Monday, 12 March 2012

Deformed joint

After every attempt to cause less pain on my right thumb joint, taken countless pills, anti this anti that's, creams, gels, glucosamin this n that's. One year ago I went to my doctors to seek advice,. I have an X-ray.. all appeared well. This weekend past I suffered a thumb pain like no other. The actual joint that attaches the thumb to the hand swelled to such a size I couldn't bend it, the pain was unreal. So my hubby suggested I go see the doctor again to get some thing sorted. Today I went to the doctor, told him I'd got Arthritis in my thumb joint, the pain when it strikes is unbearable.. I can't use it.. which is kind of awkward because even though I'm ambidextrous and use my left hand when I can, I still make a better job of things with my right hand. So anyway the doctor toady is sending me for yet another x ray to see if there's any development.. also I might get to see the hand specialist at our local hospital, that would be The Queen's Hospital. So there might be hope for my thumb.... I might get the 'thumbs up!'


Leah said...

That sounds awful Indi. You have my full sympathy. I have a similar problem with my foot. I've spend hundreds of pounds on trying to get something comfortable to wear (other than damn trainers!) and like you with the creams, gels, glucosamine.

This is my latest

Indi said...

Leah ~ Thank you... will check out your latest. I used to have painful feet due to over sized bunions, after many td bulations, steroid injections in my feet.. I finally had surgery on my left foot..that sorted it. Good luck with your feet.. pain isn't good.