Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Accident waiting to happen

Just recently I appear to have become accident prone, an accident waiting to happen! Well today was that day. I'm in considerable discomfort, and with a swollen hand, my right to be exact; which is a real pain because I happen to be right handed! Oh shit!! I managed just to ride my motorbike home from work, but that in itself was a task. I had no other choice really. My hand is a mess, but not wanting to spend the entire evening in A&E, I'm leaving it until the morning, hoping that by the time I've rested it, the swelling will have lessened, hence the pain will have gone? Hmm.. who am I trying to kid here? I don't do hospitals if I can help it. So my movement is hindered. It was partly my own fault and if I tell you out there in blog land how I did it, then I'd have to kill you all!! Lol. So I'll tell you tomorrow night what the results are and have I actually 'broken' anything.


nitebyrd said...

Oh! hun! I hope it's better and nothing is broken. (((hugs)))

Indigo said...

Hi nitebyrd~ it isn't looking very
good!! Am off work now for a week, but some thins not right, I feel so alone right now..