Saturday, 10 March 2012

A minor detail

Today was a good day in more ways than one.
After a spin out on my motorbike, first time in two
weeks... weather conditions just right. I went with
my hubby to our soon to be new home, well June
but it isn't far away really. I had mentioned to
him that I wanted to take my piano with me so
we measured its length and width and with tape
measure in pocket went to our new home to be.
I placed the tape measure along the wall in the
to be dining room, yep it fitted so now all we have
to do is sell the table and find a smaller table we
have 'cuz the piano will fit but not with the dining
table in the same area!
But I'm just delighted we have found some where
and I can play my piano for ever and a day.... ;).


nitebyrd said...

HURRAY! You can take your piano! That is good news and should make the move a tiny bit more bearable for you.

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ Now I can take my piano I think moving will be a walk in the park..