Saturday, 30 April 2011


I felt the air cool,
around half past ten.
I heard little voices
laughing in the other
room. I called out..
put the tv station
on pause.. got up from
my seat, opened the
door...called out to
see if any one was

A ghostly aura hit
me between the blades
of my frozen shoulder.
H-el-lo? I tried once
more. I could sense
my feet sticking to
the lounge floor..
I must have been
mistaken.. takin
the weight off my
feet. The door shut.
My heart missed
a beat. Ten minutes
passed when again
I heard this voice,
little girl laugh- she did
before. I felt
a cold chill
severe the cord
to my spine, noises
of mystery things
going bump..jump?
I packed away my
laptop, startin
singin nervously
out loud. Turned
off the lights
retired to bed,
burying my neck
far below the
crumpled pillow,
where upon I
rested my troubled
head. Lights out,
all is quiet..did
I? Was I imagining
all this.. I know
we have a ghost,
not seen her for a
while, things go
from every day
last night I
didn't imagine
it, I heard a
small child
laughing.. I

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Last Supper

Share my biscuit, share my head.
Give your heart and I'll share my bed.
To eat a meringue sends shivers down my spine,
the first bite, crunchy n soft n full of mystical delight.
Slowly I lower my hand beneath the fabric of your existence.
With curly hair...I fumble beneath my feel
the softness of your flesh, depth has no despair nor emptiness.
My eyes..stare, looking back I see your face.
The need to cry out loud grows inside of you..
like a separate growing orgasm...
straining your release.
And when the release comes,
reverberated inside of you..
with the power of a nuclear explosion.
It was the most erotic experience
you've ever had.
I broke the silence first.
Our finger's entwined,
like knots in string,
total release

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Oh Shit.

On the way to work this beautiful morning I happened to witness a man? on a motor bike coming around the corner towards me and what I can only assume fairly fast. He got the bike to almost lie down.... 'bloody ell' I thought as the machine screeched along the tarmac.. which quickly turned into a louder screech of metal actually draggin across the road, he was lying down almost makin love to the which point I thought he's not going to make the corner... and he didn't make the corner. His, what I assume must have been his exhaust pipe dragged over the surface of the road throwing him off it,... it then spun toward the curb...mounted the curb...ending up in the ditch. The guy followed via his leathers and rolled over several times with the speed of which he fell off the bike, coming to a halt just a few feet away from his now dented bike. I couldn't believe my eyes... this all happened less than 10 foot of me... I slowed down pedaling.
I rushed over to him. He did get up quite calmly removed his lid, unzipped his jacket and I said to him. ' You OK?' he was OK but I'm thinking his bike wasn't OK! I asked him how he was thinking of retrieving his bike. He pulled out a mobile phone and starting ringing his mate.. who'd apparently got a trailer. Judging by the state of his leathers, which by the way might have been expensive, they usually are.. they were wrecked, but better the second skin being leather rather than his own skin...ouch! He had a very lucky escape... indeed!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Melt down!

So this is it.
Flash ya
me fully
it was
what you
or I did
or didn't
say. To
this day
I still
aint sorry
I won't
so don't
hold ya
Yeah I've
not for
the best.
I am me,
love me
or not..
I don't
give a
fuck no

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Songs for Euphoria

I wanna run my fingers
through your hair ....
Feel your touch, to
know that you are there.
Kiss your sweet tender
lips, trace my tongue
around your juicy pink
nips.. come play a while
come kiss me deep..
Play my heart strings
make me sing..Euphoria
awaits your love..

Monday, 11 April 2011


This is where I live, for the past 27 years
I have lived here, from newly weds, raisin
my children.. from cots to bigger beds..
flowers loaded with colour in flower beds.
The view from all angles is beautiful and
unspoilt.. I can walk to the river in less
than ten minutes.. When the sun comes out
my rooms fill with a brightness that no
other gift from mother nature can provide.
This house is over 400 years old. It has
dry rot, rising damp.. solid oak beams that
hold up the ceilings from kitchen to living
room. With nine rooms in total.. a garden
long enough to play cricket... apple trees
and honey bees, but alas no white turtle
doves! This house comes as part of the
job my other half has had for the last
forty two years. So what is my problem?
Due to his age... retirement age!! We
may have only twelve to eighteen months
left here.... this is my home.. for the
past twenty eight years...... Time to
start looking for some where else to
live.. time to down size, sell pretty
much all that we have.. our furniture's
way too big, I have a piano for sale,
you can have it for a hundred quid.
A three tier electric organ, my dad
gave to me. I don't have time to play
it... I never did. The buyer has to
collect, failing that it'll end up
in a skip. Car boot sales to sort..
the whole lot will have to go...
At first I was sad, but as it's
four walls and a roof, proof that
it only becomes a home when you
add the care and love and all things
family, trinkets, photos,fluffy love,
cushions Lot's of 'don't you knows.'
Time to have a bonfire .. judging
by how much stuff we've gathered
over the's going to be
a bonfire to remember.. ya know.
Time to move on, this will be a
sad day... but with new horizons
to find...we'll survive, we'll be OK.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hit a nerve

This hasn't been easy, from day one
all those years ago..but I've told
you all the story of how we evolved.
How you played me for a friend who when
prompted...kissed you without offence.
How we've walked on dodgy ground ever
since. Now the ball is in my court..
I may or may not kiss you good night.
For many years, you were the only
one, the only friend who would
kiss me on the lips.. but only
some times! Now I've come to
feel, to notice we/ I feel
awkward when we say good night.
I don't know how to react
any more, you leave me
standing at your door, I
usually just wave, turn
and walk. I sent you a photo
of you full frontal some
time, 3 weeks ago to be
exact.. I didn't need it
anymore, so I sent it
you back.. no harm done
I thought.. not expectin
two of me fully clothed
in return wit h a text
of how it didn't warrant
a reply, so I didn't..
reply. I think I
hit a nerve? What do you
say? But I'm not going
to apologise, it's not
that I am sorry... it was
just a photo of you with
your tits on show... I
just thought you'd under
stand? Obviously not!!
So if you happen to
read this.. may be not.
I've sent you a joke
on your phone...
we go through stages
where one of us usually
annoys the other.. go
for several weeks, months
without so much as a peep,
squeak...sound. Then we
stagger back to normal,
and carry on. I just
wonder for my sanity if
all those months ago..
when I severed the silence
told you I was no longer
sexually interested, not
that you ever were. If
I hadn't said how I felt,
if we had carried on..
being led a stray, kissin
me some times on the
lips.. would we be OK?
I think I've lost my
way.. you seem to be ever
so slightly awkward
when we go out for a
drink or for a film..
we just say how much
we enjoyed it.. I wave
turn and drive home.
So you see we have so many
different ways.. I
don't know how you for the
tits out photo I sent,
I'm not saying sorry,
I am still your friend.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Fingers dancing.
Fists tightly
wet, eyes rolling
conversation gone.
Brows sweaty, groin
becoming weak..
rub your fingers
around my clit.
Excite me..feel
the flesh between
finger and thumb..
my head is gettin
dizzy, my fire
has begun...
'OH MY GOD...'
Don't stop, infuse
my body with this
fire of my desire.
Feed me, rub faster,
You made me hot,
you made me sweat,
suck my fingers..
they're all wet.
You are my fire,
I want all that
I desire......
Bring it on baby,
lets do it some
more.. as I throw
your slithery
sweaty body on
to the floor..
bite me, lick
me.. do your
me, suck me,
fuck me..shove
your fingers in
my hole. Pump
with all that
your have..bring
it on baby, I
want to die
in your love.

Monday, 4 April 2011

New Design

OK so I've been playing around with my Indi site. I don't know how I've managed it but now I don't have all the 'Blogs that rock' where I wanted them... but bare with me and all should be resumed shortly. I keep changing the back ground, colour charts are pretty wicked on this old knakkered laptop of mine..
I've had a crap weekend.. lack of sleep and ample worry, Will fill you in about that some other time.. however I did have a lovely evening last night as I was taken out for a Mother's Day meal by my two lovely children who are 23 & 25 years old. Ate way too much, drank too much.. but all in all very nice. Time is boring right now, I still have nothing of interest to write about, oh apart from my daughter moving out to live with her boyfriend... Oh and I've had a considerable tax refund...very nice, that will pay for my new dentures... I know ..I know .. this isn't exactly interesting or gripping or Erotic but I'm rapidly losing interest again... the Internet these days is so crap. I used to love writing poems, songs.. little stories... I really cannot be arsed. I may just one day just disappear and never return..... I have more important things to worry about just now.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Loss ....

1~ Housing lists.

2~ Choices

3~ Money?

4~ Live in Ca

5~ Work?

6~ Live in Canada

7~ Emotions running high

8~ Sell m'bikes?

9~ Go live the dream

10~ Re house cats n dogs.

11~ Sell all that we own.

12~ Move to Canada

13~ Make the choice

14~We both want this

15~Fly away, a phone call away

16~ Move to Ca.

17~ This is just the beginning.

18~ Lets do it, I fell in love
with the country... let's do it..

19~ Lets go... seriously..

20~ I want this so badly.