Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We did it

Here is the evidence to prove that myself and a friend took part in the Race for Life race on Saturday 10th May. The day was very hot, very sunny, great fun and a day to remember. I am
so proud to have taken part. I have managed to raise £137.00 for cancer research. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who sponsored me. THANK YOU. As you can see from the photo, I was wearing a pink t-shirt and blue shorts. My number was 519. Yes folks... this is ME!!


Jackie Adshead said...

Wow! Well done! Clever girl. And that pink really suits you!

Indigo said...

Thank you Jackie.. as for the pink, I don't think it does... be honest now.. I had to wear 'pink' to represent the cause..!!

nitebyrd said...

((((HUGE CYBER HUGS)))) to you, my dear Indigo! How fantastic for you to have done this and for such an amazing cause!

Girl, YOU ROCK!!!

nitebyrd said...

Oh, Shit! I got all excited and wanted to say that you'd probably look great in any color! And, I agree with Jackie, you look good in pink - at least your arms & legs do! LOL

Indigo said...

Gotchya on that one nitebyrd.!! My legs & arms sure look sexy with-OUT the pink!!!! I prefer black and red...leather, Mmmmmm ;->>>>
Oh and by the way thank you x