Sunday, 28 February 2010

All the way

Sit behind me
feel the heat
beneath your
ass. Don't
worry, hold
fast hold
tight. Naught
to sixty in
the blink of
an eye. Cling
on, plat your
love around
my waist.
Take in the
amazing view.
Feel the
running through
your veins.
With the road
up ahead, the
past having
gone.. I can
see the sea
on the horizon,
Glistening as
the sun lies
on the watery
canvas. Knock
her into fifth
naught to sixty
and off we go
up hill and
down dale, with
the sun on our
backs wicked
imagines running
through my head.
Indication on
turning right,
come to a stop.
The speed in
my hand matches
the heat in my
heart. Naught
to sixty in
the wink of a
eye. First gear
I hold your hand,
second gear,look
you in the eye,
feel the vibration
taste the heat, my
hand is resting
upon your seat.
Pull down your
zip, release your
need, pull you
closer kiss the
two juicy lips
in the centre
of your face.
Third gear..
no turning back
as I push you
down from standing
to seat. Soft
foundations of the
sand, you take my
hand placing it
beneath... where
your swollen clit
lies waiting to
be found. Fourth
gear we're on our
way.. take me
make me go all
the way. I bury
my tongue in the
depth of your
soul, lick, lick
lick, soon you're
out of control.
I lick you some
more, have you
rolling around
on the sandy floor.
Fifth gear, going
all the way, orgasm
approaching, green
light on.. you
scream in abundance,
this time I hold on.
Love embraced, love
Divine, love all
excelling. Naught
to sixty..and
now you are mine.



You make me want to get a motorobike. Great visuals, Indigo. :)

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Face it girl ya just want me to take ya for a ride right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I need to go ride my Harley now.

Indigo said...

Steel Horseman ~ yeah a good idea ;)

Anonymous said...

Speed, and the name Dale only bring one thing to mind, Dale Ernhardt Jr. Do you know who that is? Are you sure you want me sitting behind you? I will NOT be a gentleman, as long as we are alone that is. In public I am a perfect gentleman, open doors for you, pull your chair out, smile as you excuse yourself to go to the ladies room to masturbate while I order for us....wait, I'm sorry, I though this was a private e mail.

Spiky Zora Jones said...

oh my...ubermouth is right but I don't know which I want...a new bike or sex on a bike. :)

i loved it babe. it's awesome.
later babe. xxx

Indigo said...

BT ~ As long as your hands are warm and your finger nails trimmed to a suitable length, I see no problem here .... So are you Mr. Jeckyl? Or Mr.Hide me under the table while I suck you off??

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ ride with me girl and the world can be yours.... or as Frankie goes to Hollywood said.. 'The world is my oyster hahahahaha '