Monday, 5 March 2012

Time to say goodbye !

Today we found out when we have to pack up and go....

and it's sooner rather than later.

So we have a lot of organising to sort out, furniture to

sell, antiques to sell... a skip to fill... a piano to say my

goodbyes to. I also have a three tier electric organ to

find another home for. Plans to come to the fore..

shades of paint to find, ideas running around inside

my head. More sleepless nights... kids will move

out too, no more fights... time to reflect on years

gone by. No more nasty smells from the adopted

cat she bought home.. he's a lovely cat, but not for

my kitty, he doesn't like him either...meow..scream.


So come the first week in June we will move our

gear, take time to arrange our new home.. move

the chairs around.. create the lighting. So many

things to do.. where to start, it's still a bit of a blur.

Time to move, to make a new home, pictures on

walls, smiles of photos past and present.. new

photos to take, new smiles to make, time to

say goodbye. Time to say hello to our next new




What happened Indi? Why the change of plan?

Indi said...

Hi UBS ~ well my husband s still working full time but we are moving to our new home a couple of miles up the road... I can't wait to not have to come home to roamg kids complete with mess... but I'm not looking forward to filling boxes and moving, half the stuff we've had for so many years, we have to get rid of! Hubby will still work full time where he's been for the past 44 yrs then come end of September he will retire halfway.. he's been told he can wwork for 3 days thee,he's going self employed, the work is screaming out for him now but they will have to wait until end of September!!


Just telling it like it is said...

Oh Indi, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am for you guys...I just last week had to sell some of my precious gold and silver there go the memories at least I have pictures. Take care and if you ever need a friend to lean on you can always email me.

Indi said...

just telling it like it is ~ Yeah I'm not looking forward to selling any of my furniture, and if I can't fet my pianl in then I'm affraid that will have to go too, I've had my piano since I was 9.. it would be like cutting off my right arm... started collecting boxes, I have no idea where to start.. I've only ever moved house once, that was 29 years ago...scray or what?!


And thanks


tattytiara said...

There's no such thing as a small move, especially not with that much history involved. Here's to everything going smoothly and quickly for you!

Indi said...

tattytiara ~ yeah I'll give a huge 'whoop' to that one ;)