Sunday, 6 April 2008

Language of two Bodies

Last night I had the opportunity to try my hand at Tango AND Salsa dancing... all I can say is " WOW. .!!" I also thought being as how I'd considered myself to be fairly fit what with all the running I'm doing it would be quite easy. How wrong was I? I have to admit though they are both 'Sexy 'dances. My legs and feet are aching today and I only scratched the surface, but I'm pretty sure I'd like to dance some more. I went with a girl friend, so I was the male for the evening. The teacher who was a young coloured man and his partner a young woman, they gave us a view of what the dance entails.. they moved almost as though they were joined at the hip.. almost like liquid gold, smooth and silky. You have to guide your partner , assuming your partner's the woman where you want to go, it's all to do with body language.. to be so close, for the audience to be the voyeur, apparently because of its appearance, up close and oh so personnel, the Pope band it. All I can say is the Pope needs to get a life!
After learning the basis steps of the tango, the music was applied and as you can imagine... 'yeah..' we went wrong. The intensity is immense, but the professionals make it look so easy. Years of practice to get to this standard and the standard was high. Toe tapping stuff, I found myself twitching whilst watching the show; the spot light above these angels flying around the floor, stopping, taking a side step looking into each others eyes then off again. I can actually describe it as hypnotic, and ' Soooo... Sexy..' Awesome!
THEN..... came the Salsa. A total new ball game. If the Tango missed out on the passion, of which I very much doubt then the Salsa equaled it. The DJ turned the music up and with another excellent performance came the Midlands qualifiers. Dressed to kill, make-up to perfection, almost acrobats, light and agile. Three men with three women, and I was mesmerised by the whole dance sequence, fantastic dancers, who danced with every inch of passion and commitment. I will have another go at these dances. Doubt I'll ever match this quality though..
but I can see now why people rave about it.....both dances!


VBF! said...

WOW! That is soo cool! I've always wanted to try Tango and Salsa, now I want to even more! :-) xx

Indigo said...

vbf~Yeah I think I might wanna get some more sexy dancin done,female on female, one playin role as a man..'Right Sexeeeeee.';-)xx