Friday, 29 June 2007

First Class

The guard blew his whistle , waved his flag and the train limped out of the station. Finally I found my seat as an old man with several large cases pushed past me knocking me into the table. Tired and irritable I turned my head and scowled at him but he'd moved down the carriage and was almost out of sight. I eased myself into the seat kicking my shoes off under the table. The train rocked backward and forward, the motion almost sending me to sleep. A mans' voice shouting in the distance, a young couple kissing and cuddling opposite me, their hands all over each other, my stare nodding with the motion of the train. I looked out of the window it was starting to rain, the clouds black and angry, but I was past caring, and soon I was falling asleep. Soon the train was slowing down and on the tannoy an announcement for my village. Gathering my belongings, trying desperately to force my now relaxed feet back into my tight high heeled shoes. Pulling my skirt down and zipping up my Parker, just managing to stand upright as the train jolted forward and came to a sudden stop. It wasn't long before I was home and kicking off my shoes for the last time, reaching for my slippers, throwing my keys on the hall table turning round and locking the front door,' Mmm '.. home at last.
I glanced around looking for Freddy my Persian cat, he's usually asleep on the sofa, but he's no where to be seen which is very unusual as he very rarely goes out as he loves creature comforts, he's not the out door adventurous kind . The hall clock strikes nine , too late to eat, time for a hot bubble bath I think, god knows I need one and a good nights sleep to follow. Dragging myself upstairs into the bathroom, pulling the curtains too with one foot in the bath so I can reach, knocking a large plastic bottle of sensuous bubble bath over, the top coming off resulting most of it being on my foot, quickly running the hot tap I wash it off. God that smells lovely, leaning forward I manage to catch most of it before it disappeared down the drain. Taking one more look around the bedroom for Freddie, I strip off my clothes and test the temperature of the bath with my foot. Mmm... that's just right, pushing the bathroom door too, I lower myself into the sumptuous depths, the water biting every inch of my flesh almost tingling causing me to gasp. Turning the tap off with my toe I bury myself up to my neck, it feels as though I have a thousand pairs of hands playing with my skin, touching me all over kissing my flesh. With each new movement the hot water finding my hidden treasure. My hand moves down to my thighs, I play a game, pretending my hands are those of a woman's and I am helpless. She nudges at my thighs as I push my legs together, my hands stroking the entrance to my pleasure dome, twiddling my pubic bush. The sensations mixed with the sensuous bubbles is an intoxication beyond compare, a drug. My other hand manipulates my nipple, squeezing it, taking it in turns, first my left then my right. Suddenly my legs are forced open, my knees bang on the side of the bath, the coldness startles me. I start to play with my little bud of naughtiness, slowly at first, teasing working myself up into a frenzy, the water splashing up the sides now, pinching my nipples with fore finger and thumb, from pleasure to pain and back to pleasure. The bubbles dancing around, that heady aroma mixed with the scent of a woman. My hand's moving faster now and I'm coming ...' oh my god I'm c-c-coming' !I lie there for a while, my limbs still trembling from my orgasm, my clit almost stinging. Leaning forward I turn the hot tap on again, a few more minutes then I really must get some sleep!<