Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Almost here

Over the last few days I've upped my training for the race for life. On Sunday I ran four miles in the rain, with my friend who's running with me on Saturday. Yesterday I walked four and a half miles to a village, and decided to run back the same distance of four and a half miles. Today is a rest day, as I can feel my thigh and lower calf muscles tightening up. I need to take on board some carbs and continue to drink plenty of fluid. Saturday is just '3' days away. I can't believe how quickly it's come round. I hope the day is filled with fun and joy.. and the weather isn't too hot. I remember the 1996 Flora London Marathon,the hottest on record, heat is the last thing you need when running... anywhere! I was asked the other day that when I've run the race for life, shall I continue to do some running? My reply was 'yes!' I enjoy the space, can think of nothing better than getting hot and sweaty whilst dicing with the on coming traffic.. what fun!!!!!
My friend's looking forward to the day too, we should have fun, with no injuries;whilst raising much needed funds for a very good cause. I can't wait. And hopefully will have some photos of the event to put on my blog!!


nitebyrd said...

I'm very excited for you and I'm really happy to hear that you and your friend are looking forward to FUN! LOL

Yes! Please take pictures!

BTW, I made my donation yesterday. It's too bad the damn dollar is so freakin' weak right now!

Indigo said...

Thankyou nitebyrd for your donation. I haven't been for a run since Monday, my left knee's slightly tender, but I shall strap it up come the race..apply a vast amount of 'deep heat'...Mmmm the smell is wicked! Mentholatum