Sunday, 13 April 2008

Baited Breath..

Tomorrow I shall be going some where to spend quite a substantial amount of money. The person who I will be seeing, shall be wearing clinical wear, surgical gloves and hope fully a steady hand! I can not tell you any more than what I already know, but I will have some thing to show you in a few days time, no it will not be another tattoo, no I'm not having dental treatment, nor a smear test, wrong end! I'm kind of excited, but I know when push comes to shove I'll be shaking. So watch this space people... keep watching! It'll be some thing to show off on the beach!!


lili said...

*smiles* hello

I hope all goes well for you, and that it doesn't hurt too much!!

lili :)

Indigo said...

Hello Lili... I've had a great day, if not for a few moments of feeling giddy! If you've ever wondered what it would feel like to have pain inflicted upon you without pain killers or anesthetic... I came pretty close to that, dreading the feeling coming back..keep smiling wickedly to myself though ;->

nitebyrd said...

Hmmmmm .... are you getting something deliciously sensitive pierced?

I'll be waiting, not so patiently. ;)

lili said...

*smiles* i'm glad all went well!

I am hoping to find out soon about pain being inflicted but not in a pierced way ;)

I hope the feeling coming back isn't too bad!

*lili crosses her legs and holds all that is sensitive*and*shivers*

Hugs lili

Indigo said...

It's too late nitebyrd... it's now like a tunnel, but you can't drive a car through it, thank god, it isn't that BIG!! Tender and sensitive are close to what I'm feeling at the moment, the pain was kinda delicious & yeah very sensitive!!Lol..