Saturday, 13 September 2008

Speed Demon

The sky was painted black. The sun was hot upon my back. I climbed upon my trusted steed, with the wind in my face, I smiled. Turned the ignition, the engine burst into life... with a delicate throb between my thighs, I rode off into the sun. It wasn't long before I was speeding down the free way, not a care in my head. I felt the tickle of my mobile in my leather jeans pocket. Checking my mirror, I indicated and pulled into the to road, knocked her into neutral and slowed to a stop. I had one message on my phone.. it read ' I'm ready and waiting for a ride, pick me up at 10'clock,-I'll be waiting in the usual place, don't be late.' The heat of the throbbing engine rose between my thighs, I smiled and chuckled to myself. I have a hot date with a woman. The sun was rising in the sky, the heat was rising in my groin. I checked my watch, 9.58a.m, I pulled into the lay by and sure enough you were there, waiting for me. I smiled beneath my visor, put her into neutral and brought her to a rest, kicked down my side stand. Nervous of what was to come, the anticipation warming my flesh. ' Hi ' I grinned at you. I dismounted the bike, turned to face you. Your black leather trousers fitted you s tightly I could've sworn they were painted on, touching every inch of your fit body. Taking off my crash helmet, my golden hair falling in a ribbon of gold down my back. You smiled at me. I smiled back, wanting to take you there and then. We talked of where we were going that morning, what route to ride. Lunch was packed, with all varieties of luxuries awaiting to be devoured, along with her body; my appetite was hungry, my love for her was growing with every moment spent. ' Let's ride, the sun is warm, the weather... ideal for today, let's not spend another day talking... you smiled and we mounted the bike. The throb of the 1300cc engine sent tingles through my loins. You climbed on and held me around my waist. I found it hard to concentrate, but I did. I opened up the throttle, slowly, tempting the bike, holding on with my thighs. The scenery is beautiful, green fields, trees, lakes. I could feel the heat rising in my loins, my pussie started to mimic the engines noise. I tried to adjust myself but you clung so close to me. Relaxing my seat without you noticing; I felt your hands slip, lower toward my thighs. My jacket had risen up with the speed of the bike, the wind causing an updraft. I smiled to myself, licking my lips. A cool draft flew into my pants, I looked quickly looked down, not wanting to take my eyes of the road, not wanting to lose concentration. Your hands had slipped into my trousers and you were sliding your right hand into my boxers. I wanted to stop the bike, climb off and fuck you there and then, but the thrill of being played with at high speed was so much more sexual. I had to lift my visor up, I was starting to steam up. My nipples became erect rubbing against the t-shirt I was wearing. My breasts became firm. Trying to rock against your hand, leaning backward for better access for your hand. With the contrast of cold wind and the warmth of your fingers rubbing against my clit, I was sure to crash. The faster your hand rubbed the faster the bike seemed to travel... I was starting to cum. Trying to hold on with my thighs to steady the machine... I came with a cry of shear euphoria, my thighs trembling... with an aching in my breasts, wanting to break free. An awesome feeling of losing control.. but not losing control. I want to kiss you, I let go of my left hand and slide between her thighs behind me; squeezing her flesh beneath the black leather, a promise of what is yet to cum.