Sunday, 22 January 2012


Pretty little patterns.
Fingers grind against
my lips.. pulsating,
generating heat. My
heart rate increase
as I drag my arse
out of my jeans,
til my bum is
pivoting eagerly
on the edge, legs
feet. Rub,
retract the hood
precision hits
the spot..tingle
breathe faster
with staggered
beats, my clit
swells, the blood
flows through
my veins...
twitch, flick
rub.. I'm

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Silver lining.

I found out yesterday that some sad bastard had taken nearly £500 out of my bank account without me knowing...throwing me into over drawn mode of £200. My card I think has been cloned.... some thing that happens to other poor unsuspecting folk like me.. it's a growing industry! Well my bank is on the case and will reimburse my lost funds and cover my daily £10 charge that the lovely bank people like to charge us for the not so nice privilege of being over drawn due to the scummy cretin who helped themselves to my money... it's a good job I never get to be face to face with that scummy cretin 'cuz I can honestly say I'd end up puttin them in A&E!! I work very hard for my wages and don't take to kindly for anyone dipping their hand in.... in some far eastern countries they chop the hand off the thief...... I got a very sharp knife, but in this instance I think I may use a blunt one.... minus the anaesthetic. On the other hand ... now today I received in the post a very nice surprise... I've won £50 on the premium bonds... here is a silver lining after all. That shall go toward my Spanish holiday in May. Can't wait for that one.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


All can be possible.
Possibility is every-
thing. All I have
to do is believe
in me, for I hold
the trigger. I just
need a steady hand,
stay calm, cool and
collected - and like
they say in the movies
the rest is history.
Or in my world 'it's
a piece of cake'!

Saturday, 14 January 2012


My limbs begged for forgiveness
as the orgasm ricocheted each
and every sinew in my body.
I lay still, the bed clothes
soaked, sweat stuck in my
nostrils, spent euphoria
dripped like early morning
dew. vision
holding on to the crack
in the corner of the
room. I tried to move,
rope held tight my
grip.. ankles rigid,
flesh torn.. nipples
stiff. I yawn as my
flesh withers against
a cool draft..the door
opens... I close my
eyes... bite my lip..

Saturday, 7 January 2012


Cherish the past ~

Adorn the present~

Create the future~

Something I read the other day and it's
kind of stuck with me. It all makes for
common sense if you stop to think about
it. Oh 'ad' by the way my 'n' key does't
always work so my words don't always make
the write kid of sense. Just sayin like.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The future

Last year has been and gone.
Things were said and done..
I can now look for the
future, plan my next move,
but never ever fall in
love. I have a love,
he's the man in my life
and as we said 28 years
ago we do, I did, we
did and still
each other through
and through. I won't
be looking back, it's
been done, whatever
was said I did it, it
was done. Past is
past, I look forward
to the future... so
that is all I have
to say today.. time