Sunday, 21 February 2010


Let your dreams be your wings
and your heart be your guide.
For everything is not what it
seems. If all that we wished
for came true, we would miss out
on loves lost and never found.
I believe for every drop of
rain that falls, a flower
grows. For every star that
illuminates the heavens..
for each tiny flake of snow,
tell me do birds ever cry?
These are the questions I
never had answers for..
tell me please..Why.
Why don't birds cry?
Why is the grass green?
What makes me laugh?
Of all the answers for
the above.. what really
matters is to be .....
HAPPY. Tuesday is my
special day when candles
will be lit. The fire dept
will stand by just in case
they set fire to the house,
there will be quite a few..
but I'd rather not count.
If I could wish for one
thing in life... 'Gosh'
where would I start?
I'm not a greedy person.
I don't brag about my art.
And if I eat to many pickled
onions.. they tend to make
me fart. OK so this was
meant to be a serious poem
but now I've got my funny
head on. Now where was I
oh yes I remember...wind!
Wind is god's way of coughing.
And when he cries it rains..
I can only thank him for never
having diarrhea for that would
be a shame. I always told my
kids when they were tiny..
that the thunder they could
hear was god moving about..
upstairs in his room..
all I can remember is tryin
not to laugh out loud. I'm
pretty sure they think I'm
mad, I say some weird things
but this is my way of explaining
what n why the answers I donot
know. So I tend to tell them
anything, make it up along the
way. So... where did my serious
poem go? I really cannot say..
I'm off to my bed right now..
uniform all laid out..I've
been a naughty girl today
I'm going to the jail tomorrow.,
but don't worry.. it's just for
one day ;). I'll be back for
my tea and a play in the snow,
and before you all know it,
Monday will come and go.
So I'll kneel down by my
bed, bow my weary head..
repeat these very words
that tumble around my head.
Lord keep me safe from harm
stop the killing in the world.
Give everyone a home, food to
eat some where to sit. Feed
the starving, heal the sick,
Smother Gordon Brown while
he's asleep! >;-)))....
Our Prime Minister's got
no clue, for the shitty
world we live, he don't
have the right answers..
do you? Tomorrow will soon
be here, I wish the snow
would go.. I almost went
arse over tit today out
there in the snow...
OK! Right the big finish..
Good night my fellow bloggers
and friends, sweetdreams to
you my Spiky, nitebyrd too..
May all your worries soon
be gone. May the lottery be
your's too, just remember
I picked your numbers.. I
want some too.......
Only joking girlies, you
have so much to acheive.
Me? I'd give it to either
comic releif or cancer,
but that's just who I am..

ME.>;-> xx



I love the chaos of this poem.

Anonymous said...

I am at that age where when people ask how old I am I sometimes give a year too old or a year too young. Sad really. XXXOOO

Indigo said...

UBS~ welcome back, yeah I thought some chaos would be a lovely change
from my usual kind of poem, thank you

Indigo said...

BT ~ I can go with that one. I am 49 tomorrow but I feel about 21! Looks can also be deceiving Lol thank you XXXooo