Thursday, 1 May 2008


Today I phoned in work to say I was going to the doctors to get checked out regarding my swollen hand. OK the doctor did his usual examination by pressing on certain areas of the hand, and me in return pulling contorted faces responding to the fact that wherever he prodded, I HURT!! He then suggested I go to A&E to get it x-rayed, so off i toddled to the hospital! Several hours later and four x-rays done, they think I might have, but they're not sure, but I might actually have fractured a bone in my hand. I was yesterday in some considerable pain, the hand is now in a brace with Velcro straps to hold it steady and support my swollen, now multi coloured bruised hand in place. I have to admit I do feel pissed off with the fact that I may actually get 'plastered' and not in the liquid variety, next Tuesday when I return to the fracture clinic. For now the swelling's too much so they won't do the cast bit. I don't look forward to 6 weeks in plaster, more so, I don't want to be off work that long, but accidents do happen, I happened!
I'm taking anti inflammatory tablets and painkillers to make things bearable. The house work is out of the question, washing and taking care of me is hard enough! I'm trying to look on the bright side of things... I get bored very easily, so may read a book. At some stage of the game, I've to go for a run, Oh yes I have my race for life in nine days time! Everything appears to have gone wrong, and I'm feeling sorry for myself.


nitebyrd said...

You get to feel sorry for yourself for a bit. Lay about and whine for awhile then get up and go for the run. I'm really sorry to hear about your hand but look on the bright (?) side, at least it's not your foot! :)

(((gentle HUGS)))

Indigo said...

Hey nitebyrd, yeah you're right about that. Shall dismiss this 'feel sorry for myself' bit soon and go running. Yes thank god it aint my foot! I'd still hobble round the race for life course if it were..