cries it rains..
I can only thank him for never
having diarrhea for that would
be a shame. I always told my
kids when they were tiny..
that the thunder they could
hear was god moving about..
upstairs in his room..
all I can remember is tryin
not to laugh out loud. I'm
pretty sure they think I'm
mad, I say some weird things
but this is my way of explaining
what n why the answers I donot
know. So I tend to tell them
anything, make it up along the
way. So... where did my serious
poem go? I really cannot say..
I'm off to my bed right now..
uniform all laid out..I've
been a naughty girl today
I'm going to the jail tomorrow.,
but don't worry.. it's just for
one day ;). I'll be back for
my tea and a play in the snow,
and before you all know it,
Monday will come and go.
So I'll kneel down by my
bed, bow my weary head..
repeat these very words
that tumble around my head.
Lord keep me safe from harm
stop the killing in the world.
Give everyone a home, food to
eat some where to sit. Feed
the starving, heal the sick,
Smother Gordon Brown while
he's asleep! >;-)))....
Our Prime Minister's got
no clue, for the shitty
world we live, he don't
have the right answers..
do you? Tomorrow will soon
be here, I wish the snow
would go.. I almost went
arse over tit today out
there in the snow...
OK! Right the big finish..
Good night my fellow bloggers
and friends, sweetdreams to
you my Spiky, nitebyrd too..
May all your worries soon
be gone. May the lottery be
your's too, just remember
I picked your numbers.. I
want some too.......
Only joking girlies, you
have so much to acheive.
Me? I'd give it to either
comic releif or cancer,
but that's just who I am..

ME.>;-> xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Today I learnt some thing that I guess I already knew but had slipped from the front of my mind. My daughter and I have been getting along better than in the past. Whether or not it's because she's grown up due to the fabulous job she's just managed to land with the best law firm in the UK. Any how she'd had a fall out with her boyfriend so decided to take it out on me..nothing new there then, but I have broad shoulders so I can cope with the verbal abuse! But should she ever decide to 'lamp' me one, I'd never give it a second thought to knock her lights out!
Any how she has a male friend who has decided to join the firm that I work for.. the Prison service.. yeah you guessed it.. where I actually work. She then told me that she has concerns that he may put two and two together and figure out that his friend (my daughter) has a 'gay' mother. So I have come to believe she is and has always been 'ashamed' of me?! Like I said earlier I have broad shoulders so I can take it. I can't imagine how I would feel if I found out my Mother was gay. Looking in on the situation from a different angle I don't know the answer to this. My daughter is 24 soon, a grown woman (still my little girl) I have no intention of broadcasting my sexuality at work, I did that just before Christmas last year.. she thinks just a couple of my friends know this fact about me. I didn't tell her the whole truth ( I have so many secrets) my head could blow at any moment! Any way I feel that this has nothing to do with her, chances are that once her male friend figures out how tough it is working in a Prison, long shift patterns, danger and all the shit that goes with the job, I'm guessing he won't be there long enough to figure anything out about anyone. AND if he does decide to stay then, I guess she'll have to grow up some more! I some times feel like I'm doing time for a crime of passion but haven't actually committed any 'crime!' Life's a bitch then ya wake up n realise it wasn't a dream after all!!!!!!

Thursday, 18 February 2010


Red lips.
Juicy red
lips. Juicy
red lips
sucking on
my tits.
Long warm
around my
juicy pink nips.
Juicy erect nips
reaching for the
sky...Juicy hot
clit needing a
hand..with the
juicy red lips,
along with the
juicy hot tongue.
Zipper down, lace
topped knix..
eager fingers
itch. Baby oil
at the ready..
dribble, rub..
legs twitch..
riding with the
rhythm of the
ever steady hand.
Kiss, kiss, kiss
these juicy hot

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I stand in the
rain with my
head bowed
down. I can't
see what I am
looking for..
I am lost in
the sound.
I am cold
and alone,
I can't
speak. I
have no
words nor
letters to
say. I am
alone in
this dark
and empty
land. My
hands shake
with every
second, my
heart aches
with every
tick of the
clock. I am
alone, I am
lost. I feel
nothing.. I
am everything.
My soul bleeds
as so does my
nothing. I make
no sense, I
have no sense..
the world in
which I stand
is empty.. I
cannot find
what I am
looking for,
the rain chills
my flesh. I am..
nothing, yet
I am everything.

Saturday, 13 February 2010


our first
the taste
of my lips.
What it feels
like to be
held in my
goose bumps
take over,
as love
the down
ward smile
on your face.
flesh on
naked flesh.
my hand
that soft
area of
sex between
your legs.
Shudder some you
did before..
Guide my head
tell me what
drives you..
crazy. Linger
a while, remove
that downward
smile. Upward
and onward..
glance at the
stars.. eyes
glazed over.
Tears fall..
my heart
races to keep
up with yours.
Gently guide
my finger deep
inside. You
draw breath.
Slowly I drive
you over the edge.
Oblivion is here
I wipe away your
tears, sweet
delicate.. I
fumble for your
breasts. Nipple
erect, fast and
hard. Flick..

Thursday, 11 February 2010


Finger dancing.
Fists clenched.
Sticky fingers
pussie wet.
Eyes rolling,
gone. Brows
sweaty, groin
getting weak.
Rub your fingers
around my clit,
excite me..feel
the heat. Feel
the flesh between
finger and thumb
my head is gettin
dizzy, the fire
has just begun,
'Oh my god I'm
coming' please
don't stop. 'OH
MY GOD'....
Infuse my body
with the fire
of my desire
feed me, rub
faster, FASTER
You made me
hot, you made
me sweat, lick
your fingers, look
they're all wet.
You are my fire,
I want all that
you desire, cut
into this
throw these words
in my direction,
I can't stop..I
don't want to
stop, feed me,
rape me, cut into
my veins, feed
me, bleed me..
I can take the
pain. Infuse my
body with your
love, feed me
eat me, make
me yours. Yours
for the taking,
yours for keeps.
Now I want to
sleep. Caress me
wrap your limbs
around me. Inhale
my sound. Vibrate
this atmosphere
we call love,
then start again
from beginning
to end. I can't
stop, I have no
means, I need to
be wanted.....
this is all I

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Re cloth - Tuesday's Poem

Re cloth me.
Wrap tenderly
your love.
Kiss me,
tenderise me.
With sudden
pull away.
Insult me
hurt me.
Be true
to you.
Your are,
you were
and most
ever likely
will be..
You feel
for no one.
I hurt
from this.
I now hate
from this.
You have
no means
of loving.
You have
no idea how
to give. I
did..and now
I can't.
leave, I
will say
no more.

Sunday, 7 February 2010


You weren't a good Mistress were you?
You couldn't tie knots for toffee,
and when eventually you picked up
the whip, your aim was crap too.
The times you hit me, mostly in
the kidneys...'ouch' came my reply.
I often wandered what am I doing
here................. and why?
The boots were really quite nice
but and here comes that 'but'
you hadn't quite got the walk
figured out. Your ass was too
big, your stance not right..
and after beating the crap
out of me... I'd stay the
night! By morning my ass
was battered n bruised,
the mascara had run..
every time I sat down
it hurt my bum. But..
and here comes that 'but'
for some god damn reason
I kept coming back.....
was I really that sad?
I suppose I thought it
was this thing called
love, and all of the above!
The more you whipped me
the more stubborn I became,
hoping that one night you'd
improve on your aim?! But
sadly for me, you did not!
Saturdays came and Saturdays
went, and here I would be...
bent over, my eyes covered up
to stop me from laughing as
you waddled in those boots,
your ass was too big, your
aim was out of line, I did
all of this because I thought
you were mine. Years came
and went, time.. money spent.
Then out of the blue you told
me one day that it wasn't you
it was HIM!! He was the one
who instigated the plot, the
one who said what was what!
I couldn't get my head around
this.. I thought it was for you
apparently not! For had I have known
what was for real, I'd most
likely have told you both to...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Pretty Things

I make jewellery for a hobby. A friend at work this week asked my to make her a necklace. I had the use of yellow & black beads. She left it up to my imagination. The first one I made didn't look quite right so I made it again, from start to finish it took me two & half hours. I was frustrated, lost my temper on more than one occasion, but I had this idea in my head of what I was looking for. I made this beautiful necklace. All I hoped for was that she liked it. She was also happy with the price. I took it to work today. She paid me the money, I gave her the little padded package, she opened it and like me fell in Love with it instantly. You see I'm a perfectionist, if I don't like it, I do it again. These are just a few of the things I have made. If you have a certain colour you like, or more than one colour in any denomination, no problem. My jewellery is unique. You won't find another one like it in the world, unless I have an identical twin somewhere! I usually use black leather for the bracelets and anklets, with or without beads. Like I said, anything you like .. I can make. I need you to measure your body part that you wish to ordain it on. On this bracelet I have used medium thickness black leather with blue glass beads. You can sleep, wash, work in them. Very practical, very awesome to have, tell your friends about them. I can post to anywhere in the world. My bracelets are £5.00 each. My necklaces start at £10.00 not icluding P&P, depending on the decoration. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed. L have a lot more items ready made. These are just a few ideas I have put together, hope you like!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

New found home

Well where do I start. I had this magazine once, but for a very good reason I decided I didn't want it anymore so I had a think of who I could give it to. By the way I'm in these pages, I posed for several years for free, but that's in the past now, buried where it belongs. So I had a think who would like it. After asking a few questions I can honestly say she is delighted with it, and for reasons she was not able to purchase it in the first instants, she managed to get one for free for Christmas, along with a back leather bracelet and some postcards. I can tell you she is delighted with her 'free' magazine. And she gets to see me in it too. So I posted it to America recorded delivery just in case. I would loved to have been there when she got it on the front door of your house and realised who it was from. I can only assume she had a big smile on her face. As I mentioned I made a couple of black leather bracelets for her. Apparently her work friends are jealous of the fact that she has these wonderful stylish items around her wrist. So just in case anyone would like a black leather bracelet or anklet necklaces too. I make an excellent job, they are fairly priced and with my fair hand you won't get one anywhere else like them anywhere in the world. The are truel 'unique.' I also post anywhere in the world :)

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This was my left leg on the right before I had surgery on Christmas Eve. As you can see it looks like an alien trying to break out from underneath my skin! For twenty years I suffered with this painful ugly mess. It has effected my life a lot but after seeing the consultant, being given hope of getting it sorted I couldn't wait to go ahead with it, painful though I knew it would be. The photo on the left is what my leg looked like after a week, after the 5 bandages were removed. I had had 12 small incisions to remove the dead veins. It does however resemble a road accident!
I was shocked when this mess was revealed. I couldn't get over the bruising either. But this is what I wanted, what I so desperately needed so I was OK with it. So it's now almost six weeks since my operation. So the next photo above in the centre is what my leg looks like now and as you can see it's loads better. It will take a couple of months yet before it's totally pain free. I still have several numb areas but I've been assured by my doctor that this is normal and will go with time. Yes It did hurt. Yes I have suffered. But YES my leg is good again. This was my Christmas present to me.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Tuesday Poem - Purple Nipple

Lustrous pleasure
captivating, tantalizing glee.
Purple nipple - purple nipple
come play with me.
Please me, tease me
let me suck and tease thee.
I can see you hiding
beneath that silky crest
of fabric that delicately
covers your delectable
right breast. Reaching
for the stars this delicious
bud of flesh with the power
of a thousand heavens
bursting at the seams.
Purple nipple, purple nipple
come let me please.