Friday, 1 April 2011

Loss ....

1~ Housing lists.

2~ Choices

3~ Money?

4~ Live in Ca

5~ Work?

6~ Live in Canada

7~ Emotions running high

8~ Sell m'bikes?

9~ Go live the dream

10~ Re house cats n dogs.

11~ Sell all that we own.

12~ Move to Canada

13~ Make the choice

14~We both want this

15~Fly away, a phone call away

16~ Move to Ca.

17~ This is just the beginning.

18~ Lets do it, I fell in love
with the country... let's do it..

19~ Lets go... seriously..

20~ I want this so badly.


nitebyrd said...

Move to Canada then be like all Canadians and vacation in Florida!
We'll have an amazing time! ;)

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ I tink I may be clutching at straws, not thinkin straight, my husband is half Canadian, he'll have no problem comin over.... but we are gong to look into it for sure.



Anonymous said...

Hell, it definately beach weather here. Love it ;)

Indi said...

BT ~ Ya never know in life, it may just happen one day... ;)