Thursday, 29 March 2012

New Horizons

I've spent the last few months trying to convince myself that the time has come to move out of our home, move a couple of miles up the road into our next home. It's a strange feeling because I know that this has been on the cards since we got married, since we moved in here, since that day...knowing that the house came as a part of the job=no home. We also knew it was coming...just feels like it's crept up on us and is out of the blue smacked us in the face! I know that a home is where the heart is and it's what you put into it that gives it the warmth, colour.... love is home. As for our babies that grew up in this house of 26 years +... they now have to go that extra step further, of which they appear to coping with better than I have been doing. Sleepless nights, waking up at 3 in the morning and not able to fall back to sleep. We have the key to our next project (house!) It needs my touch, our touch.. paint by the pots, but it's smaller.. double glazed windows, less money on fuel bills... food for thought. Not a fortune to spent on food, just for me and him... one cat ~tigs~ two dogs outside. A large garden out back surrounded by utter peace n quiet. No irritating neighbours to piss me off. We have boxes to strewn about the house, bubble wrap is a weird thing but protects the fragile things in life, maybe I should wrap myself in bubble wrap...?! So there you have it. The young ones move out next Tuesday... they are sharing a two bedroomed house not far from here, close enough for son to get to work.... on time is another matter. I think they are in for a shock when it comes to house work, who does what... it won't be me anymore! So the emotions will roll next week... a new horizon for us all.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Deformed joint

After every attempt to cause less pain on my right thumb joint, taken countless pills, anti this anti that's, creams, gels, glucosamin this n that's. One year ago I went to my doctors to seek advice,. I have an X-ray.. all appeared well. This weekend past I suffered a thumb pain like no other. The actual joint that attaches the thumb to the hand swelled to such a size I couldn't bend it, the pain was unreal. So my hubby suggested I go see the doctor again to get some thing sorted. Today I went to the doctor, told him I'd got Arthritis in my thumb joint, the pain when it strikes is unbearable.. I can't use it.. which is kind of awkward because even though I'm ambidextrous and use my left hand when I can, I still make a better job of things with my right hand. So anyway the doctor toady is sending me for yet another x ray to see if there's any development.. also I might get to see the hand specialist at our local hospital, that would be The Queen's Hospital. So there might be hope for my thumb.... I might get the 'thumbs up!'

Saturday, 10 March 2012

A minor detail

Today was a good day in more ways than one.
After a spin out on my motorbike, first time in two
weeks... weather conditions just right. I went with
my hubby to our soon to be new home, well June
but it isn't far away really. I had mentioned to
him that I wanted to take my piano with me so
we measured its length and width and with tape
measure in pocket went to our new home to be.
I placed the tape measure along the wall in the
to be dining room, yep it fitted so now all we have
to do is sell the table and find a smaller table we
have 'cuz the piano will fit but not with the dining
table in the same area!
But I'm just delighted we have found some where
and I can play my piano for ever and a day.... ;).

Monday, 5 March 2012

Time to say goodbye !

Today we found out when we have to pack up and go....

and it's sooner rather than later.

So we have a lot of organising to sort out, furniture to

sell, antiques to sell... a skip to fill... a piano to say my

goodbyes to. I also have a three tier electric organ to

find another home for. Plans to come to the fore..

shades of paint to find, ideas running around inside

my head. More sleepless nights... kids will move

out too, no more fights... time to reflect on years

gone by. No more nasty smells from the adopted

cat she bought home.. he's a lovely cat, but not for

my kitty, he doesn't like him either...meow..scream.


So come the first week in June we will move our

gear, take time to arrange our new home.. move

the chairs around.. create the lighting. So many

things to do.. where to start, it's still a bit of a blur.

Time to move, to make a new home, pictures on

walls, smiles of photos past and present.. new

photos to take, new smiles to make, time to

say goodbye. Time to say hello to our next new


Sunday, 4 March 2012

Game ~ set ~ match

OK so now I've had a ticking off by my daughter last week, I have had time to re think my strategy. When you hear the words.. similar to I'm the worst mother and where on earth have I got these mothering tactics from?! I have to admit I had a problem with keeping a straight face when she lost the plot, I mean...yeah.. I'd be some what pissed off if my mother told me I was going to lose the roof over my head, as she and her brother are going to be in the same predicament when we eventually move. To be honest I'm looking forward to not having them live with us forever... and after mentioning that when me n their dad are in our old croaking age, dribbling and living in adult size nappies... they kind of decided to go look for some where now. Aha... I got them right where I wanted them.... I mean I've worked in a nursing home many moons ago... I'm not cut out for it... I admire the people who do these jobs. So they now have to go look for some where to live. Sharing is their idea... two rooms of course. My darling daughter wasn't talking to me for a while... no problem there then. I took a look at the way she treats me and for once put myself in her shoes. Took a look at this situation from another side. I had a chat with her yesterday, told her I wasn't impressed with being told about my mothering skills, told her that really cut to the bone, hurt my feelings. I told her I was going to try harder, after all we all have to live under this roof.... but some time we will say our goodbyes (may throw a party) and start living our lives in a peaceful tidy home...'ours!'

I work 40 hours a week cleaning at the jail...a job of which I love to do but of course by the time I get home I'm usually pretty much fucked! I don't appreciate coming home to find a sink full of other folks dirty pots piled high in the kitchen sink., let alone try to figure out what I have to start cooking for dinner. I had an idea which I knew would fit perfectly in to place. With calm of voice I 'asked' both of the offspring to help around the house, if they see dirty pots in the sink, wash them for me.... I didn't shout... I figured that if I don't sound angry and raise my voice I'll get a better result. I'm on better talking terms with Laura now, she's 26 on Tuesday. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for this to work every day but it's a start. My nerves are way better these days... I can still look after myself and won't stand for any crap! This morning Laura , her dad and I went to our local town for a game of Badminton... great fun... it's been at least 10 years since I played it... but it soon came flooding back to me... I beat her 11/2. I beat the hubby 11/6 and several games after that I practiced my back hand... I might not be able to climb/fall/crawl out of my bed in the morning... We have booked another court next Thursday evening...