Sunday, 10 January 2010


Look over your shoulder
I'm still here. Look
to where you've been, I'm
still there. My hand still
warm from the grasp that
we shared. My lips tingle
from the kiss we shared.
I lick my lips in remembrance.
Taste the morning sun. Blink
rapidly to imagine your face.

Close now this episode.
I no longer love you, as I
loved this fair land that
I was born. This land was
once my play ground...
I buried my heart deep
inside, I lost myself to you.
I stand at the grave side,
but I will not mourn.
I have said my goodbyes,
you will no longer see me.
Stride forward, never look
back. Once I was there..
but now you are no more.

Pain was some thing you
inflicted into my soul, I
loved you with every inch
of my being. When that
died, my love gave new
boundaries. I held on
to what we had, wanting
more. I put you on a
pedestal, praised your
ability to paint. But I
lost you in transition
some where along the way.

I have come to realise
that you were one of a kind.
All that I gave to you, you
you sucked, poisoned my mind.
You are and always have been
a woman who takes not gives.
Was I so blind, not to see
what you have done. Your love
killed me, our relationship
died. But now I can move on.
I've cleansed my soul, you
will no longer haunt my....
every dream, I have found
my new horizon, the sun
awaits my smile, I will sit
and wait for the sun to shine.
I intend being here a while.


shalimar said...

i like you

Indigo said...

shalimar ~ thank you..& 'welcome'


It's good that you can put this all behind you and move forward. You're a lovely ,sensitive, thoughful person Indigo. xo

GIA said...

you are really woman
i loveeee you baby

GIA said...

i following you baby
وراح اقرالك كل يوم

GIA said...

the door to my heart is always open ..just waitin for some sexy momma to walk by and get my attention

Shelly Rayedeane said...

Beautiful. It reminds me of a job.

Not an interview though.

Job 1:7

It is a passage some theologians claim which is proof God doesn't know where the devil lives. The exact opposite is actually true.

The passage actually states exactly where the devil can be found.

You're absolutely right Indigo. It is better to disconnect from what is toxic. It really is the only way to cleanse a soul. And those who lie and .manipulate others are definitely toxic. There is no God in manipulating people.

Indigo said...

UBS ~ Oh bless you.. I ..I...anyone got a tissue ? xx

Indigo said...

GIA ~thank you, love can make the world go around.

Indigo said...

GIA ~ 'WOW' hold on tight baby this is one fabulous ride ;)

Indigo said...

GIA ~ ;-) you rock too

Indigo said...

Shelly ~ I'm not sure I beleive in thee god, but I do have other bleifs that I hold strong in my heart, the devil is one of them, I always though because I had not exactly follwed the rules in life that I would go to hell... think I'm changing my mind now... thank you for your thoughful loving words xx Indi

Indigo said...

GIA ~ I too am a follower of your blog :)

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Indigo: I like it. Don't you feel like standing up and...SCREAMING it out loud?

If you aren't treated right. Don't be afraid...don't bottle it up inside...standing up and singing it out loud. It's time to say what I want to say...

Till there isn't anything else to say. I can't be hurt's time to do it my way.

I'm standing up...standing up...standing up. It's time to have my say...standing up standing up...It's timee to have my say.
There. I just wrote you a song thought the music is in my head...Mybe Jlee will sing it on her next album. Wooo. It's a hit!

later sweetie. xxx

Indigo said...

Spiky ~ Yeah I feel like running up the hill to the top and 'SCREAMING!!!!!' 'FUCK OFF BITCH- this is it' I'll NEVER HAVE YOU BACK!! Think I'm getting the hang of it now.. I feel so cleansed I almost feel empty.It took me a long time but I can now move on... I won't even visit her blog anymore... even though most of her pictures are of me. Am outta here.... finito.DONE!!
I said it didn't I Spiky? I said it. I can look forward to the sun on my back now.... it's long over due... later babe xxxxx ;-*