Thursday, 18 February 2010


Red lips.
Juicy red
lips. Juicy
red lips
sucking on
my tits.
Long warm
around my
juicy pink nips.
Juicy erect nips
reaching for the
sky...Juicy hot
clit needing a
hand..with the
juicy red lips,
along with the
juicy hot tongue.
Zipper down, lace
topped knix..
eager fingers
itch. Baby oil
at the ready..
dribble, rub..
legs twitch..
riding with the
rhythm of the
ever steady hand.
Kiss, kiss, kiss
these juicy hot


Loverboy said...

You really get my imagination going honey!

Beautiful as per usual :]


Indigo said...

Loverboy ~ Thank you... glad I could be of assistance ;)

Indi x

Dulce said...

Inviting that IS!

Indigo said...

Dulce ~ So if I invite you... You'll come ? ;)

NK said...

I used to think baby oil came from babies. Good thing for the internet. I is a smarter man now.

Love the poetry!

Anonymous said...

That was really intense!
It's getting so hot in here...

Luna Mauvaise said...

I've read this aloud twice now. Mad flow on you.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

ooo, babe, i really liuke dthis's awesome.

um...eager finger...itch. Hello.

love it honey. later sweetie pie. xxx

Abe's Heart said...

"juicy red lips"...

Love this!

`x~Abe's Heart.

Meagan said...

I am so wearing red lipstick to work tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Ah, well that was nicely arousing.

Indigo said...

NK ~ I though baby oil came from the Pharmacy? Thank you

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ can I suggest ya take off all ya clothes ? ;) thanks

Indigo said...

Luna Mauvaise ~ I can't stop reading it either !!

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ ya wanna me to to itch ya? Thanks babe, late rtoo gotta and all that boring stuff xxxx

Indigo said...

Abe's Heart ~ Thank you for droppin in n gettin ooooow *hot*!

Indigo said...

Meagan Red lipstick eh? er..where do you work.. I might just drop in !!!

Indi x

Indigo said...

Steel Horseman ~ You hand ache now? ;)

JStar said...

Very Juicy!

Indigo said...

JStar ~ fingers wet n juicy ? ;)

Red Shoes said...

Juicy red lips... I loves me some juicy red lips... :oD

Wonderfully enticing..


Anonymous said...

*Cleans up spank on floor* Sorry Indy. ;)

Indigo said...

Red Shoes ~ Red is my favourite colour ... ya want some juicy red lips eh ? I'll have to see what I can do ;) Thank you

Indigo said...

BT ~ I'm sure it was well worth the *wank!* *smiling outwardly* ;)

Indi x

Sexperiment said...

Really nice :)

Indigo said...

Sexperiment ~ Thank ya. I love your blog also ;)


That's really perky[no pun intended] and punchy. Loved it!

Indigo said...

UBS~ Thanks hun... made me all warm n fuzzy feelin ;-)