Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The future

Last year has been and gone.
Things were said and done..
I can now look for the
future, plan my next move,
but never ever fall in
love. I have a love,
he's the man in my life
and as we said 28 years
ago we do, I did, we
did and still
each other through
and through. I won't
be looking back, it's
been done, whatever
was said I did it, it
was done. Past is
past, I look forward
to the future... so
that is all I have
to say today.. time


nitebyrd said...

Forgetting the past is very difficult. Moving forward is the only thing to do. Maybe if you get far enough ahead, the past will fade. Not forgotten but at least not as clear nor as painful.

Indi said...

itebyrd ~ As much as I want to forget the past I kow deep in my mind it's still there... I can block it out but whe my mood sinks and I know it will at some point the I also know it will rear its ugly head.