Monday, 28 April 2008


Yesterday was the ideal day for a long bike ride. I've been given a very nice expensive pair of black leather trousers, which fit in all the right places with no room for error. Mmmm.. the Meir scent of black leather drives me wild! I remember the first time I visited a leather shop. The excitement of hovering out side the door, waiting for the shop to be more or less empty, so that my entrance would be one of grander, a Queen entering the court yard, met with pure elegance, the finery of leather garments fit only for a Queen. On opening the door, the heat of the shop mixed with the intoxication of the 'dead skins'.. was almost over whelming. I walked around inspecting the coats, trousers, jackets, the list of colours was endless, but my favourite colour has to be black. Black has 100% Dominance with out a doubt. But if I had to chose again I'd have to chose red. Red leather has vibrancy, romance and power. I flicked through the rail to find a pair of trousers in my size and the next size up from that just in case they were so tight I'd have to struggle and 'OH' how I love to struggle!!
Walking into the cubicle, just big enough to swing a cat in; I pulled the curtain across behind me. Standing in front of the minuscule mirror hanging on the cubicle wall, I lingered. Inhaling the heady scent of the warm leather, black leather. Checking for Ariel cameras above my head. Pulling the zip down, savoring every inch, starting to feel hot and Oh so bothered! I pull my jeans down, stepping out of them, hurrying to get the BLT's on. Stepping into the legs, bending over, trying my best in this small cubicle not to lose my balance. Easing them up and over my ass.. feeling wicked on the out side and randy on the inside. I didn't pull them all the way up, I stopped just above the thigh, pausing for a moment, taking one final check for security cameras. Standing close tho the mirror keeping away from the curtain, I eased my right hand down to my now damp pussie. I felt almost drunk. A mix of scent of leather and the sweet musky smell of my
sex which twitched when I rubbed my index finger over my clit. I was in heaven! Slowly I rubbed my clit from side to side, biting my lower lip to silence my moans. Quicker the hand became. The sensations surging through my body were becoming uncontrollable. Doing my best not to bring attention to myself... I rubbed faster until my legs shook so vigorously I came in a crescendo of orgasm. I bit down on my lower lip so hard I drew blood. My orgasm fading, my legs trembling and my knickers now very wet! I collected my belongings and made my way to the till to pay for my black leather trousers. The young man behind the counter smiled with a glint in his eye, almost as though he knew some thing. As I walked out of the shop, some thing caught my eye, a camera just above the doorway. I laughed to myself as I left the shop.


nitebyrd said...

There is something about black leather, isn't there? You, my lovely Indigo, made purchasing a pair of pants an event! Very hot!

Indigo said...

Hi Jackie~ I have to admit I do have a fetish for leather. I can't wait to out grow them, so I can go buy some more...;-O.. oh yeah!

Indigo said...

Hey nitebyrd~ I'm feelin HOT!HOT!HOT!........ so ya gunna rush out n try some pants on?? hu?