Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I stand in the
rain with my
head bowed
down. I can't
see what I am
looking for..
I am lost in
the sound.
I am cold
and alone,
I can't
speak. I
have no
words nor
letters to
say. I am
alone in
this dark
and empty
land. My
hands shake
with every
second, my
heart aches
with every
tick of the
clock. I am
alone, I am
lost. I feel
nothing.. I
am everything.
My soul bleeds
as so does my
nothing. I make
no sense, I
have no sense..
the world in
which I stand
is empty.. I
cannot find
what I am
looking for,
the rain chills
my flesh. I am..
nothing, yet
I am everything.


Anonymous said...

I think I have been there before, well, I have.

JStar said...

I am sooo with you here! Feeling this same exact way now...

Indigo said...

Bama Trav ~ Yep, I'm where you've been and the weather's pretty crap too...

Indigo said...

JStar ~ Am full of cold, snotty, can't breath ya know the stuff..winter n all that crap

Indigo said...

BT ~ OK OK OK I've written a small poem for Tuesday poem day, it's on Spiky's blog, don't get too excited it's nothing brilliant, but I didn't want to disappoint anyone ;}

Anonymous said...

Indy, I left you something there, ;)

Anonymous said...

You are cold, it's dark, you look lost, but You Know Who You are!


Indigo said...

BT ~ thanks hun Indi x

Indigo said...

Secretia ~ thankfully I do.


Spiky Zora Jones said...

Indigo: One night when I was a young girl...this is how I felt. It changed me and how i saw the world.

it's a wonderful and sad...like i was.

Loverboy said...

Hugs and here's hoping your feeling much better soon. Damn colds are miserable indeed!


Anonymous said...

Surrounded by so many people, and still so many of us feel like this.

Meagan said...

Yes like the others I know these feelings! It's scary, it's adventurous, daring, inner turmoil...face it, just breath!


Just telling it like it is said...

you are indescribable wonderful!

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ I don't want to feel this nothingness.. I loathe winter n all the germs that esculate with it. I will dig myself out of this darkness, hopefully by next Tuesday as it's my birthday...xxxx

Indigo said...

Loverboy ~ Yeah they are pretty shitty aren't they?! Thanks Al

Indi x

Indigo said...

Steel Horseman ~ I don't think the ecomomic climate helps either, our country is run by a complete 'wanker!' & if he isn't careful he may well get assasinated! wishful thinkin on my behalf!

Indigo said...

Meagan ~ Thank you i would just breath if I wasn't bunged up, but I know what you mean x

Indigo said...

Just telling it like it is ~ Aw thank you. I am indescribably bunged up too ;)

Nadege said...

a powerful poem, indigo. lost
and found between your soul's
tears - the ultimate liquid prayer.

The Savage said...

I'm in love (or were it lust) with your poetry style....

Indigo said...

Nadege ~ I like your interpretation of my poetry, thank you

Indigo said...

The Savage ~ 'WOW' thank you. It doesn't seem to matter how or what I write about, it touches other people's lives in such a way I could have never imagined

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ yeah I've changed recently too. For the better I think xxxx thanks hun