Thursday, 31 March 2011

Used to be

I used to have a little pink nipple,
the picture to my blog, but things
are just starting to bare
with me...have a heart. I'm in the
middle of changin the way I get
things done.. photos and the
such are on my list of items
to get done. I'm not ready
to return just yet.. I do
what I do for me.. this
world of mine has changed
as I have recovered and
yet discovered what actually
makes me tick, so I won't
be back for a while longer,
I have things not yet
started, articles of life
that so often we take
for granted..blah blah
blah. That's all for
now folks, goodbye.


Don't I Know You? said...

nighty-nite, FS will check in on yuh now and then . . . enjoy the journey!

Indi said...

Don't I Know You? ~ The journey is going to be a whole new eperience, not sure of the out come..thanks



nitebyrd said...

The journey, not the destination, is what's going to be exciting. Now that you've started, don't stop - enjoy the hell out of it!

Indi said...

nitebyrd ~ This is how I felt before we had the news that we may and most definately will lose the roof over our head in the next 12-18 months... how do I feel now? Keep wanting to burst into tears, this is my home, I've lived here 28years... at times I just want to run in one direction andnever look back....